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  1. Im not too bothered myself, would rather have AJ and Nugent over him
  2. Actually no, i highly doubt he will set the Premiership on fire and will look like another waste of money like Drogba
  3. There is a rumour that AJ has already agreed personal terms with us, not sure how that has happened but there you go
  4. Crouch has to have been one of the most over priced players, well there is Heskey for £8million and Drogshit for £24million
  5. She must be good in the bedroom if she can pull a youngun
  6. When has AJ ever said publicly we are the only club he will move to? He has spoken to Wigan so it hardly shows we are the only vlub he would move to does it
  7. They wont help us up the leauge table though will they
  8. Yes its too much no denying it, but he is the player the club wanted and thats the price that other clubs are willing to pay so thats what we have to pay
  9. It looks like we'll just have to wait and see what happens now
  10. It looks like everything is not cut and dry, hardly surprising with Everton is it?
  11. I hope so, we are a much better club than Bolton. On another note most sites are reporting that our bid for AJ is still under consideration by Palace so i dont know what the fuck is going on
  12. BT and AJ upfront next season would scare the crap out of most teams IMO, youve got BT with the power and strength and AJ with speed, they wont know which one to double mark
  13. Yes but we dont know how much is related to performance, it could only be a million which isnt that much and i feel confident that his performances will warrant the payments
  14. I think you should see someone about that, 70 year olds are not attractive!!
  15. Hold on, we dont even know what the terms are they could actually be in Palaces interests otherwise they would not have accepted the bid
  16. He wont just go to Bolton because we messed around with the fee, he has to have the hunger to go there and if he only has that hunger for EFC then he will come here regardless
  17. Apparently not, ive heard that BK set extra funds aside for the AJ deal
  18. You cant really blame Everton for not wanting to pay the full whack all in one go though really
  19. I hadnt even seen it. Ive seen Dowie is going to Charlton, good luck to him just dont finish above us
  20. Yeah, one signing wont make the fans happy including me, we desperately need a good young centre back aswell
  21. That was on Sky about a year ago, its well sick
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