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  1. We really are short aren't we.... I think before Delph lost his credibility we had him down as left back cover ..... If nkoukou, Gordon, Kenny aren't good enough in the current situation then we didn't buy enough players in the window.
  2. No not excusing him at all. I'm just pointing out that he probably doesn't do any less than Gylfi or Gomes but just doesn't try and kid people into thinking he's having a go. But he is one player who despite not working hard can still make things very easy for the team with his quality on the ball.
  3. It could be worse.... He could do a Gylfi or Gomes where he pretends he's defending and when he's supposed to be doing the things his ability should.... He's passing backwards and sideways Not excusing his but it has to be said, when he's on the ball it makes us a far better team.
  4. Man city can't carry luxury players. As much as he is exceptional in his talent there does need to be a minimum level of positional discipline... If he isn't doing that then it gives the coach a difficult decision to make
  5. I've seen enough from Doucoure to suggest he will be a good signing. For £20m he cost next to nothing in this market. I think our struggles lie in the fact that we need to make siggy and Gomes non entity's - at the moment one of them is closer to the starting 11 than I would like them to be. Hoijberg and Barkley to supplement Allan and Doucoure would give us the flexibility to try things like a double pivot but I'm thinking that if Gbamin makes a good first of it then it will give us a big boost.
  6. Just switched over .... Wow. Scary stuff. How he survived that. Fireball.
  7. Not sure how formations affect a players ability to hit an accurate pass. Lots of our players struggle with that.
  8. He does stink of a player who because he was teammates with aguero and de bruyne he thinks he's that level. Looking back at the Amazon documentary and that half time speech..... It just smacked of a player trying too hard to prove he belonged. Mentally he retired when he left city and is using us for pocket money like a bloke who sacks off his stressful corporate job to stack shelves 2 days a week.
  9. He's using up a bit of good will... That's for sure.
  10. I still think bringing Ross Barkley back is a goer. Doucoure has been really poor of late.
  11. I think he along with Siggy, Delph, Bernard, mina, need trimming off the wage bill and better younger hungry players bought in.
  12. Allan by a mile. Pickford v good with regards stopping. Still leaves me nervous when aerial balls come in.
  13. I don't think he does his washing in public but I sense that he wanted more than what he got in the summer. Hoijberg, Magalhaes, the full back from Spain etc.
  14. I really want him to succeed but I honestly don't think his heart is in the game anymore I understand his time at Barca mentally scarred him and I think the injury on top of that has him playing low risk football physically and tactically. I agree, he looked sharper when he returned from his ankle dislocation.
  15. I actually think he's pissed off with player recruitment and he's being pedantic.
  16. Matt... He was absolutely garbage. Sorry. He came on and managed to make a midfielder who had already covered 10k look like he was a fresh as a daisy. Picked up balls from defenders and passed straight back, literally offers us nothing. Had a free shot on from 20 yards and passed out wide. Sorry. He looks an absolute shadow of the player he could be.
  17. Made one forward pass. Other than that he's deffo mastered the art of looking busy doing nothing
  18. What happened? Did he break his leg covering a team mate's ineptitude???
  19. Gomes does love a first time pass straight back to the defender
  20. I'm sure I pissed off loads of people talking about why a good touch and hold up play is important in a lone striker..... DCL giving an absolute masterclass.
  21. He's made some very sound stops... Just let's not Jinx him
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