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  1. Looks an unintentional challenge, but a bit clumsy. If Warnock has a gripe, it should be with the officials now Jarrod.
  2. James, sublime range of passes, albeit against a poor team.
  3. That could be good news, but who is our CF sub for Dom tonight?
  4. Always poses a threat IMO but too injury prone, he will want big wages so can’t see it happening.
  5. Wonderful stuff, lovely seeing them implode💙
  6. I’d take the £10m, I’m always hopeful he will come good, but he never seems to do enough for me, not consistent enough, I know this will annoy many but I’d pay the same for Josh King who I think is far more versatile and consistent, wouldn’t pay him a big salary as has been reported though.
  7. Good point RuffRob. I like Reece James and would be very happy to see him here
  8. I reckon he’s been watching James, and seeing how to deliver incisive balls, Siggy take note!
  9. Well done, they ain’t easy to come by 💙👍
  10. Keane, solid and assured in defence, lethal in their box. I said it at half time in the game thread, no one outstanding and no one stinking the place out, another good team performance all round.
  11. Better than I expected so far, no one brilliant, no one stinking the place out, just need to up the play in the final 3rd and be more clinical
  12. Can’t get my head around how we will line up, Iwobi and Siggy front two? iwobis pace driving at the defenders and Siggy strolling behind thinking what’s for tea?
  13. No thanks, downed tools at West Ham, not the sort of player we want IMO
  14. A swap for JonJoe is ok with me, King would be a better back up striker than Tosun, he can also play wide if needed.
  15. Doucoure gets my vote, drove us forward and solid defending, oh and got the winner, Olsen solid throughout apart from not getting down to their goal. Mina solid and settled the Keane down.
  16. Gotta love how we make hard work of games we should cruise through. Anyhow were in the draw for 4th round👍💙
  17. Missed the first 14 minutes, and from what I’ve seen since then it’s been awful, poor playing out of the back, not winning knock downs, misplaced passing. Only decent bit was when we slowed down for Tosuns second chance, need to play our own game with more assurance. Keane seems to be off the pace, Coleman keeps over running the ball and in to trouble, surely we will be better in 2nd half.
  18. It’s BT Sport extra, had to go to BT3 the press red button to access the game, finally in👍
  19. Never was and never will be, we should sell and get as much as we can and reinvest in someone who wants to be here.
  20. Decent back up keeper who’s helping Pickford become more focused due to the pressure of having a decent no2
  21. A agree and hope your right, but he looks totally disinterested at the moment, doesn’t try to take on the full back down the line, just runs into blind alleys, and didn’t track back as much last night as he usually does.
  22. Awful tonight, somethings not right, I wonder if there’s a move lined up for January and he is keeping himself out of the way to avoid injury
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