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  1. The pace of the Portuguese league will suit him more then the prem, could have been a Rolls Royce player for us before the horror injury, I wish him all the best.
  2. Fantastic bit of social awareness from Tosun after the last 18 months we’ve had to endure “ I want want double pay please” says Mr Millionaire
  3. Jermaine who? Tosser and soft journalism
  4. Smart bit of business, back up keeper with plenty of prem experience and no capital outlay. Along with Andros, it shows we’re getting the squad sorted early rather than on deadline day, which most of us complain about each window.
  5. I’ll support him if he does well and I’ll give him stick if it’s shit he delivers, same as I do with all managers.
  6. I’ll reserve judgement on him, but what I do know is is we need to make the most out of DCL’s aerial prowess with players who can put a decent ball into the box for him to attack, whenever he does play that’s what I primarily want him to do.
  7. Your right, that Van Dijk, and wjnaldum blokes were crap, it’s the ones we buy that have been !
  8. I wouldn’t be falling over myself to extend contracts for any except James if he delivers this year, Branthwaite as we don’t know know enough about him yet and coleman if he’s going to move onto a back room role. The rest I’ll be delighted to see the back of.
  9. I’ve missed a few games through being away, and have used stub hub to sell them on, at a pro rata rate on what I pay for my ST, and then I’ve given the dosh to EITC, which I see as a win win, they get added dosh and someone gets to see the game for a fair price.
  10. Hang in there, that’s what I did and was lucky to get two for me and my lad, mind you, we had to suffer the Allardyce shit show in our first season!
  11. Poor loves, it’s going to be tough to get by on only £50k per week. Maybe it’s the time that the wages come back to being just plain fucking ridiculous, rather than absolutely fucking ridiculous.
  12. At £50m no way, up to £30m then it’s OK, he is threatening when he runs but the end product is a bit iffy, but there is always room for improvement.( unless its Iwobi ! )
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