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  1. Seems the most likely thing. I do like extra cover which will allow nkounkou to do what he does best at this point.
  2. 2 of his 4 were ones you’d expect any professional footballer to finish. An unmarked header from close range and an empty net basically. Might be easier for him to motivate himself at a club like PSG or Juventus than it was at Everton. He’s a young man so I don’t wanna write him off but from his time in England he didn’t seem to be very strong mentally.
  3. I think they’ve had some injuries but I don’t follow them closely
  4. Yeah I thought it was 20ish but I did think there was a set amount in place. It is what it is with Moise. Could be a million reasons it didn’t work out here (including that he just wasn’t good enough). My best guess is he saw a pre-breakout DCL and a mid table club and thought he’d walk into the starting job and springboard himself to a huge club. Didn’t work out like that and he quickly lost his motivation and didn’t have it mentally to deal with being a bench guy in an unfamiliar country. Would have been interesting to see what would have happened if he had a better mentality and c
  5. He was scoring for Juventus and PSG obviously were happy to take him on. That suggests they both saw his potential. It didn’t work out with us for whatever reason but he’s still quite young and (in my opinion) does have a lot of tools. It would not surprise me if he matures into a very good striker.
  6. For what it’s worth, players in American football are constantly griping to the referees. They don’t do it as a collective unit but that has more to do with there being so many areas of focus on an American football field (the guy getting held on one side has no idea what’s going on across the field) and the continuous play clock (you simply don’t have the time to gather around an official). The coaches on the other hand are constantly screaming at the refs. Basketball and hockey are the same. In baseball you use replay a ton nowadays but it’s still pretty routine for a player to be ejec
  7. Chelsea were dominant in the 1st half. They do have a solid team though. With no Richie it’ll be a tough game.
  8. So you’re ok with the coaches “intimidating” the ref? This is an odd take in my opinion. Players arguing with the refs about anything and everything is synonymous with sport. When a player throws up his hand for a handball or for offsides they aren’t intimidating anyone they are trying to get an outcome for their team. Maybe I’m biased from living in America and watching the sports here for a lifetime but this does not seem noteworthy to me. I have a kuch greater problem with diving then I do someone claiming a throw in they might not have won or asking for a card to be issued.
  9. The next game at Anffield is gonna have some build up, particularly if we can stay up near the top of the league. I agree with the sentiment that we should always be classy in terms of injuries to opposing players. If we do not act any better then we aren’t any better.
  10. I think we’ve closed the gap a bit. All we can ask for really, progress.
  11. I think you can see a little bit of his attributes. Couple good blocks, willingness to play football and get up the field. Obviously about the hardest spot ever for a debut coming off the bench to play out of position vs Liverpool. Excited to see him develop over the next season or two
  12. So when the ref gets a decision wrong the players/coaches should not say a word and be about their business?
  13. Asking for a card? I suppose I get the sentiment though it happens in every sport by the players and the coaches. If your opponent is working the ref and you’re not you are at a disadvantage.
  14. The card stuff doesn’t bother me, personally as you want your guys putting pressure on the officials. The strolling about at times is not great but it’s sort of baked in with James. That’s the trade off for the moments of brilliance and he did have a couple of those even today.
  15. I actually counted 3 very good Pickford saves. On the Coleman bit I think it would have been pretty rough to start Godfrey out of position in a game like this if Séamus said he could give it a go. Tough call though
  16. He was annoyed Pickford kept booting it upfield rather than allowing us to play out from the back. Hard to say what Carlo’s instructions were without being in the room I guess.
  17. Straight red so yes as I understand it unless it’s rescinded which I doubt it will be. He did touch the ball first and pulled his foot back a bit but it was rash. Could cost us more points than that tie earned. Will miss Man U for game 3.
  18. It’s certainly true we haven’t seen much of him in blue. I’m basing it mostly on what I’ve seen of him before he’s arrived and the flashes he showed in our lineup. I don’t think Davies is good enough and I doubt we will want to pay the wages of an aging Delph for much longer if we have an alternative. For me the bar for Gbamin to clear is not particularly high. We shall see though, I’m sure it will take him awhile to get back up to speed.
  19. We look pretty impressive getting off the bus these days with guys like Doucoure, Mina, DCL, Gbamin, Godfrey, Nkounkou etc..
  20. If he does get back to fitness he could be a very valuable player as someone who can backup both Doucoure and Allan. An upgrade to Davies and replacement for Delph who I’d image we will move on from soon enough. We have reasonable cover there for the moment, as mentioned, so I wouldn’t mind if they kept him out until after the January window if need be.
  21. His positions from the top of the swing through impact are pretty standard as is the case with almost all professionals. He just gets there a different way. There are certain things you just have to do to be at that level. Fun guy to watch though.
  22. I would bet there will be a couple of others but I hear ya. If he has a good year I think he could actually go for a little more in a normal climate. He lacks a little bit of judgement in the attacking third sometimes but has got the rest. I’m actually more impressed by his defensive work rate than anything else. For a striker/winger who is that good going forward to contribute so much defensively on a consistent basis is what really makes him special.
  23. It’s like being into a band before it is cool. The problem for me is those whose opinions don’t change once the facts change. Pickford is a good example in my case. Gave him the benefit of the doubt last year as he was excellent the year prior. I was willing to give him a pass on the odd mistake based on that last history but throughout the course season of the season I slowly lost confidence in him. After his start I’m now clearly in the “get better or get out” camp which probably includes almost everyone now.
  24. Yea any sort of video feedback is great. My swing, particularly with the driver is a bit long though it doesn’t feel that way to me. We are rarely doing what we think we are doing.
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