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  1. Just came here to say that was a truly nasty tackle by Richarlison and he deserves every minute of the 270 he’ll be disqualified for. No place for that. That said, happy with the draw. We didn’t deserve it. Also, fuck Jordan Henderson.
  2. Everton 2 - 1 Brighton Richarlison
  3. Gave it to Pickford but could have just as easily given it to Coleman or Doucoure.
  4. I’m in awe. We are a new team.
  5. Pickford looks excellent today. Finally.
  6. Surprised more aren’t talking about this. That challenge was nasty.
  7. I’ve never seen Harry Kane look so anonymous against us. Says a lot about Mina’s contribution this match.
  8. And that’s why DCL is there. Fuck yeah!
  9. Thank god for Doucoure there.
  10. We can move the ball forward and keep it all at the same time now. Light years ahead of where we have been in years.
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