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  1. They all sound good to me, its doubtful that we'd get Pennant though
  2. To be honest i dont want Cameron Jerome, ive seen him play a few times and he doesnt look that special
  3. Not if one us doesnt do it before you
  4. IF is the big word with Everton though isnt it
  5. Very good business, lets hope Moyes isnt around by the time hes sniffing at the first team coz if he is then Spencer wont get a chance
  6. As long as we've got a replacement for him then im not arsed if he goes there
  7. I hope it comes off, coz we need firepower desperately next season
  8. Lets just hope Everton dont f uck around and he gets tired of waiting and goes to another club, which is a real possibility with Everton football club
  9. *prays* please let us get Johnson and not f uck it up. Where did u read that?
  10. We have Peter Johnson to thank for a lot of things and none of it good
  11. I wish i could have been around when we were great, i feel like ive missed out
  12. We couldnt have him back again. Didnt he say a while back that the Ipswich job would be his last?
  13. Explains why we're Evertonians
  14. Thats better, i cant be bein called a pretty boy the lads would slate me
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