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  1. Glad to see plenty of others have Jagielka as top man today, much like Tuesday. May have lost that third of a yard but is still a fine executioner of the defensive arts.
  2. Fuck you is what. cheers in advance.
  3. Had enough, can go - for free, go pull wages from a club elsewhere whilst never playing yet turn up for those two twats for internationals. A very backward situation.
  4. Bad today, referee made things worse by not sending him off. That bad!
  5. Not allowed fight anymore, the hispter liberals demand referees interfere with all aspects of the physicality of the game, and said wavy-gravy-libbers have to be obeyed or else they'll moan the world to death.
  6. Bad today, very bad, and a referee at their place has done us at least a couple of favours. Bizarre. They didn't play amazing by any stretch but we didnt force them too, its similar to the spurs game away where we have started off the game as if waiting to see how good the opposition are playing before finding our feet, too late again. Fans will point to Coleman and Schneiderlin being out, but that doesnt explain why Lukaku and especially Barkley played so woefully, Mirallas is made for these types of games yet barely gets a sniff, cant fault Robles today, bad day at the office and we'
  7. The referee and his assistants overlookd/missed the elbow above on Coleman of all people. The potential was there to hurt him enough to take him out of that respective game or even worse.... The incident was overlooked/missed. Cisse was retrospectivly banned. IIRC Cisse got a three game ban. newcastle won that game 3-2. Not good enough, at the time I expected an 89th minute straightener from whoever was in prime position to deliver it. The ban did us no good, the result wasn't positive for us. "So your saying that a" an Everton side should rely on referees to do so much as an a
  8. Good show on the young un, healthy baby and mum, awesome. Feel mildly guilty passing this on, but not guilty enough to not do it.... watched gogglebox on friday and have been giggling since, turns out it was a hot topic... aren't liberals funny when they get upset that others aren't living exactly how they think they should.... fancy that ! http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/theyre-watching-pornography-smoking-skunk-10095204 Sorry it's the mirror, could have been the scum, but not fucking likely.
  9. Thats just showing off. Well played sir.
  10. Diddy Kong was the essence of excellence.
  11. Up arrow in green for spotting an infamous maradona moment, bit esoteric nowadays. Also, you caught the gist of the point about sometimes, the only way to fight fire is with fire. sorted, respect due.
  12. Diddy Kong Racing Perfect Dark Turok Micro machines 64 Wipeout 64 Worms armaggedon
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZzEvqDQfIA
  14. What I said was, kick a few in return, not go out to specifically break anything per se, but to even up the score. This facet of football not mma is a part of the game and will continue to be, as the game is played by people and people have emotions and when those emotions are tickled just right they lead to drama.... (I don't want anyone harmed severely or permanently in a football match or anywhere else for that matter, regardless of the injustice in the moment, at the same time I'm not expecting any side to run out as cannon fodder for a game, in some instances mistakes are made, p
  15. How many more international fixtures to be played before we can count up the harm done in total?
  16. Heavens this thread got a bit raucous didn't it, no hipster liberals chatting about verbal liquid faeces though. Only earns a nine of of ten there then. As for Bolasie, hopefully he has enough youth and determination to focus on healing and gets back to where he was. It's a long road and it'll be mentally challenging, hopefully he makes it. Same as with Coleman, take your time and get back fully.
  17. We've been here before, we look at the squad and we have Coleman, Bolasie, and Besic long term injured (I am far from convinced Bez is any closer to even 45 minutes than he was 8 weeks ago) We suffered a trio of injuries close to one another some years back when Yakubu's achilles popped, and both Jagielka and Arteta were cutdown with the dreaded ACL injury/surgery. What makes the current situation rather difficult is that Lukaku is making noises about having his mind made up about his future ambitions, and Barkley is getting to the final year of his contract. Baines is struggling to maint
  18. In retrospect it is a shame Coleman was so honest, that he went for the ball and only the ball is probably why he's ended up so badly off. Bale had kicked at O'Shea about a minute before (if the report I read is accurate) so malicious intent was active onfield, if Coleman see's the player coming and goes in 'hard' and tries to kick his head off then he unlikely gets the injury. But this is a nutcase scenario, Taylor has tried to crock Coleman for the rest of the game, the challenge was so poor that it's obvious he was looking for player impact so as to slow Coleman down. So what do we
  19. (Sir) Charles Barkley is 6'6'', Ross Barkly is barely 6 foot. Trust me. DCL dosn't look 5'7'', I'll get a second opinion on this.
  20. Who is on international duty out of our squad that is likely to play and chance injury? I realise ROI would play McCarthy if he was on a drip in a hospital bed if they had the chance, but besides that who else is in the firing line?
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