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  1. I thought he did initially, but the replay shows it didn’t, one thing the ref got right
  2. I can’t think why we would even consider selling the best aerial player in the PL if not Europe at present, we need to play to his strengths more, ie get to the byline and put crosses in that he can attack, that sort of play will blow the roof off Goodison and land on Bramley Moore.
  3. I take it you’ve been watching their Sunday lunch stuff on YouTube 😜
  4. Apart from being a beast in the air, he’s so grounded and gives good educated interviews
  5. Allan, he was everywhere he needed to be at the time he needed to be there. Good performances from DCL, Seamus and Richy.
  6. Just needs to run at their defence more, and find the back of the net again
  7. What is it, as I’m still waiting to see evidence of improvement 🤔
  8. And when he has he’s been poor, we have dodged a bullet I reckon.
  9. Certainly have done, it will be nice if I get lucky.
  10. Pete, I’ll, buy you a pint when Iwobi puts a decent tackle in, or closes down play effectively.
  11. Nope, seen every game this season, I didn’t say he was faultless, but if you would rather have Iwobi starting over Richarlison, we would be doomed, doomed Mr Mainwaring
  12. I take it that you close your eyes for all Richarlisons goals and closing opponents down.
  13. I think he was overlooked by some on his arrival, being in the shadow of James and Allen’s arrivals, I have been impressed with him since day one, yes his passing choices can be suspect, but his ability for covering allows others to play more higher up the field. I hope he comes back without any problems.
  14. We always try and find Mick at the game, and bung a few quid in his bucket, if he’s busy talking to someone else, we drop it in and give a discreet thumbs up, amazingly he always pauses his conversation and gives a handshake and thanks us for the money. He really is a people person and appreciates all donations.
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