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  1. Have noticed how much of this thread is you and the stories you and some others have, did you meet him? My first awareness of him was as a kid through the Wombles, but have listened to most of his stuff and am now listening to Schizophrenia for the first time in about 30 years, creatively a very clever man (didn't want to use "genius"!). Am about 10 pages back and between yourself and rubelca think you pretty much have my taste covered, though am/was Bowie fan and I don't really listen to much new stuff unless its on Jools Holland. Your post 25th June replying to Cornish Steve about classical music, I've always enjoyed it and the Proms are my guilty pleasure, especially LNotP. Your mention of Carmina Burana, it was the first classic opera I bought, because of the Old Spice advert, my dad, who knew, wouldn't tell me who it was, but gave me £10 (1983-4ish) told me to go into town to Circle records and find out what is was and buy it, and had so many trips to town where I only went to circle records. Quick side question Mike, as I'm not bothered about the sites points/reward system, am I correct in it's not worth liking posts that are years old?
  2. Am working my way backwards through this topic, and don't want to be liking things from years ago, but as soon as I saw Focus had to respond, the fast version of Hocus Pocus perfect pick up song, Sylvia is a great tune, my dad loved them think I first heard Moving Waves when I was still in the pram, and am still listening to it now, but of all the bands my dad got me into when I was young, who I am listening to today my favourite is SAHB, both Focus and SAHB are some of my earliest music and OGWT memories (the violinists masks), for me for to pick a track from either of these is so hard, but I hope you like this I think because of his delivery, Alex Harvey is possibly my favourite musical artist. I also like songs that stand up lyrically, even sometimes maybe not that good musically but good story songs, happy or sad i.e Tell laura I love her, Running Bear, Honey, and possibly the geatest story song of all Paradise by the dashboard lights, but if I listen to it too much do get meloncoly, so then need a fun song, not necessarily happy story but a song to bring a smile back and my old reliable for this is of course, produced by Mr Womble
  3. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/2285067/watch-aerial-tour-of-new-stadium-site
  4. I may over time get wierder than this!!!🤪 Wait til i remember my favourite OGWT stuff.
  5. You lucky so n so. My fav DC5 is this performance.
  6. Bee Gees for me a really underrated group. You won't make it through this one, but you need to hear his full range.
  7. I realised I missed young Anthony out of my match review, thought he did well in the 60mins before he went off, though was a bit concerned after first 10 mins, but as game went on he started looking like the player he was when he first came in (during one of the lockdowns??), where he seemed to be doing all the right things creating, was getting some chances but couldn't score, think was in a league cup game where he had maybe half dozen chances, hitting post/bar/keeper/defenders blocking with good efforts, I was willing him to grab a goal, and I think if he can get the lift that first goal will bring, I have hope he will flourish, and I'm still willing him to grab that first goal.
  8. If there is one thing that can compete with my love of EFC is my love of music, this may be where I end up posting most, I would say I have a very eclectic taste, but dependent on mood wild variations in genres. At this very moment am listening to Wax Fang, The Astronaut, a band I got into through American Dad because of this song I heard the song long before I'd heard of the band but thanks to youtube put the pieces together found this live version looked at the band and thought this lot can't have done the great tune I'm thinking of, but it was them and I'm really pleased as the album The Astronaut is a delight to listen too, hard to catagorise I kind of think of it as a modern interpretation of prog rock.
  9. I was miserable that day, uncle was going to take me and my dad just went NO! So was sat at home crying watching the build up all day long blue happy faces on the telly, tears rollin down mine, did cheer up by end of match tho😀. 95 SF Both Amo's against spurs hardest celebration for me, and when we scored in final against UTD had cat on lap, leapt up cat hit ceiling hit ground scrambled up chimney and didn't come down for three days. Happy Days!
  10. My guess was that the difference between Phil Nevilles budget and Inchy's are not comparable probably couple of zeroes difference, so even the high paid players aren't paid that high, and geographically would guess difficult to attract most players, not being on east/west coast. Have seen couple of games of TV and they seem to be a hard working honest side, but lacking real quality, and they have held their own in the games I've seen, I see them very much a work in progress and probably few years from consistency to challenge for honours regularly. If they do sneak playoffs this season think they will be a good test for the opposition. Like all you guys who love EFC because of Tim H, Landon or whoever, my MLS team is Minnesota United because of Inchy, and will remain my MLS team even after Inchy's gone, I hope he is there long enough to enjoy some success.
