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  1. Better not be a single mention of tactics or luck after this. We should be 2-0 up. Simple as that. If we don't get 3 points from this that is why.
  2. Jumping the gun on you @markjazzbassistsorry but I think most/all of us are ready to move on from Burnley. City is a juggernaut and this could get ugly but we gave them a good fight for 60 minutes a few weeks ago before caving. How on earth do we find solidity at the back, energy in the midfield and maintain enough attacking play? I want to start Coleman over Holgate and Digne at LM but we need to cover for Seamus' loss of pace - I'm going to pray (despite my bias against him) Siggy can handle that role. If we can get the ball to Siggy or Digne when we win it back they have the quality to hit
  3. I’m on an island here but I actually thought we played well yesterday. From what we’ve seen recently we created plenty of chances yesterday. DCL had two others he’ll feel he should have scored. We defended well. Burnley played some great football and I’m inclined to give them credit rather than say it’s all down to us being easy to play against. Their two goals were a terrible giveaway in midfield and a Puskas nominee, nothing to blame on back 4 or Pickford. Holgate was shocking again and unfortunately Davies was poor. Gomes was Motm for me. the South Americans don’t travel for intl break so l
  4. We're injured, not regressing. We have 11-12 players who are 'deserving' of finishing 7th or better. When we can't field our perfect XI it's a struggle. Carlo is a world-class manager but he can't turn squad players into gold...looking at you Iwobi, Bernard, Siggy, King. With a good summer window we can get that number to 13-15 and be more competitive more consistently.
  5. Much newer to Everton than most on here as I’ve only been a fan for 13 years. In those 13 years one game sticks out from the rest for me. 3-0 over Arsenal. Rom in Bobby’s arms. We didn’t finish the season like we needed to but that game was pure euphoria. This game has that exact same vibe. I’m going to be up for this one (in a mentally unstable way haha) and I hope the team is up for it as well.
  6. Almost as important as the 3 pts against west brom. Richarlison and James conmebol qualifiers suspended. HUGE deal for us!! https://www.espn.com/soccer/blog-fifa/story/4330687/conmebol-suspends-march-world-cup-qualifiers-after-clubs-refusal-to-release-players
  7. Diagne is a unit. As sloppy as we've been we still look the more likely to score. Big 2nd half COYB.
  8. Iwobi had a little run for a few games where he looked like maybe he could be a footballer but it turns out he is still dreadful. Dreadful.
  9. Exactly this. While winning would be incredible we just can't lose and we keep our foothold on 5th, and possibly 4th if West Ham loses.
  10. Really hoping Davies can play for Allan here. He's just back from a muscle injury so 2 games in 4 days could be suicidal considering what's coming up. We shouldn't need him to beat West Brom. Pickford Coleman Godfrey Keane Digne Davies Doucoure Gylfi Iwobi DCL Richarlison
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