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  1. He absolutely bossed that game last night. Amazing how good he is with better players around him.
  2. He wont hit double figures this season mate. He’s going to need a season to find his feet. He’s very young and the Italian league is a lot different to ours.
  3. Such an underrated player for us he really is.
  4. Got his arsed handed to him against Wolves for the 1st and was reading the Echo for the second but he then puts that cross in go atone. The lads a fucking baller and I love him and I think he loves us.
  5. I think this lad is gonna do us proud.
  6. Big Yerry doing bits at the back. My stomach does somersaults every time he decides to do a Cruyf turn as the last man on the halfway line though.
  7. He drives me to fucking distraction this lad- falling over at the slightest touch, refusal to pass, constantly trying to do much, greedy fucker but the rattles 2 in. He wins us games and I’ve learnt I’m going to have to put my frustrations about him to one side because that’s the package you get with him. I really do wish he’d pass more though.
  8. He’s not going to hit double figures this season- the lads going to need time and patience to grow.
  9. He’s going to be a steal he really is. But worried about him and Gomez together though as I think it leaves our defence a bit unprotected as neither will sit.
  10. Do we want Silva in or out- I cba reading through. Feiw he still needs time and regardless of where we finish this season, next season will be the one he should be judged on because he’ll have had multiple windows. We start the season slow because none of our new first team players get a full pre season with us- they always come in late. It’s not rocket science.
  11. They wont sell their best player deadline day- it’s suicide and almost certain relegation. No amount of money will compensate them risking that- none.
  12. I’ll be itterly amazed if they sell him deadline day- their fans would riot.
  13. Chelsea the little scruffs holding our Kurt against his will. Free fucking Kurt you gang of wools.
  14. I don’t think we were ever truly serious with this- a half arsed attempt to buy him to fliush our first choice targets to the negotiating table. Why offer 25 under their asking price then not go in again with another bid- even a player plus cash or a payment structure. The statement read we offered it was a no we both decided that was the end if the matter.
  15. he’ll be fucking shite by HT in the Watford game when Gerrys scored a worldy and won a pen and we’re losing 2-0- I can hear the cries of he’s just a shit Anichebe we should have bought Gerry. Everton the team that buys young strikers and makes them instantly shit. 😂😂
  16. This has a de ja vu feeling of the Lukaku thread. Lets see how much we miss him eh. My guess is a LOT.
  17. The ting that stopped Liverpool winning the league was City took 4 points off them.
  18. They still have the CL final which I’m absolutely certain theybwill win
  19. And when Hicks and Gilette had them they never stood for it, they petitioned they made sure they ran them out- we laughed at them for that but look at them now. They buy smart sell big their players would run through a brick wall and a mine field for their club. It’s fucking sulickening mate- we could have had that, we could be it but we are so far away from it I doubt we’ll ever get close again.
  20. They’ve had it for ever Mark- through the 70s, 80s yes they struggled in the 90s, they had it under Benitez, almost under Rogers we laughed at them for finishing 2nd- they almoost done it but not quite, same under Klopp CL last year they’ve ran a team like City all the way this year literally gone toe to toe, lost once all season another CL final, another 3 goal turnaround against a top side yet we laugh at them. no I wouldn’t want to be one I’d sooner cut both my bollocks off with a blunt rusty knife than be one but they have something in their club that breeds success and belief and it’
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