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  1. That would be wild. That would also never happen.
  2. Too true. Digne had already went to close down the ball. When I saw that, I was shouting "one to ball" at the TV... Also where is the mention of Keane just wondering around in no man's land marking no one at that time, haha. Burnley had queued up all their big men at the back post. In that moment you seek out the threat instead of making space. So we were vastly outnumbered in the box at that time due to poor positioning. Hard to place blame on Mina for that. Would have been nice if he got his head to it first though, haha. Also, Mina was totally trying to get under Barnes skin all game. Seems like he has really upped his mind games. All for it as long as he doesn't go to far. He is not the best CB but certainly one you would rather play with than against, haha.
  3. I should have known my comments would only further the discuss of the man. That fail is on me. You are right that many managers would have tried to circle the wagons and just try to be hard to beat for the remainder of that season. With that lot of players? Certainly. So no testament to Sam there. Also his transfers did not pan out at all. 50 mil down the drain (walcott and tosun). Could have random selected a player to purchase and ended up with more pace. We were SO slow. So total fail in that department for Sam. Cannot fathom a single positive from his reign. Also at least there was hope under Silva compared none under Sam. Silva didn't work out but at least there was that. In fact, I flew across the pond to watch a game under Silva. Something that would have never happened under Sam. Was the game I watched good? Nope. It was brutal a loss. But I had hope before kick off, haha. Also this whole Sam keeps teams up dross is so tired. There is a reason he jumps around clubs. Guy is shameless. Seems like people are always piling on Pete in this forum but... (and some people might disagree) but... I would rather him be at the helm than Fat Sam. His passion and deep distain for passengers on the pitch is to be commended. From his comments above players like Siggy, Morgan, and Keane would have never been bought and if so, at least would have been banished. Under Pete's tutelage, that act/those acts alone would have had more of a positive effect on the team and in the psyche of Everton fans than anything Sam ever did or could do with an open checkbook. So when you getting your badges Pete...
  4. Was never going to be able to cope with the speed and physicality of this league. He had all the time and space when he played for Ajax. He did not have a lot of minutes for us but in those few, he looked like the easiest person to push off the ball on the pitch each time was on it. That being said, he is certainly a talented footballer.
  5. Shellshocked that Fat Sam is still mentioned in this forum. Literally shiver when I read his name. Sure other managers have had a longer lasting effect on the club *cough Koeman cough* but do you remember match days under Sam? What a dark joyless time that was. Hopefully, we will be past it by the time we are in the new stadium. Rafa was not my first choice or top 5 but come on folks...
  6. Also well done by Gray on the slide today. Much improved.
  7. We all were underwhelmed in the summer by Rafa, Gray, and Townsend but they are making the difference today.
  8. still put in a real shift despite hardly seeing any of the ball
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