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  1. It would be a yes from me. I like the guy he has a touch of quality but appears moody / petulant. The money would be handy. Can't see any club offering that kind of cash but live in hope.
  2. Me too. If it doesn't go to plan before Christmas. Bring your boots.
  3. That would be nice. A few would raise their game, instead of jogging around thinking Lamborghini or Bentley.
  4. I've been watching the football transfer gossip columns. We don't get a mention in or outs.
  5. Unfortunately it hasn't brought success and very little improvement in our case.
  6. Let's not forget we need to try and unload a few also.
  7. Not my choice but we can only get behind him and hope he can take the club forward.
  8. I thought he may have had a few minutes today.
  9. Newty82 put his finger on it. "Yesterday's man".
  10. Not an age thing. Just winding down with his slippers waiting a short drive away.
  11. For me it's not so much he's worked on the other side of the park. I just don't think he has a lot to offer our club. He is or should be a very wealthy man looking for a semi-retirement plan that is close to home.
  12. Agreed. His best days in football are behind him.
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