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  1. This fully...Mina has a Rick in him each game. This trait of his needs to be ironed out in training. He simply cant keep doing this. It's happened in a few games now. Just put you foot through the ball - no flicky shit in our own box!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah...but what did he do in that time
  3. Fully agree Got his agent all over this one. I honestly dont think he will be a miss for us though - never have I though 'bring Moise on, he'll win us the game'
  4. I’m living this - This is pure bants 🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/2kmE4ipaSl Must be a wind up! 🤣
  5. What I'm liking currently is the feeling that we will score another before the end of the game - I dont see many 0-0 games for us this season
  6. Hate to say it but might need to consider an emergency loan at RB cover. Ankles are buggers and Kenny being out for 4-6 weeks makes me nervous ifSeamus is injured currently too
  7. That's 2 tricky games dispatch away with full points now - both we could easily have lost last season when pegged back. Great responses from the team. Thought Delph played well when he came on - might offer us something over the season if he stays fit for enough games - not saying hes a starter though
  8. Makes you wonder what happened to Gabriel - we seemed to have the money to get him, perhaps he did not fancy us as much (unless it was wages driven)
  9. Didn't see this coming, not really heard of Godfrey. Its a bit of a worry us paying ~ £30m as a covid price for him. From what I'm seeing across the web there seems to be the general feedback that he can pass and play with the ball but his defending needs some work. I'm not sure this is the type of CB we need or should be spending £30m on as a potential. I'd like to think I'll be wrong but I see him as just a squad filler.
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