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  1. Hopefully Fellaini and Gibson are fit to start, unless there is an alternative agenda for Fellaini missing last couple of games. I can see us giving it a real good go with our usual renewed optimism. A rip roaring start to the season sees the blues win 2-0..................think I must get back to the ward now byeeeee.
  2. Ditto, unless I have missed the Man of the Match performances, the dazzling skills, the wonderful goals in the last three months or so!!!
  3. I used this for the Q&A session before the recent game, http://www.nufc-foru...forum/index.php. They are very welcoming and I got good responses.
  4. Like everyone else I was totally shocked when I first heard, about midday today. Obvious first thoughts where of a tragic accident but in all honeslty this is more tragic. Very fond memories of his time at Goodison especially a great hat-trick against Southampton and a late equaliser at Anfield. His longevity in the top flight speaks volumes for the character he was in the game. Condolensces to all who knew him. RIP Gary Speed
  5. McFadden 11 goals in 109 appearances first time round that spanned nearly six years (five seasons) and his only long term injury of note was a three month spell sidelined. Bily 52 appearances with 8 goals, spanning just over two seasons. Statistics, make what you want with them.
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2032980/Sportsmails-guide-players-available-free-transfers.html All these currently available, maybe we should grab them all and really improve the squad immensely.
  7. Avinalaff, I could not disagree more (apart from the goal v. Charlton) with your description of MacFadden. One of the most frustrating players I have seen in my forty odd years watching Everton. Hard working, honestly I have seen habitual doleites work harder. I wasn't shocked to see him leave three years ago, in fact most Blues I know where quite happy with that decision because he offered nothing to the team, more shocked at his return. A championship side don't want him, a constant premiership relegation side don't want him and a struggling team in a two horse race don't want him, if they d
  8. Have to agree with Boroblue, really highlights our plight and how far we are falling and quickly.
  9. True, an extra body is the only positive. If we remain in both cups he may well be an asset. DOH!!
  10. He may well be an addition to the squad but so would any player without a club be. I totally agree with Hafnia and Bailey regarding this smacking of deperation and MacFaddens' all round contribution of practically zilch. I don't see the queues of clubs looking to sign him. Hoping I am wrong but it will take something special to lift the doom and gloom from measures taken like this.
  11. Sky reporting he is at Finch Farm having a medical. Just the one question.....................WHY?????
  12. Chaat (what a great name), the British Curry Club magazine, issue 1.
  13. A Drink with Shane MacGowan- by Victoria Clarke and Shane MacGowan
  14. From a female friend of a fella, Fellaini is off to Man Utd. Don't normally post on unsubstantiated grounds but I thought what the heck, a rumour is a rumour.
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