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  1. Considering the horrendous start Burnley have made to the season, any team we put out should be capable of competing and getting the job done - I'm not exactly sold about one or two of the positions but as I said, I'd expect us to at least compete. Not sure what's happened with Olsen? Came into the squad and stated that Carlo had a plan for him, yet he's suddenly dropped from the squad altogether and Lossl is back - strange.
  2. Proper fountain of positivity aren't you?
  3. Not sure what Bramley Moor has to do with Joe Anderson being arrested to be honest, the government themselves have a slogan of "build, build, build" and will be ecstatic that a company (Everton) are wanting to build a multi-million pound venue that can help the economy. I just don't get why the stadium would suddenly be in jeopardy, it's not as though Joe is in any way affiliated with the football club? Until there's some form of official mention of Bramley Moor I'm not sure why everyone seems to be panicking.
  4. Pretty sure I saw somewhere (and can believe) that it's written into Lewis' contract that he has a say on who lines up with him. I'm pretty sure that it was in Vettel's contract at Ferrari too, as there was talk of him being involved in discussions when Kimi left from Sauber. To be honest the Bottas scenario is an understandable, if uninspiring one from Mercedes POV. He's basically always going to be 2nd or 3rd, getting the points needed to both mop up the Constructers points and keep the likes of Red Bull (and Ferrari last year) at bay. He's not going to rock the boat, preventing a ''Ro
  5. If I'm being honest there are two sides to this and I can't really decide which is right. When I was playing in the (Everton) Academy we would see and be up against trialists from all over the world and this was when I was 13/14. It wasn't as though I was trying to prove myself as the best goalkeeper in the North West (which would have been difficult) but I was having to be better than people from all over the world. Australia, France, Sweden and Poland are just a handful of the nations that I remember, it's insane. From a selfish, English point of view then it's virtually impossible to make i
  6. Excited for this race more than most to be honest, was secretly hoping that it would be George but thought that they would either go with the safe option in Vandoorne, or Williams would refuse to let Russell go. He's got all the makings of a future champion, so calm and collected (apart from that crazy SC incident) and has done a very good job of improving the Williams team from where they were to where they are now (though points don't show for it). I thought that they might have let him have the Mercedes car for good in 2021 before Bottas signed on, but a strong race in Bahrain and Abu
  7. He's an unbelievable defender, but just can't stay fit so this would be a no-no for me, he missed 28 games in the 2018/19 season, 10 games thie next and 22 already this time around due to ongoing problems. We just wouldn't see him on the field long enough to both get a return on our investment and form a link with Holgate/Mina/Keane/Godfrey. There's much better options out there, unless this is some sort of bizarre deal where Barcelona pay all of his wages and don't ask for a loan fee (which it obviously won't be).
  8. I'm aware of the reasons why but the fact that Lance Stroll is guaranteed a seat each season and manages to kick superior drivers out of the sport (Ocon, then Perez) doesn't sit well with me. Sergio has been in excellent form this season and at the very least deserves to retain his seat - the fact that they're swapping him out for Vettel who has been over the hill for years now is insane management. It's the same up and down the paddock though, Russell was rumoured to be losing his seat with Latifi safe due to his sponsorship deals, it's just ridiculous.
  9. Even with the fireproof gear that they wear I feared the worst, felt genuinely sick and I didn't expect to see Romain walking away from that. The fact that he has suspected broken rib(s) and burns to his hands and feet is an amazing response to what is the worst crash I've seen in the modern era. Questions to be asked about the barrier perhaps, and an investigation into what caused the fire and how it could be prevented but a very good outcome to what was a grim start to the race - I couldn't believe it when we got back going again and Kyvat managed to flip Stroll. As for the race
  10. Outstanding Pickford, lovely save with his testicles.
  11. Give someone about an hour and a half to take a shot and that's what happens, could have watched a Lord of the Rings boxset and still taken the shot - Godfrey has been brilliant today but was woeful there. No chance for Pickford.
  12. Happened in the Wrexham game today, goalkeeper knocked unconscious following a late flag which caused the game to be suspended for 35 minutes as the medical team couldn't move him. It's a crazy rule - and also dangerous.
  13. Pickford has been phenomenal this half, apart from when he has to deal with aerial balls when he turns into a bit of a clown - comes, then retreats and puts us in danger. Keane (I think it was) quite right to give him a bollocking there.
  14. Just seen on Twitter that Leeds have had more on target in this half than any other side this season - jeez. FFS - another goal, another offside. Just glad that so far these calls haven't been bullshit, that's active and off any day of the week (unfortunately). As shit as we have been, two goals sets us up nicely for the second half. Just need to get that little bit of luck.
  15. Luke Ayling finally booked for having a shite haircut. Godfrey and Pickford take a bow, unbelievable. The latter my MOTM so far, a tad suspect from the high balls coming in but he's kept us in this. Some fine stops to be fair.
  16. The perks of having a Portuguese subscription 💙.
  17. You can see Holgate and Godfrey are the future can't you, hopefully this is the start of a very good partnership!
  18. As crazy as it sounds Richarlison needs to drop a bit deeper to support Iwobi, everything is coming down the right wing.
  19. When he kept his Bilbao players in a presentation on the next opponent for so long that two of them climbed over the training ground walls to escape 🤣.
  20. Oh my giddy arse what a save that is, Doucoure did pretty much everything right there - fair play to the lad. Welcome to Bielsaball, his sides are known it, he's the most demanding and intense manager on the planet and that translates onto the pitch. His sides tend to drop off in the latter stages of the season, due to the amount of sheer intensity that they play with.
  21. We are going to be obliterated on the wings, Davies and Iwobi pushing up as if they were attacking, both been caught miles out of position already. Why Raphinha didn't shoot is beyond me, but good news for us as it would have been 1-0. Not been looking forward to this in truth all day, Bielsa like Carlo is an unbelievable manager, truly world-class. Edit: Before anyone blames Iwobi for all of the world's problems, remember he's playing way out of position.
  22. Again, someone that could be improved upon if people looked hard enough on the continent. In the early years Alli had a lot of promise but I don't think it's untrue to say that he hasn't lived up to his potential, I'm surprised that it's taken so long for him to be dropped to be honest. Like Pogba, a move to PSG would be perfect so that he can do all the rainbow flicks in the world and appear on viral Instagram stories. Not someone that I'd be particularly excited about signing, especially given what we would pay.
  23. It's a bit like saying that we should sell the stadium because one of the stands has blown away - it's difficult to shift deadwood (just look at Manchester United). Not saying that Kenny is deadwood mind, but you get my drift.
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