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  1. The first driver since the start of F1 to win 100 races, a true champion we should all be congratulating Hamilton for a immense achievement, which may never be repeated and he鈥檚 still in the hunt to win his 8th championship we never ever thought Schumacher鈥檚 records would be broken. If you are a fan of F1 and not Hamilton you should still be congratulating him and acknowledging such a magnificent achievement in the sport. Well done Lewis fantastic achievement 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦
  2. Exactly, fuck off the club is more important than any individual player.
  3. He can鈥檛 be playing with the U23s whilst he鈥檚 needed as cover, as others have said not an ideal situation but needs must, we鈥檙e lucky it鈥檚 not cold windy or raining馃槈
  4. I have a niece who has cerebral palsy, she is 21 been wheelchair bound all her life with very limited movement of her upper body and arms, she can鈥檛 talk but she never stops smiling she鈥檚 a beautiful person. Why are there so many cruel idiots in this world that find it funny to emotionally hurt people with disabilities when they should be acknowledging their efforts for not being afraid of trying to overcome their disabilities and living life to the full.
  5. I have gone with Doucoure, closely followed by Allan who once again played the captain鈥檚 role the only voice we have on the pitch, but that couldn鈥檛 complete with the power of the Duke were would we be without hard work 馃槗. I know but I won鈥檛 say, oh fuck it why change a habit of a life time Qatar馃槑
  6. The leather disintegrated on them 50 years ago Bill 馃槈
  7. To be fair although we didn鈥檛 click as well as we would have if DCL and Richarlison were playing, I never felt we were under pressure or we could lose this, some commentator from the beeb said some Everton players didn鈥檛 even get a sweat on Norwich were that bad, being a blue I would say because we were that good 馃槉
  8. I think knowing that he takes the record of most drivers championships won if he wins this year is slightly getting to him, but I鈥檓 confident he will come good 馃憤
  9. We sell more umbrellas than sunglasses 馃槑.
  10. And he works his nuts off, who needs James sorry I just couldn鈥檛 resist 馃槈
  11. We鈥檝e always wanted youngsters to get an opportunity your wish has been granted, Gordon, Braithwaite, Simms and Dobbin.
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