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  1. Rumour has it he will be leaving on loan, with CSKA having the option to purchase him at a later date - I think the fact that we are in a pandemic means that that is the best we can hope for as nobody will be willing to pay top dollar on someone who has rarely featured over the past 12 months. All I hope is that perhaps the fact that multiple teams are interested (West Brom & CSKA) we can bounce them off against each other.
  2. Won't be a popular post, but taking off the blue tinted glasses and it's a horrendous tackle. Why his leg was so high (rather than heading it) is beyond me, I don't know what Jarrad was expecting other than to give away a penalty which is what should have been given? According to the medical team, the stud was less than an inch from taking the lads eye out (it was a grotesque looking injury), Warnock has every right to be angry as any one of us would be had it happened to James, DCL, Charlie etc. How many people were (rightly) angry with Son after he broke Gomes' ankle for example?
  3. Yeah, the Chelsea players have been asked to report for training in the PM as opposed to this morning. TalkSport have confirmed that the board are at the training ground, so seems likely. Tuchel is expected to take over (with no payments as he's a free agent). I'm a little gutted by this, love Frank Lampard and wanted him to do well. Edit: Gone.
  4. Totally professional job from start to finish, I don't think we will have an easier game but after the fright of Rotherham that's just what we needed. A clean sheet, comfortable throughout and three good goals. James I've spoken to death about, MOTM by a mile and on another level tonight - DCL, Richarlison and Mina with great goals which should hopefully give them a boost to carry through into the league. Made up with Small and Onyango getting on the pitch for their cameos, Kenny too although I expect him to depart shortly. Overall, a very comfortable evening which doesn't come aro
  5. YERRRRRRRRRY Again, James fucking Rodriguez - give him the keys to the city. World class delivery that's just asking to be buried, he's been outstanding today - MOTM by a country mile.
  6. CHARLIEEEEEEEEEEE 2-0! Delicious cross from James that you have to say, right on Richarlison's forehead and it's in the back of the net - sorry @badaids but Christian Bale is a terrible shout 😉 Bring on Thierry Small now please! Can see us getting some more now, we look really up for this.
  7. What the fuck is Paterson doing there the little gobshite? That's the kind of thing that I hope gets played back in the changing room at half-time, hopefully someone leaves a foot in next half, a nice little roll across the ankle.
  8. Our one-touch football is superb. This is the best we've seen James in ages too, he's being given tons of space don't get me wrong but he's looked a class above everyone around him, it's like he's playing FIFA against a three year old. I don't think anyone has been off the pace mind, we've put in a solid first 45 that we can certainly build on. Unlucky not to be two (or more) ahead.
  9. Agreed, I'm strangely comfortable with us at 0-0, getting the vibe that it's only a matter of time before one of James' balls sticks and we hit the target. If we score early on I can see this being 3-0/4-0. BOOM! 1-0 DCL!
  10. They are so open in the middle, the amount of space is astounding. This is the kind of game that James will thrive in, acres to ping balls left and right. Richarlison was so unlucky before too, just needed to time his run just that bit better.
  11. Should be a big win this, Sheffield Wednesday haven't played due to Covid issues since the 9th January and have named four Academy players in the back five (according to their supporters). If the above is true, then hopefully we can bubble wrap the likes of DCL once the game is won.
  12. He's not signing a new deal with Southampton (18 months left), he's 100% leaving.
  13. Eden turns 35 in March, I know it's not all about age but Jesus fucking Christ. He was only ever a back-up at Manchester City and has been frozen out in Italy because he just isn't really that good. Amazing how (if reports are to be believed) we've gone from a young talent like Zirkzee to Dzeko. Would more than likely demand six figure wages too, which just adds to the ageing deadwood that we're trying to get rid of. I'll absolutely lose my shit if this somehow turns into a swap deal with Bernard.
  14. It probably won't happen, but City should take him and bin off Jesus. Ings is more than good enough for a Champions League side he just hasn't got the great injury record to back it up, if someone is happy with him as the 2nd striker then he's a great option - Leicester would be another team that I can see him playing for with Vardy coming to the end of his career. Wouldn't be surprised to see him return to Liverpool either, he was loved by Klopp and was only sold because he couldn't stay fit. As you'd gather from the above I'd snap your hand off for him, but it won't happen.
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