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  1. Make Baines the CAPTAIN and he will bring back the spirit of the dogs of war missing in the souls of this team!!! Baines the missing link. Marco... read this and the formation!
  2. 2-3-3-2 formation Pickford Sidebe Baines Davies Mina Digne Iwobi Siggourdson Bernard Richarlison M Keane
  3. Hi, I’m new in this group, but just thought of sharing my thoughts. To be honest, what we need is not a new manager. Not sure if anyone noticed, we don’t have a captain marvel in the team right now. No Jagielka, no Stubbs, no Weir, no Carsley, no Graveson, no Unsworth, no Cahill, no Speed, a player of such fiery character, a player with a typical British bulldog soul, the dogs of war image. But in Baines, the remaining one left, yes we have. Bring him back on the pitch to fire up the players. We need Baines. Try playing a 2-3-3-2 formation against Liverpool. Baines and Sidebe sitting as the back 2, followed by Digne, Mina and Coleman or Davies (if Coleman is injured). The midfield trio should be Iwobi, Siggourdson and Bernard, and the two strikers to be Richarlison and M Keane. Make Baines the captain. He and Sidebe can even swop positions with Digne and Davies (or Coleman) to do the overlapping wing attacks during the game. We must be compact against Liverpool. 8  players to defend each time we are under siege, leaving Richarlison and Moise upfront and when we attack, 7 players should be raiding the opponent, leaving behind the trusted Baines and Sidebe, with Mina just in front of these 2 players. We need captain marvel on the pitch. Honest, hardworking Baines will provide that British bulldog soul which is missing in this Everton team. Marco...its Baines the missing link in your team. Trust me.......a true blue fan from Singapore.


    1. mahmud


      If....if we really have to find a new manager, i will go for Gareth Southgate. But with all due respect, i have faith in Marco to turn things around. He is one hell of a hardworking and honest chap whose work rate is second to none. The only thing he needs to do is to really look at his players deeper, each and everyone of them. Look at Baines, he has so much to offer to the team. Baines experience, leadership qualities and fiery attitude can be a big asset to the team. He can be the general on the pitch to bring the players together and instill the spirit of the dogs of war...He will bring in that extra winning mentality in the team...the never give up attitude. And please...try the 2-3-3-2 formation. It’s a very compact formation. Teams will find it hard to break us down and we will be very dangerous on the counter attacks with Kean and Richarlison, the 2 strikers up front. And the best part is, we can rotate the attacking wing backs during the match.                             Pickford                                                                                                                                           Sidebe   Baines                                                                                                                                   Davies   Mina   Digne                                                                                             Iwobi  Siggourdson   Bernard                                                                                                           Richarlison   M Kean                                                                                                                                    When we are under siege, 8 players will be defending, leaving Richarlison and M Kean upfront, when we attack, 7 players should be raiding the opponent leaving behind Sidebe, Baines and Mina in front of the two.  Can someone please send this to Marco Silva and let him read this!!! Before the Liverpool game........      

    2. Palfy


      Hi Mahmud good to have you on board mate, thanks for the posts which were interesting to read, you need to post them in the main stream instead of personally to me that will help you integrate and settle in quicker. 
      Be prepared for some negative comments as well as positive, but don’t take it personally and you’re be fine mate. 
      I was in Singapore a year ago October for just under a week, not for work but as a tourist, what a lovely place to live and everyone is so friendly, we then went on Australia for 3 weeks and Bali for 2, but in hindsight we should have spent more time in Singapore we loved it. 

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