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  1. This transfer sounds interesting - although he didn't play that much for Lisbon so can't get carried away yet. A lot of players seem to do well in the Prem from Lisbon
  2. I can see the benefit of getting in two players on the cheap with Prem experience but they are not going to be taking less than what they were on at their previous clubs ~£60k p/w. Are they still an attractive option at this price week on week - not so sure. Are they going to be any better than Lookman/Theo before we moved them along? If Gray is inconsistent then it will not take long for the boo-boys to make their thoughts known. The good thing is if they are only getting 1 or 2 years deal with options to extend (as reported) we wont be left with them for too long if they do not work out and we have the option to extend if they do well without outside pressures from other clubs
  3. I dont expect Koulibaly to wear our shirt - I think if it was true that Carlo wanted him last season then the board /brands probably said ok you need a new CB - try looking at Godfrey instead. If Rafa wants another CB/Koulibaly the board will probably do the same. Be interesting to know how the board/DoF/manager go about their transfer plans - does the manager say he wants player 1, 2 and 3 for example. Argue his case why that player and why that position and then the board/DoF say 'ok, you convinced us you need a winger or full back, but we are not going for Player 1 or Player 2 - take a look at Player A, Player B that our scouts have on their books'?
  4. Don't want him, don't think he'll last 18 mths but if he does become our manager then he will get my support
  5. Yep, indifferent if he stays or goes in my eyes. Same with Kean.
  6. Joey Barton would be ahead of him in the list for me
  7. Happy either way with Richy to be honest - he did naff all this season except moan. If a bid of 60m+ came in I'd take it
  8. The more I search for managers available and with recent experience its Christopher Galtier who appeals, followed by Ralph Ragnick
  9. Although maybe that's what we need - players to sign for Everton because it's Everton, not who the manager is. Our recent history has shown that we get better performances from players who have either been lower in the league than us or have been bombed out by other teams. Moyes was good in this department (I'm not for reappointment Moyes though - that ship has sailed). We need players who will play for the club to improve them too
  10. He needs to stay amongst the backroom team for some stability. He might not be Ast. though- depending on the new manager coming in
  11. Disappointment for me...hes talked a lot of shit in his time with us looking back
  12. Ragnick, Flores, Benitez, Bilic, Favre... All random meaning it could be anyone
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