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  1. James Rodríguez, a loose ten in the Premier League By Damian Didonato James says: "There are many children who do not want to be ten. They say 'I am extreme, I am nine, I am average'. Soccer has created that, because everyone plays 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. And the few who there are, the technicians put it aside. They only want fast players, who win one on one, run, cross. That is hard for football. " James Rodríguez is a number ten. Due to game characteristics and personal conviction. Almost by ideology. You can play a little to the right, further forward or further back.
  2. Hmmm in Colombia about 40 million.. I already have mine in just 5 days I'll be from the official store.. Excellent
  3. Hello from Colombia.. I leave my creation in honor of King James and the club. Everton win the premiere league this season..certified.
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