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  1. Agreed. I made sure to pay attention to him yesterday and while I see the potential I don't see it coming to anything. His ceiling/floor is crazy. If he reaches his potential he could be Lukaku/Suarez but like Haiku I just have a feeling he'll flame out into Balotelli/Huntelaar.
  2. Kean and Gana start for PSG against Barca tonight. I hope they both have huge games.
  3. Sorry to put cart before horse here as we still have so much to play for this year, but thinking about transfers is how I mend wounds like getting embarrassed by Fulham at home. While we’re in a good place make no mistake we have another big summer coming up with the Euros to complicate things. CONTRACT ENDS AFTER SEASON: Besic, Bolasie, Walcott, Pennington, Adeniran, Connolly, King, Olsen Squad for 21/22: GK: Pickford, J Virginia DEF: Keane, Mina, Holgate, Godfrey, Digne, Coleman, Nkounkou, Kenny, Branthwaite MID: Allan, Doucoure, Gomes, Davies, Siggy, Gbamin, Delph, Beni FWD: DCL, Richarlison, James, Iwobi, Bernard, Kean, Gordon, Tosun, Simms if we don’t sign Olsen permanently we definitely need another gk. Personally I don’t think Pickford or Olsen are good enough but I guess will have to do for another season. we DESPERATELY need a RB. Good at CB, would like to see what we could get for holgate or Mina. LB is set. DM is good with Allan doucoure Davies gbamin and onyango, would love to sell delph and Beni. Would love to sell Gomes and siggy to fund a proper no10. Would expect Bernard to leave. sell tosun, let’s hope Kean is ready to play for us...if not need another striker. So that’s a gk, rb, no10, winger, striker - assuming kean wants out
  4. Olsen godfrey mina keane digne doucoure allan davies richarlison dcl bernard Will be fuming if holgate, gomes, siggy, or iwobi start.
  5. Haha tell that to every team they played in December, January and February.
  6. Agree on tired legs although I actually worry more about City - there is still likely to be some adrenaline to wear off against Fulham that could help some through the match. I hope to see: Olsen Coleman Holgate Keane Godfrey Doucoure Davies Gomes James King Bernard Gomes in that CAM role (prefer the 4-3-3 listing to 4-2-3-1, they're basically identical). Much rather see Bernard than Iwobi. If it's not working make the switch at halftime. Coleman, Holgate, Gomes, James, King should be pretty fresh. The only thing I know is if I see Delph in the XI i'll be f***ing fuming. Hopefully we get at least Allan back for City, and DCL/Digne would be fantastic.
  7. Doucoure and Olsen superb. Godfrey, DCL, Richy, Digne, Davies doing fine. Siggy making up for his mistake with some good work on the goals. Iwoeful is back, Keane and Mina struggling.
  8. Don't have to win the header just put him off. DCL and Keane get some blame as well. I'll admit when Siggy came here I was a fan. He was decent when we were down and out under Koeman/Sam. The last 18 months have soured me forever. He is now, and will always be, one of my least favorite blues.
  9. With that bench I don't like our chances in extra time and with Lloris in net I don't like our chances in pens. If it takes Spurs scoring early for us to come out and play a more open game I'm in. I love Carlo but I can't watch he and Mourinho play the 'knick a goal' game.
  10. Why not throw Small and Broadhead on the bench?
  11. Spurs did rotate somewhat. No Kane. Lloris Doherty Alderweireld Sanchez Davies Hojbjerg Ndombele Lamela Lucas Bergwijn Son
  12. Better have the lead cuz no one there is coming on to score. Siggy in for what we have to assume is an injured Gomes. Hopefully he's not out too long. James and Pickford still not fit. Really happy with the back 4, hoping to still feel that way in 2.5 hours...
  13. So quiet. Nerves? Folks just busy working? Need help with my morality/conscience: As a Yank I promised myself a few years ago that I would not miss any FA Cup Final Everton qualifies for. Will cost me $700-800 round trip and can get there and back in about 30 hours. That said, would I be a horrible Evertonian if I had some doubts over whether I want them to make the final this year? ...considering I obviously cannot attend. I'm torn over whether this degree of selfishness is justified considering all that I invest in them mentally and financially.
  14. The stat always comes with question marks but at one point Jags was clocked as being the fastest player in the league.
  15. I stand corrected. They hit the earliest possible date. This has been scheduled for Wednesday February 17. Man City are crushing right now without KDB but I think it's still fair to say I hope he isn't fit for this one.
  16. Carlo doing his best Roberto impression. Please get some new legs out there.
  17. Now get James on. Slow things down. It may not work but neither is what we're doing now.
  18. Yea like every time he gets the ball. Somewhere along the way he lost his willingness to take defenders on.
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