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  1. There’s no way Martinez wants to come back after the way he lost everyone’s support. He’s managing the #1 international team in the world with Euros and the World Cup both rapidly approaching. That one is absolutely not happening even if he might be our best option.
  2. Espírito Santo, Bielsa, or Big Dunc. Too early for Ferguson, though, I think. I thought he was nailed on for next manager as long as we could get a full contract out of Ancelotti.
  3. Allan had not looked himself tonight. Let Villa’s midfield turn him far too easily. Hope he didn’t re-aggravate something.
  4. It looked like a very good save to me. Gotta be hard to direct that header at full dive and he did put it back across the keeper’s movement. Just a great reaction save.
  5. Disagree with that. Feels like we only ever beat ourselves.
  6. Could you all imagine how good we could be if we played well in attack and didn’t make stupid defensive mistakes in the same game?
  7. Thanks, Matt. We’ll see how positive it is in the end, hah.
  8. It's American corporate greed run rampant. I stumbled my way into an elite university's law school in the states this year in my nearing mid-life (got tired of being drunk all the time behind the bar) and I've finally seen what the other side truly believes. My casebook for my business law class argues that insider trading is a good thing and I've learned that not only do American courts appear to protect shareholder interests (as I thought before entering law school)—it's actually the fucking law that shareholder interests are the only thing that matters and that directors of a corporation cannot make decisions that don't benefit shareholders even for humanitarian reasons. We can't blame this on the footballers. The players themselves are still mere peons compared to the owners. This is just what pure capitalism does. I'll welcome all the supporters—even the shite supporters—who abandon their clubs over this.
  9. Absolutely. I'll be a Coleman apologist until the day I die. Love the man but his legs aren't what they once were. I think he'll be best as an impact sub like he was today. He's truly the only player around the team besides Godfrey who shows absolutely consistent desire and effort. DCL is close to that level, but I'm not sure he knows how to stay involved when things aren't going his way. And Richy has the desire but starts slouching when things don't go his way. A couple others could get honorable mentions in that category (Allan/Mina), but we have far too many who show up some days just looking like they wished they were anywhere else.
  10. Once we get a solid replacement for Coleman, I think Godfrey will grow into that dominant CB. Max Aarons should be top priority this summer.
  11. Gave it to Gylfi but easily could've given it to Allan or James. Godfrey and Digne both very good as well.
  12. So disappointing and so unsurprising. Wasn’t sure we could put anything together without DCL but we thoroughly outclassed them in attack. Sigurdsson and James both excellent. Allan the absolute difference maker. We better not give a second thought to re-signing King. Keane absolutely terrible tonight and the reason we lost 2 points that we deserved.
  13. Richy biffed that but that rebound came with a lot of pace. King has to not hit that directly at the keeper. Incredible vision by James.
  14. That about sums up the night from Keane.
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