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  1. Just realized that this one and the Packers NFC Championship game against the Bucs start at the same time. Guess it's gonna be a two-screen kind of Sunday!
  2. Was in England for all of 3 days back in 2015, on a trip around Europe with my best friends. I told them that if we didn't get up to see an Everton match, they were dead to me. Was at Goodison in January for a 1-1 draw against City. When I first made my way up the steps and finally saw the ground, tears immediately flooded my eyes. Will never forget that moment, or the way you feel that Goodison roar in your bones and your chest. An unbelievable experience.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised to see him link back up again with Fonseca at Roma
  4. Anyone else wake up today and just feel better? Glad we can finally put the 45-in-charge thread to rest.
  5. Would take Odegaard in a heartbeat. Was phenomenal for Sociedad last season and would be a fantastic creative option to have come off the bench or push for a place in the XI
  6. I don't see Leicester fading away this season like they did last. They'll have learned from that experience, and I agree, I do think they're a better overall side than us. I think we could realistically see a 7-team race for the top 4, potentially even for the title. Think it'll be Liverpool, United, City, Spurs, Everton, Leicester and Chelsea in the mix, but not particularly in that order. I do agree that we should spend this month to really push for a top-4 (or higher) finish, as this season might end up being an anomaly in that the race is wide open. Sadly I don't see that happe
  7. I feel oddly confident that tomorrow will go off without a hitch (or as close to without a hitch as you can get). I think right-wing extremists will know that everyone is on high alert tomorrow, and instead might look to later this week to try anything. Fingers crossed that I'm wrong in that assumption as well
  8. What a game. Feeling for you, Mark. They'll be back though, this is a really good team
  9. Still plenty of time left in this one, 17-3 now, but jesus the chiefs are an excellent team. Have to be the favorites to win it all this year. Edit: That touchback will probably end up being the play of the game. Could easily have swung the momentum to Cleveland before the half. Worried it might deflate their confidence and KC will just dominate from here on out
  10. Thank you, sir! Got close there for a bit, but I was never worried. Hoping for a Browns miracle today!
  11. McConnell has said he won't reconvene the Senate until the 19th at the earliest, so there's no way Trump will be convicted before the end of his term
  12. House to vote on impeachment tomorrow at 9am EST. Liz Cheany, the 3rd highest ranking GOP House member, just said she would vote to impeach and laid into Trump. McConnell also apparently pleased that impeachment talks are advancing. We could see him out of office before Biden takes over next week
  13. Can't see this one happening. They've already asked for it to be postponed
  14. We've had plenty of standout performers this season, but I think I have to put Keane at the top of the list. Absolutely un-droppable at this point. His defending has improved tremendously since Carlo has come in, but the thing that's impressing me most is his on the ball work. He's shown all season he can pick out a long pass and he's comfortable taking the ball into midfield. Couldn't be happier to have him as our #1 at the back
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