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  1. Rate him highly.very good player. If he stays fit he's gonna get them right up the table. Nightmare with his movement and sharp finishing
  2. Even many Spurs fans have sided with Kane on this. Obviously you are gonna get loads calling him for all-sorts but he had an agreement with Levy..... Which clearly doesn't count for much.
  3. Yep. Makes Schneiderlein look like Peter Reid.
  4. I think you are confusing her with Gerrard's Mrs... Which is why he got a torrid time at the Derby... Something to do with video footage.
  5. For me he needs to pack in alcohol - he probably has a tough time reigning in his urges for females at the best of times but alcohol clearly makes him do stupid things. Doesn't look healthy at all and he needs to nip this in the bud.
  6. Fine the shit out of him - sack him if at all possible. Make a club statement that puts the little blert in his place.
  7. Unbelievable isn't it. I think we are getting to the stage now where the tinfoil hat wearing tossers are really being seen for what they are..... Thick ignorant, arrogant gobshites with absolutely no concern for others. They have used mental health, education, economics, masks littering pavements as ways of trying to oppose the response to a virus that has wiped out so many lives. They couldn't give a fuck about anything other than getting their own way. Pissed off. I've had to log off early today cos I'm absolutely exhausted and I would say I've caught this mild thanks to the vaccine.
  8. Absolute grade A nob. Get him the fuck out the club. Prick of the highest order. Sack the ignorant tosser.
  9. Bloody horrible isn't it.
  10. How you feeling today Palf? I feel like I'm just weak and tired.... Jittery almost.
  11. It is indeed very serious. Get well soon Palfy Im double jabbed and normally brush stuff off. I'm past the fever, headache, sore throat stage which was 2 to 3 days. The last 3 days has been pure tiredness/dizzy and fatigue. I've been working but my head hasnt been up to processing much. I've been making sure I've been on top of vitamin D and C, take zinc etc. Been eating plenty too.
  12. I recall the 84 Olympics, I was 8. Loved it, Daly Thompson, jet pack, Zola Budd, I also recall V the TV series being on telly. Such happy memories.
  13. Lovely strike by Andros. Excited by the potential of him cutting in and hitting some. Plenty of rebounds for Dom
  14. Ah nice one. Will go have a nose now!
  15. Haven't seen it but that was one of the things I noticed about him in my YouTube scouting...... Venemous strike and great technique in getting through a ball. We don't have any players in midfield or attack who can really crack one from distance. James strikes it nice but aside him???
  16. For me Shaun Dyche and Burnley don't seem the sort to stand in a players way if a better offer comes in. McNeil is likely going to offer them funds to strengthen in a couple of areas. Jon Jo Kenny the other way too maybe.
  17. He's an absolute prick Yesterday there was a freedom rally and an ex nurse was talking about hanging drs and nurses. Loads of people online reporting it as hate speech so hopefully she gets arrested and felt with. Vile.
  18. So in 2 weeks it will be one in 38 then one in 16. ....... Oh well ..... The government were warned.
  19. Not going around any houses. You say £2m is league one or two....... It's not and so many broad generalisations are being made You haven't even seen these lads in a blue shirt yet .... But you have been talking them down as if they are going to be shite No one knows!!!! Not even you All we have is positivity in the sense that we are signing value players with attributes that are massively missing You can say I told you so if they turn out to be crap but like Palfy said you are using history to predict their impact under a manager who knows what he wants. So. .. in short,let's see eh.
  20. That's my whole take on it. If Rafa and brands have identified them as being players to offer us something we need. Which quite evidently is width and pace then we need to see how they do. Lets be honest at a total cost of £1.6m and the combined wage of less than what Bernard is probably on it represents very low risk.
  21. I wish him well. Loads of ability but mentally unable to tap into it. Similar to Barkley from that perspective but in a different way. The injury didn't help but I don't think that was the factor. Pre injury he had inexplicable bad games for us. Could do with Pickford's psychologist.
  22. Schmichael £1.25m Simpson £2m Fuchs - free Morgan - £1m Huth £3m Kante £5.6m Drinkwater £0.675m Mahrez £0.4m Albrighton free Vardy £1m They did ok didn't they? No-one is saying that buying cheap is the model for success - but buying players with talent with something to prove is.
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