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  1. What's the likelihood that this match will be played behind closed doors?
  2. Is anyone else apprehensive about Usmanov's interest in Everton? I don't want this club to ever become like Chelsea but this is just one step closer. I'm interested in your thoughts. Cheers
  3. I completely forgot about that. Thanks!
  4. I don't blame you there. I'll keep checking if anyone can get an extra ticket. Otherwise, I'll have to pay the inflated Stubhub prices. I'm holding off on a flight until I know I have a ticket to the match.
  5. Hi Everyone, I really hope someone can help me out here. I like in the United States and have never attended a match before. I would really like to take a trip next month for the derby but I know tickets won't be easy to come by. Is there anyone who might be able to help? Anyone who can get me a ticket will of course be reimbursed and plenty of pints will be coming your way too. Cheers
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