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  1. Not mine. I posted prior to the postponement announcement was made. Granted it was close (and obvious which way the wind was blowing), but I still got in there just in the nick of time. If my prediction does not stand it will be one of the biggest cases of injustice in the history of football. In fact, I believe the Daily Mirror have already started a 'Justice For Heath' Twitter campaign.
  2. Everton P Liverpool P (Match Postponed Due to Coronavirus) None
  3. Wears a suit well, does Mr Brands.
  4. Don't see Sidibé coming to us to be honest, especially if his recent form continues or declines further. We have ten games left and I guess a lot could happen, so who knows.
  5. It's fantastic that he's started adding goals consistently now to his incredible work-rate.
  6. Feel sorry for Tosun to be honest. Gets an opportunity to try and play some regular football, then picks up a nasty injury. Hopefully he'll make a full and speedy recovery.
  7. It's time to smash Chelsea away, it's time to smash VAR. Come On You Blue Boys, let's do this! Pickford Sidibé Mina Holgate Digne Walcott Gomes Delph Richarlison DC-L Kean
  8. Opted for Dominic Calvert-Lewin. The lad was everywhere and put a great shift in today.
  9. Fantastic to not only have André Gomes back playing for us, but to also have him put in such a decent performance on his return. Hopefully he will go from strength to strength now, but I think I'l still give a slight 'wince' every time he goes in for a tackle.
  10. With Michael Keane seemingly suffering a crisis of confidence, It's great to see Mason Holgate making the most of the opportunity he's been given. Also, having a player who appears to be as comfortable in midfield as he does in defence is such a bonus. I just hope that his focus isn't affected by the Man City nonsense, and he can continue to grow with us.
  11. I think Sidibé plays better with Walcott ahead of him, so would have them two working the right side. If we approach the game correctly we could cause Utd a lot of problems, but you never really know what you're going to get with Everton. Pickford Sidibé Mina Holgate Digne Walcott Gomes Delph Bernard DC-L Richarlison
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