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  1. This was my option 2: "He thinks scoring against Salford and Fleetwood in the early rounds of the EFL is nothing major to celebrate" And this was your theory on why he doesn't celebrate: "Maybe he just sees scoring goals as what he should do against these teams so doesn’t make a lot of it" Pretty much the exact same thing I wrote. Relax mate, it was just an attempt to begin a discussion, take this weird chip off your shoulder.
  2. I'm not looking for any "issue" (my option 2 is pretty much what you just wrote), I'm just interested in thoughts on the subject.
  3. Any thoughts on why this guy is such a misery guts when he scores? I see 3 main possibilities. 1) He's going for the misplaced "this shit is too easy for me" Balotelli shtick. 2) He thinks scoring against Salford and Fleetwood in the early rounds of the EFL is nothing major to celebrate. 3) he doesn't want to be here. His sullen demeanour really stands out on the pitch because, Salford and Fleetwood or not, a win is a win and the rest of the team look delighted to be rolling on. He should too.
  4. Then tell the lady that number 7 just played a pass to number 4 but he sadly fired over. We'll discuss the details once the game is finished.
  5. Tell your friend it's the match thread in which Jordan Pickford is playing and has created 2 of the biggest talking points for Everton fans.
  6. Same here. I gave him MOTM at Tottenham, because I think he's the reason we won that game. He isn't "shite". He has huge strengths. You don't get consistently picked as England's keeper during a time of relatively high competition if you're shit. But he is undoubtedly error prone. His weakness seems to be his concentration.
  7. Far and away the best value-for-money signing of the Koeman era (not that there's much competition, given he spent over 120 million on Sigurdsson, Klaassen, Bolasie and Schneiderlin).
  8. Thank God these players are no longer the basis of our midfield.
  9. Richarlison, Allan, Doucoure and Coleman are also on the bench.
  10. How many Salford City defenders imagined they might be marking James Rodriguez a month ago?
  11. Gave it to Pickford because of the psychological aspect to his performance. There was a lot of pressure on him to do well in this game and he rose to the occasion. But really, half the team are worthy of MOTM.
  12. And to add to how shoddily researched it is, he includes Gylfi Sigurdsson in the list of players we bought off "elite clubs". We bought him off Swansea, where he'd been for 3 years already.
  13. I'm not convinced Colombians are waiting with baited breath to see if James Rodriguez has secured his move from Real Madrid to Everton. My guess is the hold up is contractual stuff. From a marketing perspective, Rodriguez is a different level to (for example) Allan, and there'll be tonnes of tiny details in his contract to thrash out.
  14. True. I should have singled out Bolassie.
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