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  1. There's not much to like at the moment that goes for Everton and football in general. Just don't get how we can't spend anything because of financial fair play but others seem to be able to spend whatever ever they want
  2. Very easy to blame Walsh but Brands has had 3 years now and we are no better than we were under Walsh and now have such a ridiculously small squad that couple of injuries and we are done.
  3. Brands has fucked this club with poor signings left us with one of the smallest squads in the prem couple of injuries and we are screwed need him gone
  4. No way would Pickford have let in their 3rd it was straight at him he would have done better with the corner aswell
  5. I would take 85 mil he was shit last season, I was hoping Benitez would get him back to the player he was the season before but that's a lot of money but we have to spend it and not on panic buys so keep it out off Brands hands
  6. Probably expected us to make signings
  7. I didn't want Rafa but I kinda feel a bit sorry for him. Shit squad no worthwhile signings really being thrown under the bus
  8. Not sure I've ever been so pessimistic about a season has this coming one mid table at best. Brands is the biggest waste of a wage at the club
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