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  1. Watching Leeds they have surely got to be the fittest team in the league, to a man they don’t stop running and pressing, very impressive to watch.
  2. I agree he shouldn’t have to apologise for the tackle like VVD said that’s football, Pickford tried to apologise on the pitch for the accidental injury he was told to go away, I can’t confirm whether this is true or not but apparently went to see how he was after the game and again was told to go away. This is where VVD should make a statement like he did when he was accused of a bad premeditated tackle and say that’s football and acknowledge Pickford’s apology for the injury and not the tackle which was a legitimate attempt to block VVD on the ball.
  3. He’s right though that’s is football, so have the bollocks to make a statement to that affect and acknowledge Pickford’s apology.
  4. 😂 decisions decisions, anyhow what’s the top fit like?
  5. Sorry mate I thought you meant just because of the game on Saturday, I do completely get what you’re saying he’s not been the player we all grew to love at the moment.
  6. If a manager drops a player every time one of them has a bad game he will soon lose the respect of all his players.
  7. For periods of the game there was a general lack of movement from the 5 players in front of Allan, which resulted in long balls being played up to DCL, for me there was no hiding from any player just a lack of movement.
  8. 100% with you on this, it’s becoming tribal now and I know what tribe I belong to, and it’s not one that echoes the shit coming from the red side of Liverpool.
  9. So he needs to do the next 2 to take the record, I can see that comfortable happening.
  10. For me I expect the whinging reds to complain and cry about it, but I’m totally confused about the Evertonian’s who have backed their claims, not sure if it’s based on the fact they like to criticise Pickford for being Pickford, or they’ve forgotten what tribe they belong to. He was doing his job and doing it well, I personally can’t see any problem with that challenge in the context of the game and why it was made.
  11. I played for 3 years 30 years ago in the British league we were affiliated to and sponsored by the American League, playing under their regulations and rules, if we didn’t agree with a decision you couldn’t harangue the referees whether on the pitch or the sideline, if you did it would be a yellow flag and a 10 yard penalty which would hurt and could cost you a game, of course you were allowed to challenge a decision but only one man could question the ref at anyone time and he had to be polite and address him in the correct manner, and that was the criteria set down by the Americans, are you
  12. I love Derby’s with a bit of bite in them from both teams, it shows the fight and passion is there, how many times have we moaned in the past that we have rolled over and just laid down. Yesterday we put some steel into our game so did they they just came off worse in the injury stakes, tough fucking shit that’s how the cookie crumbles, it could have just of been the other way round, so I’m proud of everyone of our players who took them on toe to toe and kicked their egos into the ground, they were mixing it as much as us but they lost the fight and now there fucking crying.
  13. Ok but not you know who please 😂
  14. Same as American football 🏈 the punishment can be severe as in Rugby 🏉, so unless they make the punishment fit the crime and it potentially hurts the whole team then refs will always be surrounded and berated on a football pitch, it’s become an acceptable part of our game.
  15. Fuck me apologies I was silly enough to think this was the Godfrey thread, not the Mina!!! Wankers?😂
  16. Under Armour do some nice stuff, I get there golf shorts really good fit and comfortable 👌
  17. We need a song that Gerry and the Pacemakers would have been proud of, to good of an opportunity to miss 😂
  18. I thought he acquitted himself very well for his first introduction to the team, in what was not his normal position against an on point Liverpool team, and up against Mane, not a to difficult first game was it.
  19. He was very poor today his touch for what ever reason deserted him, and his decision making was off. I do get what Haf is getting at when he said he was hiding, just maybe the terminology is misleading, there were times when he was static and showing no movement to find space to receive the ball, but in his defence he was not the only one, I mentioned during the match a few times there was a distinct lack of movement in front of the back 4 and Allan, which you could see was frustrating Keane and Allan, I can only put this down to tiredness, I believe that work rate required to chase Liverpo
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