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  1. Yeah the tickets are for both games Sunday and Wednesday, but it's still "TBA" on time I believe
  2. Nobody drives there anymore, it's too crowded. #rimshot
  3. That's far more on the US side tbf, the stadium, promoters etc. The European clubs, IMO, are mainly here like said for fitness and training, having someone (ergo peeps like me) cover the cost and pocket a little. Again because there are enough in the States would love to see thier club, or even just elite European squads in person and will pay it. I paid similar in 2015 or so to take my daughter 8 hours to see PSG and Chelsea. And honestly, on some level it was worth the money (like the Everton matches) not only for the memories with one of my daughters, but also that chance to see in person what I only see on TV. So yeah, it's a money grab that counts on suckers like me. #COYB lol
  4. There is a bit of expense to come this far to be sure, but they come to the US to make money, so it's not unexpected. Don't get me wrong, I completely agree with you almost $100 to watch a glorified scrimmage is absurd. And the fact that Ticketmaster just about has a monopoly in the States on sports tickets concert tickets etc and jacks the price up an additional third chaps my ass to no end. I'm not even sure you can get a fucking parking ticket in America without Ticketmaster getting a cut
  5. Looks like we are in the Everton section behind goal 121 I think for Sunday's match. $75 + ticketmaster shitbaggery, so right at $100
  6. My only solace in this, was our last manager search appeared to be a shitshow of uninspiring names and out of nowhere we hired Carlo. Hopefully the powers that be are in the process of doing what they do, while the media speculates on the weekly "Insert_Name_Here to Everton all but done" appointments. Not expecting a Don Carlo type of hire, but I'd sure like to be surprised should we announce a solid hire that wasn't mentioned in the Twitterverse HR department
  7. 1 match ban IMO, he can watch with Marko Arnautović
  8. Putin is about to eat another American president, just like the last 4 or so
  9. Generally speaking, they are. The interstates (by definition minimum divided 4 lanes with limited access on/off ramps) rarely have issues running between the cities, besides the occasional accident or construction that can create a shitshow. As long as you can avoid morning and afternoon rush hours in major cities, it's pretty uneventful. However, to your point, there are places that simply have more traffic than roads can be built. There is a spot in Atlanta where the interstate is 14 lanes wide, and is still a parking lot twice a day during rush hour between commuters and the sheer amount of goods that flow in and out of Atlanta on trucks/lorries.
  10. It's less than a 2 hour flight, but by the time you get in and out of airports, it's probably about 4 hours, and around $300 when you figure the tickets, airport parking and a rental car. Our Interstate system, especially between 2 big cities like this is good enough to set cruise control at 75mph or so, and not having to touch it for 450 miles, pending on fuel and bladder. Good thing, because our train service between most cities varies between shit and non-existent. Matter of personal preference, time constraints and/or finances generally. For me, basically anything under 10 hours, I'd rather just jump in the car and have more control over my trip, not risk my luggage going to Fuckall, USA and not getting felt up by airport an screener. Well, depending on the airport screener, I guess that could be a selling point....
  11. I don't think it matters where you go get your tickets, you are going to wind up at Ticketmaster. Bastards. https://www.floridacup.com/tickets is the official site In his defense, it's a super easy drive, basically one wide open interstate all the way to Orlando, no turns! Without "restroom-challenged" travel companions, can be done in about 7 hours, and about $100 in gas. To be fair, it's much worse for me, same distance, but I have to make 2 turns to reach Orlando! Really not a bad trip, and a hell of a lot closer to go for a match than Merseyside!
  12. a 17 year old? I mean seriously, wtf is wrong with kids like this??
  13. Agreed, he is just getting the team he wants playing in his system, would be backasswards to replace him coming into WC qualifiers, especially when the team is playing pretty well and getting results.
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