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  1. lets get right in to the money grabbers they have 2 or 3 injuries, Dont think we will have a better chance than this 2-0 to the Everton
  2. Let the money grabbers bugger off then the English f.a. can revamp the Premiership bigger and better for the real fans
  3. so a clear out in the summer and a few young players in would you say
  4. Evening boys and girls being a fan north of the border i was just wondering after dropping a lot of points recently what are the fans thinking of the manager just now
  5. Well Mark believe it or not I'm not a whisky drinker. Another thing is people have asked me why I follow everton well having a surname like mine (moyes) raises a few eyebrows lol
  6. Who's he😁😁
  7. Morning All A Everton fan from north of the border willie is the name . Hopefully get down to some games next season
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