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  1. Bolasie was a show pony who couldn't score goals. He had a handful of assists but that's it.
  2. Probably because I feel Niasse has been unfairly treated during his contract with Everton. He has already proven he can score premiership goals. His record in the 2017/18 season was a goal every 135 minutes. This season, Richarlison average a goal every 228 minutes and DCL average a goal every 149 minutes. Perhaps you judged him on appearance similar to judging a book by its cover rather than reading the book itself. If show pony tricks are the order of the day then why aren't there a queue of premiership clubs signing up freestylers on Youtube? The reality is scoring goals is the hardest
  3. In the meantime I'll be expecting more Niasse game time.
  4. I suspect Niasse will play an active role until the end of season. What happens during the summer is anyone's guess.
  5. No need to. The only opinion that matters is Carlo's. Big Duncan is also a fan of Niasse. He knows his game. You obviously don't.
  6. He hasn't played at this level for a while so of course his touch isn't going to be perfect. A lot of Niasse's critics have a Fifa playstation approach to how a player should play. In reality it takes time for a player to warm up and adapt to the playing climate. To judge him on limited playing minutes, to me, is shocking. I rather judge him once he has played at least 6 weeks worth of games. Anything less then you are judging a rusty player.
  7. It is very difficult to score goals when playing for clubs fighting relegation. However, he has manage to score against Man Utd and Liverpool while playing for Hull. The Cardiff manager was full of praise for him. His scoring stats on goals per minute was impressive when Koeman brought him back into the team. I've seen enough of Niasse to realise he has enough attributes to play in the premiership. Any cries of lacking in ability is based on personal opinion.
  8. He has shown at times good technical ability.
  9. Remembered watching Toffee TV when one of their guests insisted Holgate wasn't good enough at this level. Less than six months later, he's touted for England.
  10. Well put. However, I still believe he's good enough at this level based on his high energy, high pressing game and strength. Yes, he hasn't the finesse of a graceful footballer but then he has the necessary attributes to change a game like he done against Bournemouth. Anyway, I'd expect Niasse to get more games for Everton. Couldn't care less what other forum members think.
  11. Most of Silva's problems stems from players from previous managerial regimes. He just needs another three players: right centre half, defensive midfielder and striker.
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