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  1. Hopefully Fellaini and Gibson are fit to start, unless there is an alternative agenda for Fellaini missing last couple of games. I can see us giving it a real good go with our usual renewed optimism. A rip roaring start to the season sees the blues win 2-0..................think I must get back to the ward now byeeeee.
  2. I have to echo what Rubes, Bailey and Matt have said. p.s StevO, I think Dalziel is an oversees supporter so may not be able to see the games, I may be wrong though.
  3. A fine day all round. Expecting the worst we actually took the game to Man Utd from the start and began with confidence. A deserved goal to put us in the lead. However our negative traits came to the fore and resulted in United taking control. Having gone 3-1 down and looked out of it we weathered the storm and came back into the game, going 4-2 down, all around thought it was curtains but we stuck at it and scored two great goals to earn a deserved point. I have family from Manchester who support United and all agreed, citing Fellaini as man of the match. For once it was nice to walk out of Old Trafford with a smile.
  4. Chicago and Dalziel, guess who else has to get up at stupid o'clock to watch the game, those going the game. Coaches leaving 4.30, ridiculous starting time. Anyway I digress, confidence in a victory for us is not a bad thing, nerves even against Liverpool, not me I don't show them. To me I accept them as just another team to beat that way any stick given out is like water of a duck's back. Anyway after the lean years we have had I am used to it, that is why I shall savour it even more on Saturday.
  5. Osman edged it, but only just, for me. Nice to see the side playing with confidence, the all round move for Pienaars goal was excellent. Jagielkas ball to Straq, superb first touch to keep the ball moving then two crisp passes to get the ball across the box for Pienaar to fire home, great move. Where has the football from the last month been all season?
  6. Defo that one for me. I started watching the game at the Park End, end of the paddock and was gradually moved, by numbers, towards the Street End. The atmosphere was unbelievable and the noise when Trevor Steven scored the clincher was the loudest I have heard at Goodison. Everyone hugging everyone else and singing in the streets as they made their way home or to the pub. I just wish for another night like that.
  7. PS, Peter Simpson from 70's. Centre half?
  8. I had help on this answer from a Man Utd supporting family member who says Den Bosch, he reckons they where his first club.
  9. There is another car park in that shot, the top of the triangle formed by Sleepers Hill and Blessington Road. Louis and Mike, that main car park, the site of the old Vernon Sangster sports centre, was open last time I went passed that way, unless it has recently closed.
  10. Most parking areas around the ground are safe as long as you are not parking in a residential zone. If you go to Stanley Park main car park, on Priory Road, it is a five minute walk. The coaches park along there too, just around the corner in Arkles Lane and Utting Avenue there is street/ road parking and a couple of other smaller car parks. These areas are 5/10 minute walk but quicker access to Queens Drive onto M62 on your return journey. Most pubs (quite a fair few within 5 minute walking distance) are ok to go into, a couple on County Road have reputations but if you are just after a drink then there shouldn't be any problems. The seating in Lower Bullens 9second section) is apparantly poor unless you are near the front, don't know where row O starts as there are two sections to Lower Bullens, because of the obstructed view due to pillars. Good luck for the rest of the season after Saturday of course.
  11. Honest, straight to the point and undeniably correct. I was watching sky sports when the team news went across the yellow banner at the bottom of the screen and I honestly thought they had mixed the bench up with the starting eleven, still angry at the team selection.
  12. I agree with all of that except I would have made the one change, Pienaar for Drenthe. When I heard the team news I thought to myself "A f*cking large clanger has just been dropped". Still so angry about that team slection. I am just not into the 'saving players for the weekend', especially against Liverpool. Disgraceful in my humble opinion and an insult to those who paid 48 quid to watch it. I am not usually one to knock Moyes but he got it wrong this time.
  13. This has 1-1 written all over out, and probably won't be a bad thing all round. My worry is the dip in form we have shown when travelling away to the 'lesser' teams after home wins against Man City and Chelsea, hopefully the Spurs home win won't result in the same.
  14. The often maligned Leon Osman gets my vote, he just appears to be a player we notice more in his absence. Good efforts from most of the team but especially the Distin, Heittinga and Fellaini and of course Jelavic for his well taken first of many.
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