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  1. Made 2 tackles in the game winning 1 quite shocking for a central midfielder
  2. Would be quite happy to never see Gomes or Davies in an Everton shirt again. Gomes is terrified to tackle
  3. You have your opinion I'll have mine
  4. Bolasie looked ok till the injury never the same player after
  5. I really fear the boring way we are playing could tempt DCL into wanting to leave we are creating nothing for him.
  6. Could have brought on Gordon and pushed Richy up front took of Davis that would have been attacking Has soon has he brought on Tosun for DCL best we was getting was 0-0
  7. You call taking off DCL for a completely useless player attacking if he was being attacking he would have gone 2 up
  8. We just ain't very good substitutions were poor by carlo
  9. Terrible substitutions tonight
  10. Who voted for Gomes he was terrible hes terrified of tackles should have been subbed off
  11. Pickford Godfrey keane Holgate Niels Richy Doucoure Allen Bernard James DCL
  12. How good does that look and Richy and zaha can cover the striker roll aswell if dom got injured
  13. Not ruining it for anyone we are top of the league
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