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  1. No, its as many times as you like that I choose not to engage with a foul mouthed lout. Learn some manners. And that's you on ignore.
  2. I have always shown my true colours since I joined this board.
  3. Yes to your first question/insult. No to your second question/propaganda
  4. I'll give you that one. My post could have been clearer. Blair criticised Brown as PM but I will certainly criticise him as Chancellor for his £100 billion raid on pensions. Lots of people will never forgive him for that. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1531448/Browns-raid-on-pensions-costs-Britain-100-billion.html
  5. So, you are in Australia, yet I get flak for commenting on UK Issues from Dubai and told that I I should regrain from comments as I am not directly affected, while you are twice as far away from UK as me. Classy!
  6. That's defending him? As Chancellor, Brown inherited a strong economy and low unemployment and he trashed them both in a cynical attempt to buy votes - which also failed. Even Blair later admitted that Brown had failed. Worse, that he knew he would fail! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2010/aug/31/tony-blair-gordon-brown-disaster We haven't even touched on how he destroyed pensions yet. But being a public servant I suppose you still have your very generous taxpayer funded pension scheme to look forward to in retirement. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/12/public
  7. So how do you defend Brown's post gold standard fiscal dealings then? http://www.thecommentator.com/article/5393/don_t_whitewash_gordon_brown_he_was_a_disaster
  8. Well, you are of course entitled to your point of view, but I assure you I have been indoctrinated by nobody, am very much my own man and your 'brainwashing' comments are exactly what I would expect from someone who can't separate reasoned thinking from jaundiced agenda.
  9. That's up to you. If you choose to listen, read or respond is up to you. Won't stop me posting when I wish. Maybe Chach (or even you) can enlighten us by answering his sidetracking qurstion.
  10. The Civil Service has various contingency, disaster and emergency plans ready to go. Always have had. But it does need ministerial approval to put them into action. In that regard I have to agree with Palfy.
  11. But I did no such thing wrt Covid-19. i said that we couldn't criticise Corbyn either if he had done the same. Public borrowing has to be paid back in one form or another. Labour learned (or rather, didn't learn) that the hard way in the 1970's.
  12. Yes, you can ask but I am not going down that political sidetrack.
  13. In the global crisis that we now find ourselves they have no choice. All I can say is that we couldn't have criticised Corbyn if he had been in power for doing exactly the same thing. There will be adverse economic consequences but it is a case of the lesser of the 2 evils isn't it.
  14. What you are criticising then, is the expert advice. And, to a degree, I have to agree. But, Johnson did react quickly in getting Mercedes, Dyson, JCB producing high quality kit for NHS in very short order. I haven't seen industry move that quickly since we realised we needed an AAR capability for Hercules and Nimrod in 1982. It was done in days. You can criticise all you like, but I would prefer to support the fight against Covid-19 which the government is steadily starting to win. There will always be those who try to score domestic political points in a global emergency, but as you rig
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