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  1. It’s an obvious comparison but when Balotelli had a reputation for being very talented and he just needed to sort his disciplinary problems out, I just could never see this supposed talent. i think I saw him have one good game, an international against England in about 5 years yet the media portrayed him as this troubled soul with immense potential. Could never see it myself, he always looked bang average at best. Keans not played much but I just don’t see it?? Maybe it’s Italian journalists......
  2. This lads talent has been exaggerated from day one. The only talent we should be nurturing right now is the boss in the dugout
  3. No accusation necessary that’s exactly what happened
  4. It's a results orientated business. That's a fact. He's the polar opposite to Sam Allardyce. Sam is hated but gets results. He knows how to organise teams and manages games well, sees games out, seemingly with a worse squad than what Silva has right now. (I'm not advocating for BFS here, just making a point!) Silva is actually well liked as a bloke and he tries to play attacking football but it's far too kamikaze and his in game management is the worst Ive ever seen. Zero organisational skills which is mirrored in his results. His win percentage in the Premier League is woeful and it is g
  5. He looks like the type of player opponents would be worried about and that's why he should play more minutes. Especially away from home. Todays and Wednesdays game are ideal for him.
  6. I'm a big Digne fan but he's been targeted a few times this season and today was one of them. He's gets bullied a bit by anyone with pace and he gets passed too easily. Great going forward no doubt but not the best defensively. I actually think we could do with a Baines in the team right now. I wouldnt swap him for Digne right now but his composure on the ball and leadership would surely bode well in games like todays from 80 mins on. Why does he never even get brought on?
  7. We can blame injuries, VAR, or whatever else but his game management is so poor. Every match at the end, usually when in the balance, he likes to turn it into a basketball game, and we lose every time. There's just no composure. We need someone to put their foot on the ball and take the sting out of it. Instead, we are lumping balls to our outlets trying to hit them on the counter. It's just back and forth. It's not the players, it's his instructions and how we play every single week. It's no coincidence, or luck that we concede and lose games late on so often. He is out of his depth as a
  8. I’ll look back at this guy with fond memories. I’ll remember him for making some of the worst subs I’ve ever seen. I’ll also think “remember how we never came back from a goal down over 18 months!” then I’ll think of how many goals we concede from set plays and wonder how he kept his job for so long....
  9. We will wait until we are in the bottom three then before we start panicking? Is that the case? Oh it’s ok, Brands is here. The guy who did well in the same league that Steve McLaren won. This current set up will relegate us make no mistake
  10. Well hopefully. We really need to lose this “if he wins this or loses this” mentality which is telling us whether or not he should be sacked. He’s 100% not the right guy for the job whether or not he beats Leicester or Liverpool. It’s this thought process which holds us back. Looking at arsenal from the outside, emery wasn’t the right guy. Progress wasn’t being made. Yes you can pick up the odd win but that shouldn’t distort the overall picture. People say Silva has been unlucky but he’s managed to win those games that were must win games to avoid a crisis. Those wins every now and again just
  11. His comments today are embarrassing. Did he not hear the chants towards Silva last week? Good to see his expectations are as mediocre as the rest of the board. So out of touch with the fans it’s unbelievable. This guy could be the main reason Silva’s still in the job....
  12. As you can see from previous posts I’m certainly not a huge brands fan from his transfer dealings. If Moyes does get appointed, then Brands stock will fall with many fans. I don’t get who makes these decisions though. Moyes would surely be a Kenwright appointment. We have far too many chefs right now all involved in the decision process. Brands, from what I understand, is heavily involved dealing with Silva on a daily basis identifying transfer targets, discussing player profiles and how this fits into a style of play. Is that right? Is he also supposed to be scouring Europe, drawing up a
  13. It’s just a terribly run football club. Everything we do has no planning or organisation. Nothing we do is proactive. Guess what, the same club that every single year is scrambling round on deadline day looking for signings or loan deals is doing exactly the same thing with the manager. Just embarrassing
  14. I believe it’s happening tomorrow.
  15. Who knows. Everyone else tells me the DOF model works at other clubs like Liverpool and city. There’s no way in a million years there’s another person telling klopp or guardiola who to buy and how to play football. Why do we think that brands is a mastermind behind all our transfers? I question everything because I haven’t got a clue. The DOF is only important when you have a crap manager.....
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