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  1. When all is said n done this weekend. We are STILL top of the league. Thank you and goodnight. Onward & upwards my fellow blue boys & girls!!! 💙 PS - I think that seafoam green and charcoal kit, will be consigned to the fcukin bin for the foreseeable after today's "performance", sheeesh!
  2. The issue though is not so much what happened on the pitch, anyone who understands football, understands that non malicious tackles / challenges happen every day and can result in career changing injuries as a result, it's a part of the game, unfortunately. Us Evertonians know, we've had our fair share, Gomes, Colman, Oviedo, Felliani (& this were only in recent times) the list goes on and on. Its the unfair treatment and as I mention the defamatory comments that are STILL being fired at us via the media, via washed up, idiotic ex-footie playing pundits like Merson and Souness. Personal
  3. We all know he is a total w@nker but enough this is enough now!? This BS statement was made last night, LIVE on a prime time sports network and IS therefore libellous defamation, as it meets this criteria 'defamation is said to have occurred simply when a statement is made that lowers somebody’s opinion of your business or damages it as a result of hearing it'. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH MAN!!!
  4. Great point made here in exactly the same vain here by the Villa supporters from something that happened 9 months ago: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-fans-say-same-19129561 I literally didn't even know this had happened and that's the point right? Absolutely h8 the press and their adoration, total biased view of the dark red side. I will say I wish VVD a speedy recovery and that this is NOT me slagging off the LFC players (although I could), it's more about the pundits and the TV and the press in general absolutely loving to beast the arse that is
  5. https://www.givemesport.com/1609122-liverpool-fan-planning-to-protest-against-everton-result-and-get-jordan-pickford-banned?autoplay=on lololol
  6. Anyone got a decent stream for today? Or a paid for 1 don't care how much today just need to watch this with no........... pauses as corners..... fly acro.......ss
  7. Agreed - but you can see how it forced us last minute' to search outside of the prem = Olson
  8. It feels like neither Man Ushitehead or Tott&him wanted to do business with us because they now see us as a different proposition this season, hmmm. A back handed compliment if there ever was one. Highlight's how the tide may slowly be shifting C O Y B
  9. Good shout, he'd be a great substitute for DCL, if and when he's not firing on all Cs
  10. Harsh dude... Let's not forget he's still our goalie / player. I seriously hope we do not not start getting too far ahead of ourselves here of the back of a few wins etc. I remember watching / reading Man Shiteh supporters turning from perennial no hopers to Arab owned - we can buy the world wankers back in the day, I really hope I never see that shift in mindset from our supporters. YES Pickford looks crap at times and has / is costing us points sometimes and yes Professor Ancelotti has got someone else in to hopefully put a rocket up his arse BUT lets remember who we are (the peoples club)
  11. I think Marine F.C. would have given them a good go yesterday as well.
  12. whatever barkley was / is or isnt. He's smashing the shite apart for us 2nt, as I type,WTF 7-2?? PLUS, we now go into the derby top of the league with the ONLY unbeaten run. As Queen sang, is this adream, is this reality!!??
  13. I really CANNOT decide between James & DCL hmmmmm!?!?!??!
  14. voted: https://www.premierleague.com/news/1848486
  15. Can someone clear something up for me please, because the Dutch commentator didn't really say... but was that goal by Denis Bergkamp?
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