  11. Been keeping my eyes on then for few years, saw something about them think it was from BBC regional news and for some reason it was London instead of NW news about the business model of the club and around planning the new stadium, I think they have reached PL a year ahead of long term plan. As I've been watching them in Championship(League Division 2) they play really good entertaining football, they buy and sell VERY well, and I think Thomas Franck is the next "big6" manager, he would have been my choice for us. I've got £20 with a red mate that they finish top 10 who I told boldly told at start of season Brentford have no worries about relegation, and took already £20 off as I had £10 brentford and the draw and £10 they'd score at least 2 againt the RS. Though top 10 will be a tough ask for Brentford, I fairly confident in them to be there or thereabouts.
  12. I screamed SHOOT after his first touch and didn't celebrate as instantly thought offside. Not defending Tom but if that was me when I was playing I would have put if across 6 yard box hoping for far corner, but that's because I'm left footed and from my perspective better to simply square it, than lash at it with my very weak right and 50/50 if I even connect, I know Tom's right footed but his game is not about scoring and after QPR he's bound to be at the very least perplexed, not playing with a clear head so he played the "safe" option, if Yerry was a size 7 boot instead of 17 would have been the right decision, think someone said above he was damned whatever he did unless he scored. I think if his mind is clear and relaxed he has the shot across keeper but even then if Yerry taps in after keeper saves still offside. I would rather he had just swung at it and hoped for the best, would have won a lot of peoples praise, but in that moment he may have thought I'm gonna get slaughtered if I miss, simple square pass easy goal, is Yerry onside? it's tight! too late! I've passed. I think from Toms view he doesn't know if Yerrys on or off when he plays it. So he made the wrong decision, (as I do probably daily), just like all the other 21 players did at some point in the match, it's just because this decision possibly cost us 2 points that it matters, so my sympathy for Tom is not because of the decision, but how the decision effects him going forward, am fairly sure Rafa would have said something along the lines of next time you'll just shoot don't worry if you miss.
  13. I'd want at least £80m for Allan and if we have to have Ramsey then it's £100m+Ramsey. Seriously can't see this to be right and I don't think we should even consider selling Allan even though £80m for a 31yo would be good value for us, I believe this pocket dynamo could be integral for 3-4 years, 2 more good years then senior squad member, but this is dependant on being injury free and not falling off the cliff physically. When rumours started we were getting him did my own research and best thing I read was from a Brazilian pundit who was asked something along the lines about what Allan brings to the pitch, and the reply was a subtle "He's a bastard" from then I wanted him, but thought as last season went on, he wasn't doing the right things, whether that was down to pace difference from Serie A or down to the coaching/lack of, this season, I know I'm new here but in the league for me our player of the season so far, because him doing the majority of the unnoticed stuff and keeping things simple, it has allowed those around him so much freedom (obviously with CAs methods it was protect James), and even though he is getting forward more this season he is still of the forward players furthest back but instead of being 40/50 yards from goal he is now 25/30 yards so he can effect our attack more. For me the comparisions with Reidy are there but the most important is the ability make us play 10yards further up the pitch and where Allan has been good is moving them up the pitch at the right time
  14. I think Yerry is propably our best CB at the moment, so some of this may appear harsh, but he causes me more worry and stress in matches than the rest including Keane (hoping Keanes 2 early brain farts are him for the season), it really frightens me, I mentioned Paolo Wanchope in the Utd matchday thread in regards to Rondon, and my problem with Yerry is that he shares the worst or Wanchope especially when he's gotta get a move on, sometimes it's like his brain doesn't know what his legs are doing, that in itself isn't a problem but it's the theatrical element he brings with it, it's sometimes like a panto, I get that some of it is Yerry playing up to it and some of it is done to wind up opponents, but because it's always in a defensive area I really just want want him to hoick it into rowZ instead of trying to shepard ball out under a lot of pressure, though in fairness to him can't really recall him costing us directly with his antics though he probably has, I wish he didn't make me so edgy, as I said at start think he is our best CB, but I would probably have Keane and Godders as my CB pairing as they probably compliment each other best. Also for a big guy he should be better with headers especially in opposition box.
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