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  1. The league hasn't cared about the matchday fan for years, but it just seems to get worse every season. Especially when (and this isn't anyone's fault but our own) that we're serving up absolute shite on the pitch. It's just a shame that in this country we can't protest like the Bundesliga fans to, we just seem to roll over and accept it.
  2. There you go mate, 3-0 down and game over. Even though I thought Solkjaer would get more time, I think he will do well to get out of this one. They're being absolutely embarrassed here at home to their biggest rivals. Edit: Salah makes it 4-0 just before HT.
  3. The defending from Harry Maguire for the second was absolutely criminal, it honestly amazes me how people give him the time of day, nevermind put him in the "world-class" bracket. It's got the feeling of the "6-1 City" game this, United are just shit all over the park at the moment and Liverpool have all the time in the world to play through them.
  4. I did spare a thought for you @Matt, first time back at the ground in ages to see that !
  5. I said when he first signed that he had future captain written all over him, I don't know if it's the dissapointment of being cut from the Euros squad but he's awful at the moment - a good five or six mistakes in him per game which in turns makes everyone around him panic. Yerry Mina can't come back soon enough.
  6. I've tried not to jump on the anti-Iwobi wagon but he's just shite isn't he? Not 100% at fault of course but comes on with the game at 2-1 with 15 minutes to go and he basically means we run with 9 men as both he and Rondon couldn't run a bath between them. Made up that he managed to have a giggle with Josh King at the end though.
  7. Terrified to take off his mate, Rondon. Made up that the crowd showed Benitez exactly what they thought of the substitution too, the only player with any kind of spark and he's yanked off on the hour.
  8. Hits home how much these defeats mean to some of the players in the squad. Another day, another defeat, another paycheck.
  9. When you get pulled over by the referee and your own fans are chanting "Off!" you know you're an abysmal footballer. Offered the square root of fuck all again, the biggest passenger I've ever seen and I've sat through games involving Ashley Williams and Fabien Delph.
  10. Coleman for apologising at the end and at least showing the fans the time of day. The rest (bar the two I mentioned in the match thread) couldn't be arsed and just hid down the tunnel. Don't know how anyone can give a MOTM based on the performance to be honest, it was an absolute shitshow.
  11. To think that I got grief for ranting about the West Ham game last week, that was the most embarrassing performance I've seen at Goodison and Benitez is already slipping into volatile territory with the crowd, he's going to get less time than any other manager we've had and based on the last two results he's not going to get much more rope. Only Coleman, Godfrey and Gordon could be arsed thanking for the fans for staying to the end too, lovely that.
  12. Carbon copy of West Ham, effectively playing with 10 men giving Rondon the game time up top, I'd honestly just throw in Dobbin at this point. Defensively we have been poor, Watford have threatened every time they've gone forward. Other than Coleman looking solid it's been a bit of a hot mess.
  13. Normally I'd agree with you, but as the Glazers are only interested in the Top 4 he will get a long leash. Just this week they've announced new contracts for much of Solkjaer's backroom staff, and I don't think that would be happening if he had one foot out of the exit door. Agree with others that say he shouldn't have the job though, was never going to be good enough at this stage for Manchester United.
  14. What an absolute clusterfuck of shit that was. Sat in the ground with 88 minutes on the clock bored out of my fucking skull just hoping that the referee would take pity on us and blow early, we could have carried on until 5pm and still not hit a fucking barn door. One of the worst and more boring performances I've seen in my time at the ground, nevermind this season. We had about as much threat and venom as an empty carrier bag and regardless of who did this and who did what, all eleven of them should be fucking ashamed. I've tried to not go OTT with Rondon but I've just had enough, 90 minutes of wandering around the place like a hitchhiker with amnesia. Can't hold the ball up, can't win flick ons, can't get in the right positions, can't shoot, can't run, isn't strong enough and has a shit moustache too. Yerry Mina started warming up on 30 minutes and I prayed to the heavens that Rafa was going to stick him up top. The players that are usually decent were shit too, Townsend and Gray bullied all game and offered zero. Iwobi with another one of those games where you wonder if he's won a competition to come and play as a footballer for a season, another one with as much threat as a wet fart. Pickford was gash, popping world class long balls to an Everton shirt but it was unfortunately being worn by Gwladys who's 87 and sits in the disabled section. Another one who can just fuck off after this afternoon, haven't seen the goal back but it looked like he was fouled - I'd normally be up in arms but our performance deserved to be punished, taking a point would just take the piss. Benitez should obviously take the shit too, gets praised when we win so can be moaned at when we lose. Didn't look like we were ever in that game, which you could understand against Bayern Munich but to West Ham at home. Please for Christ's sake can we have DCL and Richarlison back next game? Shit. Shit. Shit.
  15. That's the same for all Netflix shows, Lupin (French) is subtitled incorrectly which was a bit annoying. I'm two episodes into Squid Game, didn't see the appeal in it but absolutely hooked. Fantastic show, unbelievably acted and directed.
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