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  1. Can you break a loan for a sale? Fiorentina have a wealth of young GK riches and Lafont is on loan at Nantes.
  2. Can't see a replacement coming in at this stage, so... Hopefully Southgate benches him. Give him a reality check, take some pressure off, and make him chase it again. That said, wonder if Alexander Nubel would be interested in a 12 month loan.
  3. Indeed he does. You're absolutely right, can't ever disagree with a coaching decision... Gana must have always been the right choice and not a liability then? Sarcasm aside, think you mistook my point. Wasn't a shot at Walcott (although, admittedly not a fan), but a call for a talented kid. Would have felt same if it was Bernard coming on.
  4. What's your problem with it? 3 goals up with 10 minutes to go, why not give the opportunity and game-time to the future? A player who is also well deserving of the opportunity and capable in the position.
  5. Only complaint so far. Why waste the sub on Walcott!?!? Great opportunity for Gordon.
  6. Was hands down Bernard in the first half, ran everything and was very clean. Disappeared for most of the 2nd, is he that unfit? Nkounkou best performed across the whole 90. Honourable mentions to both Richy (well deserves a goal in the league) and Iwobi. Carlo is putting the pressure on them to perform. DCL didn't look on today and Gylfi was disappointing.
  7. Think Richy looked every bit as surly today and against West Brom (while putting in great shifts). To me it seems to be representative of players that aren't satisfied with performances (Kean) or outcome (Richy), not necessarily just "sulking". Even Gordon with him being desperate to score. Last week Kean knew he wasn't playing well and the penalty was a gift, from someone else's good work. Again tonight, he finished off a smart move from Digne and Nkounkou. It was a clean enough finish, but pretty much his only decent involvement. With Carlo and the new arrivals, the pressure h
  8. DCL was getting a hammy iced. Looked precautionary but still...
  9. Haven't watched any of the training vids for ages, but DCL's striking is looking a lot more clinical in the latest. Maybe he can add an improved (foot) finish into game time...
  10. Am I the only one that thought, outside the last 20 minutes and a nice ball for the first assist, Gylfi was fairly poor today? The whole midfield 3 were. Just far too negative when getting on the ball out of the back and then anywhere through the middle. All the industry was via the CBs or down the wings. Keane, Nkounkou, or Gordon best for mine.
  11. Yep, that's pretty much what I'd put out. Would swap Gibson in for Branthwaite (as Left sided CB), think game time is more important for him.
  12. Agree with the change sentiment, would go as much change as possible. Given who's been pushed to the bench and kids coming through, we have to trust we've got the quality and they've got the bottle to go out and win this. We also need to know that players are ready to step in when needed.
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