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  1. Haha Mane you prick maybe if you'd stay on your feet you could create a chance.
  2. FWIW, commentators on American broadcast are hinting that it should have been a card of some sort and probably a red. I’m not even bothered. We’re about to beat the shite at Anfield!
  3. This is probably the best and most fair officiating I’ve ever seen in a derby’s credit where it’s due.
  4. Pickford choosing a good match to play well.
  5. Looked to me like Thiago managed to step on both of his legs at once.
  6. Thiago and Klopp shocked at getting a clear foul called about sums up the shite’s entitlement.
  7. I’m an Ancelotti believer but it is frustrating to start this second half with the same gameplan as City. We need to be far more attacking against such a poor defense.
  8. What the hell is that clearance from Holgate?
  9. The game where Holgate keeps falling over and letting attackers by him.
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