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  1. I suddenly like headless things 🤣
  2. Wolves 0 - 0 Everton No goalscorer
  3. Iwobi runny around like a headless thing I'd imagine up top. Perhaps its time for us to try the false 9 approach 🤦 Digne - LW, James RW?
  4. Great.....I want to be on that bus with 11 Moise Keans playing for us each week in the league
  5. But how many continental strikers actually do very well here - other than the big international names already. The youngster at Wolves from Portugal is not exactly doing it is he - yet cost around £30-40m. None of the ones you've mentioned are likely to do it here. Also, not sure the Portuguese league is a good yard stick to compare the Prem to.
  6. King averages about 10 prem goals a season..more than happy with that as a back-up / sub
  7. Who is available with Prem experience and a proven goal scorer in that league and is happy to be no.2 to DCL, who rarely gets injured?
  8. So you buy someone who's better than DCl, DCL gets dropped and moves on to Man U, we are still stuck in the same position - just rotating money around. New player who replaces DCL could be shite - stuck with said player and an unhappy DCL or a DCL who is now on fire at Man U because we have moved him along. I understand your argument but this only really works in positions where there are more than 1 playing each game. We can't afford 50m+ strikers to use as backup or swapsies with DCL.
  9. Gomes....seemed to be everywhere and made himself available
  10. Honestly can't see Milik coming here to play second fiddle to DCL. This is our problem now - we've become Spurs of the past 2-3 seasons with Kane. DCL is first choice and we have no real backup of quality if he's out for any reason and ayers will know they will only play in this situation. Its a player on the come down who is happy to get some game time or a player who has bee relegated for any crack/chance to play in Prem still. I think King is a good bet for this back up role and prob knows he's not going to be 1st choice in top 10 Prem team anymore
  11. The situation with Moise is fantastic for the club - if he stayed on our bench this season his value would plummet and we would get naff all for him when selling, now he's playing well at PSG his value is preserved if not increased and we have the high ground to decide his future on our terms. Hes no loss to us this season as he didn't do anything for us last season. Honestly not fussed if he stays or gets sold - we get stronger either way
  12. Everton 2 - 1 West Ham Richarlison
  13. Hope James stays on the bench tonight too - Means we are winning the game and also gives him more time to rest. Really hope he is fit and Carlo was playing a trick - don't want him rushed back and played to chase a result vs Hammers and then injury strikes again (the Everton way)
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