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  1. Just got back from Celtic now I thought Johnson played well, Davies wasnt bad apart from where he shit out of a header at the end. Mikel Arteta showed his class as usual. That was about it really. Didn't think Buckley played that well though. May I say Everton fans are the worlds best. Thousands there at Celtic. Fantastic going all the way up there for a friendly:P
  2. (**whispers**) And er.. we're only a young side and er... the minority of the fans at this club dont understand that and er.. i am a total egit and er... Is it just me or does David O'Leary whisper everytime hes makin another excuse? I cant stand the feller he did the same at leeds when they were a good side he put it into there minds that if they get beat there is always a way out by saying and er... we're only a young side and er.. prick lol
  3. Jamo11

    Merseyside Derby.

    thats on a new advert for something isnt it 2 italian fellers lol gd joke tho
  4. der der der, victor anichebe lol he did well wen he was on didnt he, i ope we get buckley hes better than kilbane and since VDM is always injured hes gd cover
  5. I'm goin me arl feller bought me the new Everton shirt sayin 'u need somethin to go to preston with' lol made up COME ON THE BLUE BOYS!!!
  6. who? boss if we get jorgensen n that tho doubt that will happen like but so...
  7. Who'd of thought it a former Everton bad boy a world cup winner ay
  8. should have offered him another contract instead of naysmith
  9. yer I'm gettin a bit bored of my sig already!
  10. Gary Ablett for goin back to the shyte! Just jokin top bloke him
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