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  1. Really cant believe the negativity. The squad we put out would struggle to compete in the championship. Had we won the game today, most on here would b****/moan about having to play again when the next round rolled around. This game was never a priority and for good reason.
  2. Robles Need to factor in Sunday's team selection. Few minutes for Naisy means he starts and Stones substitution seems to mean he can play today. My guess is similar to Romey's... Joel Browning Stones Alcaraz Garbutt McGeady Besic Gibson Oviedo Naismith McAleny My guess on subs are 15-20 mins for Eto'o, Kone, Atsu coming on for McGeady, Oviedo and Naismith
  3. Something everyone can agree on! To those who will be in attendance tomorrow please understand how jealous everyone of us Americans is and be in full voice for the team and for those who cannot make it to the game. I know that atmosphere will be truly special.
  4. Spot on across the board
  5. Missed last week but ill join in from here on out.... Everton 2 Arsenal 1 Pienaar
  6. I know I take the glass half full POV on just about everything but to me the squad is very close to being complete. One winger and one striker loan/permanent i dont really care. I dont understand all the pissing and moaning about the squad we've got. It is the deepest squad we have had in years. So our 4th CB and 2/3 option at RB aren't good or old and our 3rd ST is coming off a torn ACL and our 4th CM the same....this is what it is like to play with the big boys and I am over the moon that we challenged for 4th last year and this year we can do the same and play in Europe. I know this forum is for opinions and I understand that we could use 5-6 more really good players but they aren't coming in, period. 14/20 PL clubs would die to be in our position we need to appreciate how special this squad is given the financial restrictions we operate under. Bitch and moan about that all you want (I know I do) but also realize how incredible the squad is considering.
  7. Spot on. This signing changes the landscape for Everton for the next 5 years...at least
  8. Relatively new to the forum but already gathering that there is alot of negativity. Forget the glory days we live in the here and now and Lukaku is far and away the most talented player to even consider playing for Everton. 30m or less and I will be screaming in my cubicle and skipping away on my lunch break. I'm amazed at how little an established PL striker carries weight around here. Why buy two strikers for 30m from other leagues and not be sure of what you are getting? Lukaku 31 PL goals before he turned 21. Done and dusted, now we just need him to agree to play here.
  9. The more I think about the more I change my mind. Im glad there was an announcement for that. Most teams, especially big teams, have pressers for extending their most important player. Ross Barkley is exactly that, Everton's most important player. While it may seem small-time at first glance I think it is actually a step in the right direction for the club, especially after the handling of Besic. On a somewhat side note, Ross has now entered my collection of favorites. Always admired his talent but after hearing him at the presser today I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him to speak. His nervousness came across with an air of humility and humbleness that is refreshing is today's football culture. Fair play to him and the club. Transfer market letdown or not I love this club and i am absolutely buzzing for August 16th.
  10. I suppose by literal definition that would be "significant" but with the way this has been setup i would be thoroughly disappointed if thats all. To me new contracts should not be the attention of a major press conference. Hoping this is lukaku/stadium related. Also not sure why it hasnt been mentioned but surely there is a .01% chance it could be a new ownership group.
  11. Apologies for being relatively new to Everton fandom I'm sure many of you have all-time classic games that I just have not seen yet but I thought it would be fun to think about games from the last 8 years or so. Here are my 5 favorites: 1) Away Manchester United 2013/14 1-0 2) Home Liverpool 2006/07 3-0 3) FA Cup Final Chelsea 2008/09 1-2 (painful) 4) Away Manchester United 2011/12 4-4 5) Home Manchester United 2010/11 3-3 Honorable mentions in no particular order: Home Liverpool 2010/11 2-0; Home Arsenal 2013/14 3-0; FA Cup Semi Liverpool 2011/12 1-2 (hurt too much to include but what an occasion); Home Tottenham 2012/13 2-1; Home Liverpool 2013/14 3-3; Away Chelsea FA Cup 4th Round Replay 2010/11 - Neville's penalty Curious to see if anyone has other choices or even cares about the topic...
  12. I put the quotes on sacrifice for a reason. I wasn't suggesting actually using that word verbatim. My point is simply that I don't buy into the premise that the squad needs to be completed by August 16th. We all know what Lukaku brings to the table, if we have to wait until August 31st to get him, IMO so be it. All summer this forum has talked about how far we have come under Roberto...if that's the case we should be able to win games with Naismith up front, hell we have to because our best striker cant play 50 games and Naismith is likely to remain our number 2 behind Lukaku or whoever we sign as the number 1 this season.
