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  1. Went Godfrey, haven't seen anyone get the better of him. Such a physically dominant player but he's seriously got it between the ears for me.
  2. Big result needed here. United lost to Sheffield, Aston dropped points against burnley and Chelsea held. Win this and we are still hanging around 4th with a decent fixture list to close out the season. Need to scrap hard for points over the 3/4 games until we have some first teamers back and full fit. Doucoure will add so much strength and hoping himself with Allan for the last half of the season brings us back to a complete team and we can capitalise on our strong defensive performances. Olsen for pickford as well.
  3. Our whole midfield wasn't available. Silva, Martinez and Koeman we lose that 3 nil and blame it on the team. We only dropped 2 points because of a shit goal keeping mistake. Carlo has us as solid as ive ever seen us at the back
  4. Set up for a draw and got a draw. Poor keeping and pure class from James.
  5. Thats a half chance fpr Dom there. Air swing?
  6. Thats been coming. Complete ignorance on our behalf for how we have tried to played. Needs a stronger hand from pickford there
  7. Id perhaps be looking at Iwobi to try and carry us up the pitch a bit here. We need to get into their half and hold on to the ball
  8. We need to get on the ball more here.
  9. What a goal. Right foot. James is just a class above anything i have seen for us.
  10. Digne & Iwobi fit for this one. Pickford Coleman Mina Keane Digne Gomes Gylfi Iwobi James Richarlison DCL Wouldn't mind a more defensive midfielder for Gylfi - be it Davies or even Holgate. I think there's enough attacking strength to get the points there. Godfrey unlucky to miss out but would love to see us get up by a goal or 2 and look to him with 30 to go. Gomes needs a big game here.
  11. How about the idea of Tom and Delph bombing on as wingbacks.....
  12. @Romey 1878 3 at the back let’s goooooooo
  13. He’s simply different class. To be honest he played 2/3 balls that I couldn’t even see being possible and I had the whole pitch on the TV to look at. Absolute privilege watching him like that.
  14. Would love Wycombe to get up. Big chance of silverware in this cup - even if we get Tottenham, if we beat them theres only a couple of teams i would not fancy us against.
  15. Professional performance that. Goals to players that maybe needed a goal to rediscover that edge they both have.
  16. Here we go lads, get out there and have some fun!!!
  17. there it is. Class from James on delivery and the big man seals it. Rest the stars, no need for injuries here.
  18. Get in. Goals for DCL & Richi which is exactly what we wanted. Get another in the next 5/10 and getnthe big boys off and give some time to some of the younger ones.
  19. just dirty the amount of skill James has and how easy he does it. Drag backs, rabona's - he is such a joy to watch.
  20. Big 15 mins left in the half. Want to see us really go for the throat here.
  21. Gomes, absolute class. Dom exactly where he needs to be. Get in lads
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