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  1. If we're being honest City, Chelsea, Utd and the shite are far superior to us this season. That leaves us competing with Spurs, Arsenal, Leicester and West Ham. Right now we have more points than all of them. Given what we've seen the last 3 months at the club this is about as good as we could have hoped for. Let's get a point against Utd and get everyone healthy during the international break.
  2. Can we start a gofundme to pay off Iwobi's wages and send him packing? Or better yet send him to that Qatari club with James. He makes my blood boil.
  3. Nothing wrong with Tarkowski's challenge. We would be livid if anything happened to Godfrey having done the same.
  4. It's not good enough but it's got nothing to do with how much possession we've had. We've not done enough with it because our midfield is nonexistent, as it usually is with 3 cb's out there. Rondon on for Keane please and get Gray in the middle of the pitch.
  5. Another name to keep an eye on for cover is Robbie Brady. He's a free agent. Hope we never need him but he's miles ahead of Delph or any other cover we have at the moment. I hate seeing CBs out at full back.
  6. What a dud this has turned into. A day full of anticipation and we're likely to only get Rondon in. Also been pretty boring throughout Europe.
  7. Guess at where we end up in a few hours: Maitland-Niles on loan and Rondon on a free. We find loans for Kenny and James. Swansea just sold their RB to Burnley so that could be a perfect fit for Kenny. James i'll guess Napoli, Galatasaray or Monaco. Pretty sure I'm correct in saying we have more time to loan Branthwaite and Gordon if we choose to.
  8. Got a lot more confidence in him than Kean. Whatever that's worth.
  9. We know Kenny is not the answer. We don't know if Maitland-Niles is. On a free that's enough for me to say go for it. We put our eggs in the Dumfries basket and I genuinely believe we were very close to finishing the deal before his agent (as any good agent would) told him to hold off until after the Euros to see what else might be out there. The what else turned out to be Inter and we were left at the altar. I want a new RB (love Seamus but it's time for him to be the cover) as much as anyone. Here's where I think I differ from most: I feel the overwhelming consensus is clubs should have a scouting list at least 5-6 names deep at every position. I've never subscribed to that. The fact is the premier league requires a standard most professional footballers can't handle and we need players who make us better and we're already a top half side (believe it or not) so I'm glad we're sticking to our first choice in terms of spending big money on a transfer. Some of our recent big signings were our top targets (and it turns out Walsh was largely terrible at spending big money) but my recollection is names like Ashley Williams, Schneiderlin, Bolasie, Klaasen, Tosun, and Iwobi were all 'panic' buys after we missed on other targets, and they ended costing us more than just the transfer fee and wage. Taking a few chances on loans leads to a more sustainable club in the long-term. It appears we're going to need a RB next year so selling Kenny and paying nothing for Maitland-Niles gets us started towards that goal.
  10. Agreed, and that's all we should expect at this point. Will take him awhile to get up to speed. Will be great to see him get through a full match.
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