  13. Disagree. Lukaku may not have been available in early August last year but Jose decided a loan would benefit on deadline day. Imagine if we had spent 10-15 in early August last year and that striker was a complete flop. Im all for "sacrificing" the first 3 games if it means we get that type of quality in, Lukaku was immense last season. Also last year that was the first 3 games under Roberto this year we should be able to get results in the first 3 games with Naismith leading the line. Ideal, certainly not but I would wait as long as possible to get Rom back.
  14. Whether he turns into a great player or not, this is a MASSIVE coup for the club. This will signal to every other 17/18/19 youth prospect that Everton is the spot for their development and we know with 100% certainty Roberto is outstanding at developing youth. As fans we have been hoping for at least 4 signings, in some cases 6-7, I dare say that for the future of this club this could be the most important signing if you're able to look 2-3 years down the road.
  15. Sky Sports reporting that Everton has refused to release away/third kits this year and will force home teams to wear change kit when Everton visit... I kid of course but seriously where are the new kits? I'm patient with signings because of how complex that process is but to me kits are inexcusable. Umbro deal announced on February 4th. Absolutely no excuse to not have the kits done by now.
  16. IMO there is no question that is part of it. This is why it drives me crazy when everyone complains about a lack of signings. Clubs that can afford to overpay buy early, Everton are simply not one of those clubs. It's a pretty simple business principle, don't overplay your hand. If you pay 20m for Lukaku now the other 4-5 players' prices you are trying to sign go up. Sign lower targets first at a better value and Lukaku for 20m as your last bit of business. Money well spent.
  17. I'm not sure that is true. Just because we know our targets doesn't mean they are available on July 17th. Given our financial situation we need to be patient to get the best deal, that isnt changing any time soon. Last year, Barca, MCity and Chelsea brought in players in August making Deulofeu, Barry and Lukaku surplus for the season, we swooped in. The same thing will happen this year...we will wait out Van Gaal and see what he wants to do with Cleverly, we could be waiting for MCity to sign an English player so that they can let Rodwell go etc. Just because we know our targets doesn't mean they are available right now. And I like that about Roberto, if everyone he wanted was available in July we wouldn't be able to challenge for 4th place.
  18. For reference, as of 7/17 on the website soccernews.com transfer funds spent look like this: Arsenal: 44m euros (only includes A Sanchez) Chelsea: 78m euros Hull City: 18.1m euros plus Ince's fee to be added on Liverpool: 73m euros MCity: 23m euros MUtd: 70m euros Newcastle: 27.2m euros West Ham: 17.5m euros plus Zarate and Poyet Everton: 0.
  19. Agreed...FA Cup/4th/Out of Europa group stage and I will be the happiest man on the planet
  20. It was mentioned briefly and indirectly a few posts ago but IMO this speculation is crazy. This deal is done, has been for awhile and Besic is simply on holiday. Signing will be completed when he finishes his break, period. Let's move on to the next signing.
  21. Alot has been written about targets and lack of signings etc. which I understand as a fan but at the end of the day I always go back to one thing. Roberto Martinez is our manager. I have the utmost faith in him to produce a successful transfer window, whether that happens July 14th or August 31st I don't particularly care. He refuses to overpay and I admire that about him. Here's a glimpse at his Wigan transfer history that will hopefully calm some folks down: In a four year period he made the following signings: 09/10: Diame, McCarthy (1m rising to 5m), V Moses 2.5m, J Gomez 1.7m he also sold cattermole for 6m and l.a. valencia for 16m 10/11: DiSanto 2m, J McArthur, Boselli 6.5m, Alcaraz Free 11/12: Al Habsi 4m, Maloney 1m, Beausejour 3m he also sold nzogbia for 9.5m 12/13: I Ramis 5m, A Kone 2.7m, Espinoza free he also sold v moses for 9m Last year he bought McCarthy for 13m and most went crazy. By December that looked like an invaluable addition at a great price. Boselli is the only huge miss, which for a club like wigan is a big statement. I realize those players are not great players but they kept wigan in the premier league for 3-4 more years than they should have been. Others can/will have their doubts but until Roberto's track record changes significantly I will back every signing wholeheartedly and I will be patient if he waits until deadline day.
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