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  1. My first choice of Lampard all of a sudden doesn’t seem so bad now does it 😆
  2. He has tactics ? Well that’s unusual for us to pick a manager with tactics get him in and let’s see what happens.
  3. He can kick as many cats 🐈‍⬛ as he wants but if he harms a puppy 🐶 I’ll knock him out 🥊
  4. But he is obviously the better at doing it or he wouldn’t be given the responsibility, I would like to think the managers we have had whether good or bad would pick the best options available for all team scenarios at there disposal, it surely can’t be just coincidence that they have all given Gylfi that responsibility, that would tell me he’s proven he’s the best in the team at dead ball situations, or would you rather they all chose a player with lesser abilities in that area to suit your argument on fluffy stats.
  5. My analogy of Beckham was in response to Bailey who believes that people who take the dead ball situations are somehow fiddling their stats and any number of players could do the same, anyone who’s played football at a decent level would respect a player with the ability to deliver a decent ball, to be able to bend a ball over or around a wall to have the confidence and belief to take pen after pen, of course it can’t be the only reason you are picked to play, but it has and still does form a large percentage of some players games, and it does for Gylfi when playing for us rightly or wrongly at this moment in time we don’t have another player in the team to truly replace him, that’s why I believe he will get an extension to his contract unless a viable replacement is found before that time arises. Do I think Gylfi is good enough no not really but I could also mention another 5-6 that aren’t good enough, but the reality is they play because we have no one better to replace them, hardly the fault of the players that lays squarely at the feet of others.
  6. Favre now being considered a manager of 63 years old who got the sack and hasn’t won anything of note, what concerns me is most will get behind that if it means no Benitez or Martinez, for me that would be a massive backwards step and I’d take either of the other 2 over him.
  7. It should also tell you that they are the best player in the team for dead ball situations, I would hardly call it fluffing up the stats. There are plenty of players who’s stats would look completely different if they didn’t take the free kicks corners and penalties, Beckham springs to mind and let’s say currently Ward-Prowse, take those attributes away from them and they would look very average in the stats department.
  8. What a goal for Hungary they would give us more problems than the Germans.
  9. My banner will be saying Moshiri out, I beginning to feel we have become a toy for Moshiri and Usmanov, they couldn’t get their real target of Arsenal so we drew the short straw and have become their entertainment, between them they have billions so the odd few hundred million they are playing with here means fuck all to them, they could live their lives over 100 times over and not be able to spend their money. They seem to be playing their own game of football manager.
  10. I don’t think it is mate Moshiri and Usmanov want him, Brands and others want Martinez.
  11. It’s completely meaningless talk that doesn’t change a thing bar make him feel good about himself.
  12. I’d be fairly confident that we will beat Germany if we get them on Tuesday, we haven’t been playing to our best but neither have the Germans, difference being I believe we have a better group of players to turn it around than Germans have.
  13. Martinez is looking favourite according to the Mail with most of the board backing him, except Moshiri who wants Benitez even though their could be a huge backlash from many supporters he’s still digging in for him. I think it might be safe to say our next manager could well be Spainish, but who is anyone’s guess at this moment.
  14. UNESCO should have been part of the Brexit deal then at least something good would have come out of it.
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