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  1. Shit performance thanks Leno was never going to win it by ourselves
  2. That is up there with one of the worst games I've ever seen
  3. If this Ancelotti's tactics next season im out can't watch this
  4. We are so bad shit players shit tactics
  5. Not so sure about the hiring Brands bit hes wasted loads of money on rubbish think last summers signings where down to Carlo
  6. Nothing wrong with the 4 centre backs we have need a right back better off spending money in positions that need strengthening
  7. Gomes playing like that is a definite starter lets hope he can get the consistency needed
  8. Why do we not play like that against the shit sides Gomes for me
  9. Just can't see us winning but would go Olsen if fit Mina Keane Godfrey Colman Allen Davies Digne James if fit Siggy otherwise DCL Richy
  10. Weres he getting £200m from no way are we spending anywhere near that we don't need a keeper nothing wrong with Pickford
  11. You have to go back to Dec 5th to find last time we had more shots than the opposition
  12. Blinded by Ancelotti's record would rather judge what I'm seeing now
  13. Sam Allardyce was sacked for playing the exact same way we are playing under Ancelotti
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