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  1. Please 3 midfielders and no Rondon
  2. It was pretty much unanimous here that we couldn’t replace doucoures energy with 1 centre mid and would need to play 3 in the middle to compensate so I agree. When I saw the score ( had to watch it on replay due to work ) I instantly thought it must have been another Micheal Keane master class but admittedly he was okay, even in a side that shipped 5. We still lack a true leader though. All in all we were tactically naive, even with 3 in the midfield im confident we score 2 goals but we allowed the game to be open which suited them perfectly. Had we stayed compact and in control I don’t think Watford have enough individual quality to break us down.
  3. Seriously though it shows how much of an issue our depth & consistency is.
  4. Well I’m not sure he will ever offer much up top for us. Can’t run the channel, doesn’t even seem comfortable back to goal or with the ball in the air. Doesn’t have the legs to effectively press. Richarlison has to start up top with pacey wingers and an extra man in midfield. Rondon simply is not good enough technically or athletically.
  5. I’ve just watched the game and couldn’t agree more. Rafa was always bringing Richarlison into the game around 60 mins if we weren’t in the clear. Rondon shouldn’t have stayed on then. The game was screaming for another midfielder at 75 minutes. We could have played a pacey front 3 and hit them on the counter. Instead they totally ripped us apart.
  6. Better compared to his performances at RB but still a long way off his levels from last year.
  7. Depends on his mood really. When he wants to scrap he is okay, we will need to keep Gray up near him though. Just sick of seeing Rondon stroll around pretending to look like he’s putting in a shift.
  8. 433 as well for me. Davies or Gbamin who ever it is ( just not Delph ) won’t bring Doucoure’s energy so we will need both. I don’t think Gomes will be fit for this? Hopefully Richarlison is okay and can play up top because Rondon is dog shit
  9. Well when it’s rains it pours.
  10. Shit I meant to put him in, was rushing this through before a flight!
  11. Absolutely crucial we bounce back with a win. Probably still missing DCL but hopefully Richarlison is back. Mina in for Godfrey who is becoming more of a concern with each week. Pickford Coleman Mina Keane Digne Doucoure Allan Townsend Gray Gordon Richarlison
  12. With the players available I think Benitez did just about all he could
  13. It’s hard to say - they have passed it around nicely but didn’t really create much. I would say we had the more clear cut chances. If we have either Dom or Richie up front with Mina we win that IMO
  14. Surely bring on Mina for this corner
  15. Fucking hell godfrey has had a right mare here
  16. Well fuck. How’s Pickford been out jumped by Antonio prior is beyond me
  17. So so close. We probably should be up
  18. Great play. Unlucky for Iwobi there
  19. Gray is doing everything to get an assist. What a player we have there
  20. For all his talk of being a gladiator/fighter I’m seeing the opposite. It’s kind of like Yakubu minus the goal threat - which is nothing really
  21. Piss poor from the ref missing that foul from soucek on the Doucoure in the middle
  22. Rondon makes it a lot harder for Iwobi to be fair. Should be doing better though
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