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  1. It’s becoming difficult to see him ever getting to a level of fitness where he can play a number of games consecutively, I really Hope I’m wrong though.
  2. Another masterclass last night of finger pointing, I’m amazed he can make it through 90 minutes without getting exhausted. Sarcasm aside, yet another game which he failed to make any impression on, not good enough.
  3. Tom Davies, played a few nice through balls, and kept trying to get us going forward. pick of a poor bunch though.
  4. Awful run of injuries depleting the squad, it’s going to be a tough watch I reckon.
  5. Well that bit is going to plan at least 🤓
  6. Thought I’d stoke the flames..... I was OK with him taking the free kick, I can’t remember the last goal we scored direct from a free kick, so the three so called specialists have been a bit shit.
  7. He’s clearly not impressing Carlo enough in training to get a start, Carlos our manager I’ll go with that decision. It doesn’t stop me being disappointed, I thought he would be a reasonable addition, never world class but decent squad player with more about him than Tosun.
  8. Coleman gets my vote. Agree on his lack of captaincy on the free kick, other than that good game, just wish he would have had a pop at goal on a couple of occasions.
  9. Cold light of day and all that guff this morning, I’m still disappointed, but we had an off day in front of goal, should have had a hat full. Other teams do the same, yeah Kane and Salah etc are good finishers but they don’t score with every shot.
  10. Disappointed is an understatement, why do we get a goal lead and sit back on it, we have a great manager and some good players to go and and win by a few goals, I guess if two of the chances we missed had been a few inches either side it would have been at least 3.
  11. A bit of composure and we will win this, we’re creating chances that need to be converted.
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