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  1. Fuck me, thought Iwobi had scored a worldie then.
  2. I can't see "The Spirit of the Seafoams" being at the top of the charts for much longer playing like this ... Edit: Unbelievable how that's not a foul on Iwobi? He's been clattered on the edge of the box and the referee just waves play on, baffling.
  3. Bit harsh on Brighton, think they've done OK to be honest.
  4. Yerry Mina off injured to add to the list of 16,482 players that we have in the physio room right now. At this rate we will move to Bramley-Moore and keep Goodison as an off-site hospital.
  5. I'm going to be honest if you told me that I had to write down what happened in that half for £100,000 I'd struggle. I'm usually glued to the screen with Everton but that was something else - ended up pottering round the kitchen for a good 5 minutes of that. So pedestrian it hurts, you can just tell this is a nailed on 0-0 unless someone nicks a scrappy goal.
  6. Agree with this to be honest - nobody was going to pay what we wanted IMO and he would have been shipped out on another loan to run down his deal similar to Bolasie. It just means now than probably paying a 50/50 split of his wages he sits on the entire bill. One of them things, he isn't the first player to stop a sale due to injury and won't be the last.
  7. I can't switch off from Everton because I love them, but I'm definitely in aeroplane mode at the moment. Our obsession with letting opportunities slip is beyond frustrating and something which we must put right in the summer with future signings.
  8. So basically Gylfi scores around 10% of his free-kicks? Funny how that makes him crap at them when the world's best, Lionel Messi has a conversion rate of 17.8% which is just 7.8% great than Sigurdsson, unless of course you believe that Messi is crap at them too? "Good on Richarlison for taking the free-kick, he won it after all" . Will do well to hear a shitter statement on this forum in 2021, basically in your opinion if Michael Keane or Mason Holgate go up for a corner, win a free-kick on the edge of the box they should take it ahead of the likes of Gylfi, Digne and James? Course they
  9. Would Roy Keane have put up with that? Absolutely not. As much as I love Seamus he should have been right in the middle of that the second Richarlison grabbed the ball and dragged him away, put him on his arse with a smack around the face if need be I couldn't care less. The disrespect of Richarlison to take the free-kick when we've got Sigurdsson, Digne and James (who are all world-class with a dead ball) is astounding, not to mention that we were 0-0 at the time so badly needed the goal. I could almost understand it if we were cruising but I just don't get the mentality of doing it when we'r
  10. Made up that this is away so that we can go out and play as an actual European challenging team as opposed to the shell of a side that we seem to be at the Old Lady. If people think that Brighton will be a walk in the park then this will be a reality check, they're down the league because they can't finish for toffee but actually play really good football and are hard to break down. We'll probably only get one or two chances against them so need to be clinical - DCL and Richarlison need to seriously pull their heads out of their arses for this trip because a carbon copy of tonight will see us
  11. Should be fined a week's wages for that and I'm not even joking. We lost points by a single goal when we had three fucking free kick takers on the pitch with a free kick about 20 yards out. Honestly hoping the likes of Gylfi or Digne tear him a new one, I'd be beyond livid.
  12. You on the wind up? Richarlison. Didn't. Play. Badly?
  13. That's on DCL and Richarlison, more than enough chances to put the game to bed and they fucked up every single one of them. If Barcelona want to spend £100m on the latter I'll drive him to Catalunya myself, when you can't do it against Crystal Palace you ain't doing it in Europe. This result has pissed me off more than any other this season I think. It should, easily have been about 5 or 6-1 but instead we've dropped two points. Like I said, it's on the strikers and I live in the hope that Carlo tears them a new one after the final whistle. Can't really be arsed going into detail a
  14. Miss 16,489 chances and that's what happens. Fucking shower of shite - should hang their heads in shame regardless of whether we manage to nick a second.
  15. Would be nice to set a new Premier League record of 16 goals in a single game too.
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