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  1. I know we鈥檙e short on fit players, but that鈥檚 a severely depleted team to put out 馃槺
  2. He鈥檚 made a statement that Gordon doesn鈥檛 have the stamina for 90 mins, which is probably right atm, but how the hell can he say that and do nothing about the lump of turd masquerading as a CF who has the mobility of a container ship gets 90 mins week in week out
  3. After having to endure watching the game live, I tortured myself more and watched the highlights on MOTD. Not once was his name mentioned, a good indication of how poor he was, if your CF is invisible on the highlights there鈥檚 a problem with the team balance. It has to change yesterday was the final straw for me.
  4. Has to be the only player able to move his head away from a cross rather than attack to ball. I have him leeway to get fit, that鈥檚 passed, he鈥檚 rubbish.
  5. Gordon lovely run to set up first goal and made us a reasonable threat down the left. He should not have been the first to be taken off.
  6. Don鈥檛 think there鈥檚 much alternative, best to protect Richy as he鈥檚 not match fit, and Gordon has the start many have been asking for
  7. Also meant to say earlier, I like the fact that they have said it well in Advance of the renewal date, upfront and honest, good business practice in my book.
  8. Yeah I鈥檝e just read this also, I鈥檓 on my 6th season and have paid the same since 17-18, as long me and my lad can have our two seats as memorabilia when we move I鈥檓 ok with the increase. 馃槆
  9. It certainly confirms the point I made 21 hrs ago, I hope that playing is safe for him and he鈥檚 not putting himself at risk.
  10. It seems there鈥檚 many who aren鈥檛 aware that he had Covid, and it鈥檚 taking him a bit of time to get to fitness, thankfully he鈥檚 one of our fitness players which will have helped him, how would Rondon look?馃槇 I do wish he would be more adventurous with the ball, too many times he passes to another defender, I鈥檇 like to see him play more balls forward
  11. Who the f is the bobble? How does he know this inside info.
  12. Thing is, I don鈥檛 believe many appreciate Dom as much as we should because he doesn鈥檛 score worldies from 30 yards out, and could be better one on one with the keeper. Where he is excellent IMO is holding up the ball and bringing other players into the game, since he鈥檚 been out we have really missed this as a team resulting in being under pressure a lot and not having an outlet than can take us up the pitch. Should also add that he鈥檚 one of the best, if not the best in the air in the PL, and dangerous in the box generally, oh and did I mention his defending contributions. I鈥檓 really looking forward to getting him back and seeing Dom, Richy, Demari and Andros building on pitch understanding.
  13. He was good, but we did make it very easy for him.
  14. 鈥樷楾was the day before New Year鈥檚 Eve
  15. Allan, apart from one unnecessary back pass was solid and kept trying to get us going.
  16. Two teams that are at their strongest on the counter attack, it will be interesting to see which manager will have the balls to take the initiative, I hope we have Dom and Richy back which would give us the edge I reckon.
  17. FIFY It pains me to say I just can鈥檛 see him ever being fit for long enough to find out.
  18. Definitely Brentford, it鈥檚 down as a Sunday game atm, the guy who sits next to me lives in Kent and has a 6 hours trip each way, he doesn鈥檛 usually make it to Sunday or midweek games, he鈥檚 not sold his ticket on in the last three season, but there must be others in a similar position
  19. Bloody hell we鈥檝e won something. 馃槼
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