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  1. It's feels good not to be misjudged, so I salute you!
  2. I'm always a cactus on the outside. It helps when you come across a hugger.
  3. Almost done... I feel so warm and fuzzy inside.
  4. While some knew they were the marquee signings 😉.
  5. So is letting our only real LB cover go without bringing one in. We're a couple of injuries away from disaster this season.
  6. He's being linked with Burnley tonight .
  7. He's been offered to Burnley on loan apparently. Fucking hell!
  8. Sounds like this one is finally progressing.
  9. It doesn't look like we'll be getting any of them at this moment in time.
  10. I'm happy for anyone to leave but we're showing no signs of bringing anyone in when our squad is pretty weak as it is, which is a worry.
  11. A transfer update that wasn't a transfer update from Vinny O'Connor on SSN then .
  12. The manager is the one to give the answers, Bill, not receive them.
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