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  1. Vettel disqualified as they could only take 0.3 litres of fuel from his car (and there needs to be at least 1.0 litre). Hamilton promoted to 2nd.
  2. What a start . Bottas way too late on the brakes and he collects Norris (alongside the two Red Bulls). Sky reporting that Marko is absolutely fuming, with Max's car being ripped apart as we speak to repair the damage that he's taken. If they can get it going Max will get good points though, probably won't get the race win with Hamilton starting P1 but could very much get in and amongst the top 5, even if Hungary is notoriously hard to overtake at. Stroll taking out Leclerc was insane too, tried to get onto the grass to avoid contact but it wasn't to be, Charles a total passenger. Lando has just been told to retire too !
  3. Like last time, the Super League would be an absolute disgrace to football but am I that arsed? Not really. The "Big Six" have been taking the piss and doing what they feel like for years (perhaps decades now). Even though it would ruin football as I know it, them fucking off and us having an actual fair domestic league wouldn't be all too bad.
  4. Celtic are in absolute tatters, it's only going to get uglier up there with some pretty poor scenes on social media surrounding their fans before KO. You can honestly see them failing to make it past Jablonec in the Europa League and having no European football this season which when you consider this time last year they were gearing up for the record breaking 10th title in a row is insane. If Rangers play their cards right, they could dominate like Celtic have in the past nine years, as it's just an absolute mess on the green side of Glasgow - the question is whether Aberdeen can finally bridge the gap and claim 2nd. Pleased for Hearts though, met a really nice bloke on holiday once who was pretty high up on one of the Supporters Trust groups - they've had it tough recently with shite owners, so hopefully this is them on the road to some form of a recovery.
  5. Arsenal are dreadful, can't see how they're having a good season. Spurs on the other hand depends on whether Kane moves on (which I think is unlikely). I don't rate NES though so can see them too being a bit shit. Edit: Of course 48 hours later Kane doesn't show for training . 100% out the door now, if City can afford both him and Grealish.
  6. They finished 15th out of 18 in the Mexican league too so even though it's early pre-season, I'm expecting a win for us here. On another subject, amazes me how every single season like clockwork they fuck up on EvertonTV, always a technical issue !
  7. I've only ever hated one player at Everton and that was Ashley Williams (and have documented why multiple times on here) but Fabian Delph is getting up there now too - absolutely disgusting thing to post after the year everyone has had. Said it a long time ago but I'd be made up if we just binned him off, I'd be happy using the transfer budget to get rid of him - bringing in one less player but paying off Delph would get a massive thumbs up from me. Didn't want him at the start and have wanted him back out of the door every second since.
  8. You do realise that they have only 9 players right? The club is quite literally on fire at boardroom level and as a result there's not much Guardiola could do at Derby, nevermind Rooney.
  9. "Never felt more like singing the Blues, when Everton win, and Real Madrid lose woahhhhhh"
  10. Read the opening post about him being available for £1.5m and was surprised that people weren't all over it. I soon realise that was an old post when he was in the lower leagues with Tenerife .
  11. Wasn't sure where best to put this so threw it in here, bit shit if this goes ahead for me as my second vaccine is in September, so I'll likely miss more games at Goodison, this time when there's a capacity crowd. Hoping to get my second dose pulled forward to get in for the opening home game. I think this will cause a bit of chaos though - making the vaccine mandatory to basically enjoy normal life doesn't sit right with me, despite being in the camp that thinks there's a lot of lies about Covid but that it is pretty serious anyway.
  12. Top stuff, been meaning to measure the skirting boards with the ruler I got for Christmas, so excited to put it to the test at this weekend. The sprint races are shit, not interested in the slightest.
  13. Not officially announced by Everton (yet), but clear to see that he's finally moved to the UAE, with Sharjah FC. I really like Bernard, but the right decision and a massive amount of wages of the bill. Best of luck to him!
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