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  1. No not on the right, but he means we’re going to have to alter our game plan for this game at least, and Doucoure has the skill set to play differently, and none of the three you mention have the skill set of James, or Richy, so it’s a different style needed. In Carlo we trust👍
  2. Feck, you must have had a hard/good time!
  3. That’s just brilliant. I always take a full carrier bag of food to the home games, I make my son carry it, he’s whinged a few times as it’s heavy, but it’s so he realises life’s not always rosy, and that were lucky to have got S tickets and being able to afford them.
  4. It’s a rare skill using the back of your head !
  5. Said that for years, and there’s no reason why it can’t happen, apply the same rules, enforce them, the players would soon learn to behave.
  6. And there was the one with Gomes high foot, Manes head touch’s the ball the same time a Gomes foot does, Mane goes down as if he’s been kicked in the head, blatent cheating.
  7. Pickford tackle on VVD was awful and he should have been given a red, I wonder if he was trying for a bit of retribution after VVD should have had two yellows, one for tackle on James and the other on DCL
  8. Same as a player falls; giver if he gets breathed on ( Mane comes to mind )
  9. Impressive debut, would like to see him instead of Mina when we get RBs fit again.
  10. Digne gets my vote, took the captains role well when he had to from Seamus, and a great ball for Dom to put away. Rest of team were mostly good bar Gomes who was off the pace, very impressed with Godfrey in what could have been a difficult first game for him.
  11. Prepare for the worst and things can only get better!
  12. I get both sides of the arguments over paying to watch the games on TV. Point to consider is there will be a tipping point at some stage if people stop paying the Sky/BT etc subs, their revenue stream drops and they stop bidding for matches, or as many as we now get. I'm fortunate enough to have season tickets and can get to the grand old lady within an hour on public transport for home games, I stopped paying NowTv as the stream kept freezing, and upgraded my Sky to include sport last winter, and bit the bullit last month for rolling BT sport on top so I can see all games, previously I w
  13. Vlasic over Siggy,? Siggys been poor at times, but has done some sublime passes and goals since he arrived here, Vlasic, I can’t remember anything of note that made me want to keep him. If we’re looking for a younger upgrade Grealish as a player but not the person.
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