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  1. The absolute irony of being racist towards a Brazilian, when the bloke that he's tackled has a father that's, erm, Brazilian.
  2. As much as I didn't want Barkley to score, I'm happy Villa won because over the course of the season Leicester will be the bigger threat - Villa have had an exceptional start by their standards, but won't be in (or near IMO) the European places come May.
  3. People (on both sides) criticising Pickford for his tackle have clearly never played in goal, it's a 50/50 ball and you're taught from year naught to come out and take the ball, man, corner flag, referee and anyone else who might be in your way. If Jordan had bottled it and VVD had made it 2-0 I'd be absolutely livid. Any other time it's a non talking point, but because it's the derby and VVD looks to be out for the season everyone's losing their mind. Go back to lawn darts if you're not into football.
  4. ACL's are normally 8-9 months to be honest, it could be the start of next season at best when they see him again, plus he will more than likely miss the European Championships. They're title challenge doesn't rest on him solely, but he's a massive part of the machine gone.
  5. I'm still bouncing off the walls, 10-0 Everton. The Premier League to cancel the season early and hand us the title there and then. UTFT.
  6. VAR, with Pickford a close second. Went with Pickford because his save from Mario's header literally kept us in the game, and no matter your opinion on him was absolutely top drawer. I thought he was generally good throughout the game too, had a bit of a nightmare with the VVD incident but to be honest that's when everyone needed to give their heads a wobble. Keane did well, so gets a shout (Mina was poor, but always going to be a big ask with the amount of travel he's done). Godfrey looked bright too, which is inspiring considering the game he was thrown into. DCL with that header
  7. Has it bollocks, technology has made this the funniest derby I've known. eVARton all the way, teams at the top of the league getting all the decisions is here to stay. After the truly backward, shite decisions we've had over the years it's brilliant to get one on our side and rub their noses in it. Don't think VAR could have done a better job if it tried, a truly hilarious ending. The Kopites are rattled because Pickford didn't get a red and their precious last minute winner was chalked off - fucking brilliant to see.
  8. First derby I've ever looked forward to, there's a real sense of belief and optimism. Get into them from the first whistle and bring it home, can't put into words how much I'd love a win and three points today.
  9. Imagine thinking that watching an online stream is the same as shoplifting. Jesus Christ.
  10. The Merseyside derby is arguably the biggest in the country, people are living in absolute Dreamland if they think BT are going to show it for free, it's one of the biggest revenue makers of the season for them and they're not going to put a line through it because the city has suddenly gone into lockdown.
  11. Tweeted this and then posted again, "Kopites are Gobshites" 😅. Seems a decent lad and to be honest I didn't realise how old he was, if he isn't going to break into the FC Emmen XI at 25, he's not going to do it here unfortunately. Hopefully he can get a gig back in Switzerland and kick start his career from here, as @Romey 1878says, you win some and lose some with this kind of deal and with all things considered, to a club like Everton his transfer and wages would not have broken the bank.
  12. Stop kidding yourselves, the Chief of the EFL has already backed 'Project Big Picture'. It's coming. It's a phrase that gets thrown about a lot, but the game is literally on life support and will die if this goes through. I only haven't commented on it here in detail as it makes me physically sick to think about.
  13. Why would Flamengo or Santos want to tie themselves into a partnership with a single club when they know full well that they will have Barcelona, Madrid, Juventus, PSG etc all creating bidding wars for their players and driving their prices up? It would be a ludicrous business decision. Everton Mar on the other hand are more than grateful for the partnership and it gives us a foot in door to them, the Chilean Division and the entire country.
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