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  1. Not entirely sold on that interpretation (quote before yours sorry). He's been a DOF, and managed at clubs where he implemented the DOF. Seems like he enjoys projects and he likes building the structure, I can see how he might be sold on a partnership with Brands.
  2. Rangnick, Conceicao, Favre, or Fonseca I could all get on board with. Rangnick seems more about setting up Org. wide structures and team identity, but if Brands and he can work together then great. Talent selection wouldn't be a problem.
  3. With Emerson returning to Barcelona and them still having Sergi Roberto, wonder if Sergino Dest is worth a cheeky bid. Long term buy and US marketing.
  4. As well as Niels, we've (currently) got Smalls in the wings. At some point we've got to give them an opportunity, or at least hope of progression or lose them.
  5. Would be too expensive now, the time for us to buy him was from Ligue 1. Should be looking for the next one now. Soumare to Leicester on a cheap hurts, considering their cm/dm options are already very solid. Youssef Fofana, at Monaco, looks a really good young player. Strong, athletic, cm/dm with very good passing.
  6. Bugger. Missed one there imo. Rapid player and offers steel in the middle.
  7. Assume that Blackpool are in to the playoffs? 7 goals & 2 assists from 20 games (1 regular remaining), not a bad return from a first loan spell.
  8. Wonder how this goes with player contracts, as well as transfer agreements. I imagine a lot have trigger clauses around qualification and games played in the Europa and Champs league (as well as premier league games, assuming they're kicked out of there). At what point do contracts get voided, or sued over for transfer clauses.
  9. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/15/everton-unlikely-to-sign-new-striker-or-midfielder-says-carlo-ancelotti Bit of gamesmanship re: Kean? We may not be replacing Gbamin, but really hope we go for an elite young CM (a Gravenberch or Camavinga). Sick of all of ours losing one on ones or constantly cycling it straight backwards.
  10. Not even halfway through this game (on delay), can't do anymore... We're rubbish. Get that we have injuries, but it's still first team players constantly losing individual battles and making basic mistakes. Been like this for 10+ weeks, wtf is going on Carlo?!
  11. (Genuine question) who are we missing that you think would have made all the difference to style/game plan? Coleman and Doucore are the only 2 that come to my mind, not sure he'd have started Rodriguez if fit (due to defensive gap). It's a bit frustrating if 2 players are the difference between getting on the ball and consistently ceding possession. Being better/stronger on the ball is not just about the Chelsea game; probably more so Brom, Southampton, and Fulham.
  12. Outside of turning up for Liverpool, I think we've been pretty average for the last 7 games now. We need a kick up the ass.
  13. Agree that the loss is not the end of the world, not a huge fan of the "we cannot play an open game" sentiment though. Bit too defeatist.
  14. On a 12 month doping ban. Could make him cheap though...
  15. Silas Wamangituka (Stuttgart) and Abdallah Sima (Slavia Prague) are a couple that have been mentioned, I think both fit that bill. Hoping that Simms can kick on with his loan move (and probably another loan after), to provide a reasonably decent backup Striker option in the not to distant future.
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