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  1. Shocking that, if things stay like this, Arsenal will finish the weekend ahead of Spurs. When you look at where they both were after the first 3 match days, don't think anyone would've seen that coming.
  2. This Brentford match is one of the most entertaining I've watched in quite a while. Fantastic stuff
  3. Have come back from a goal down twice now. Loved watching them so far this season, really hope the best for them.
  4. Doucoure. Another all-action performance topped off with a nicely taken goal. Shouts for Gray and Mina as well.
  5. I'm assuming we won't have Richy or Dom back for next weekend at United, and I fear what that scoreline could look like.
  6. Well it hasn't been pretty, but if we hold on, we're joint-top. And considering the injury list we have, that's a damn good accomplishment.
  7. Looks like you're gonna get your wish! Jordan might have to come off.
  8. Tzolis and Rashica have the potential to unlock us
  9. Godfrey is just not fit at all. He never loses that race last year.
  10. Wouldn't be surprised to see Kenny on for him, Godfrey shifts to the left
  11. Normann's got a shot on him, doesn't he?
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