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  1. Not even close old mate, you live in a country where every politician in the parliament are all varying flavours of milquetoast liberal, the rest of the western world are voting in people with roots in actual fascism and actual nazism https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36130006 We have been living in the most peaceful, prosperous period of human history for the last 85 years and a good part of that has to be attributed to relatively benign US hegemony. The Dunning-Kreuger effect is a cognitive bias that it's very useful to be aware of but cognitive distortions are probably do
  2. Well we'll have to agree to disagree I think the the context was perfectly clear, but I do agree that I was saying the left/liberal members of this forum pile on the few conservatives who post on here in a dishonest way. Making extreme strawmans of their arguments when they even bother to address the actual argument. This is a demonstrable fact. Nobody on these forums "gets to me" at all, particularly people that aren't even liberal and who don't see other members of society as their political equals. Those people are the reasons that democracies fail and become autocratic and all side of
  3. My style is to attack your political arguments when I disagree with them Palfy, you might take it personally it's perfect natural but it still doesn't make it a personal attack. I think one of the main problems here is your inclination to take comments literally rather than figuratively, a political circle jerk is a slang term for people in a political echo chamber who only like to have their opinions repeated back to them it is not literally people wanking, same if someone paraphrases a famous quote about "best argument against democracy" it's just a rhetorical device, not an empirical t
  4. You're not saying anything that bothers or offends me Palfy. Telling me I don't have to participate if I don't like it is not an argument or any kind of meaningful contribution to the discussion and don't make me responsible for the way my posts make you feel I have never attacked you personally, the way you do me. You've typed out paragraphs there and barely made an argument other than you don't like my style which is also not an argument. If you don't think there's any substance take some of your own advice stop fucking replying. Close the politics threads? Don't be so fucking ridi
  5. I don't think I've ever said that I think I have any answers Palf, but I'd like to think that I am not ignorant to the vast complexities of the situations we're discussing so I am always surprised that pointing out that calling the other side selfish/nazis/fascists/c*nts is a bad strategy is met with either opprobrium or silence. For the record there's no argument against democracy, it's not perfect because it has human nature rooted in tribalism to contend with but has demonstrably delivered the fairest societies in the history of humanity.
  6. FFS Pete, this is what you do every time your wafer thin arguments are taken apart, refuse to engage with the actual argument, strawman the fuck out of everything. demand I provide a list of non related evidence to something that was a hypothetical. If you can't engage with the actual argument then you will be ignored, and not with the ignore button just regular ignored like you way you ignore a small petulant child.
  7. You're getting warm Petey, if someone is promoting an idea that they are superior to another group of people on the basis of immutable characteristics then that person is a racist and you can comfortably refer to them as such, voting for Brexit on the other hand or being concerned that immigration isn't all upside for everyone is not necessarily racist. Being pro rape people is not a political viewpoint that anyone holds in polite society and you thinking it reinforces the point demonstrates how muddy your thinking is.
  8. Its all there in black and white in the other thread for anyone to read, Pete.
  9. Its all there in black and white in the other thread for anyone to read, Pete. You posted an article by a left wing think tank arguing that the government didn't spend enough money making people aware that their poor lifestyle choices could lead to early death and then peddled that as evidence that the government were analogous to murderers. I pointed the fallacious nature of the argument, you went mental. I made the point not to say that left wing think tanks shouldn't be making those arguments, but that the other side of the aisle have a perfectly reasonable counter argument that p
  10. I don't engage with you Pete because you're not an honest interlocutor. Ironically with all your anti-conservative ranting, from what I've seen from you on here you don't even believe in liberal values and spout more hate than the people you accuse of the same thing.
  11. As a species we really have come a long way in our tolerance and acceptance of people who don't look like us, but fuck me have we got a way to go with people who don't think like us. I have no doubt that if we survive the coming multapocalypses this sort of myopic political intolerance will be viewed as something akin to the way we look at racism now. For now though the best argument against democracy must surely be 5 minutes reading this thread. At lease we chased off the last conservatives though hey, wank on fellas!
  12. To be fair to the pollsters she did win the popular vote by 2% and was predicted to win by 3%. They break out a few other weighting issues in this piece, https://www.pewresearch.org/methods/2019/11/19/a-field-guide-to-polling-election-2020-edition/ Apparently a lot of undecideds went disproportionately Trump's way which is curious, I would love to know why that might have been. This poll called it for Trump the entire campaign, have dug around to find out what they might do differently but no joy. Will certainly be watching this one this campaign, but if this was supposed to pre
  13. I meant do you think any others are winnable, a couple of polls have come out since saying its tight in Texas and North Carolina.
  14. Such a dick move. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/28/amash-announces-exploratory-committee-for-president-219357
  15. Texas! That would be something else. I just checked, they haven't elected a Democratic President since Jimmy Carter.
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