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  1. His attacking is his main strength. To be honest I haven’t really noticed how good his actual defending is - what stands out is his pace and dribbling ability. Obviously, pace will be a good defensive attribute but I’d guess teams would target him aerially.
  2. Class - lightning quick. On the downside, he’s knee high to a grasshopper but I suppose we have plenty of height elsewhere.
  3. Something clicked in the 2nd half against us with Fulham - we were lucky to get away with the win. Thought at the time that they’d survive this season and they’ve been excellent since.
  4. I went with Godfrey as Neto (who I think is a brilliant player) didn’t get a look in all game. For what brilliance Digne did in attack, it was clear he’s not 100% and struggled defending but having Godfrey behind prevented that being an issue. Iwobi was excellent as was James and Digne. Doucoure, once again showed great energy but the stand-out once again was our back 4. Looking at that line-up, I didn’t expect 3 points but there’s always a chance with Ancelotti’s tactical knowledge. A very satisfying win!
  5. Possibly Mina - the pair have ‘matured’ and just become so consistent. Godfrey and Holgate have a huge task to get in, in their preferred roles but both doing brilliantly too. A great problem to have!
  6. Problem with all of these exciting players from the continent is that January is not the market to buy them in unless they’re nearing the end of their contract or you can get someone out of favour (usually loan to buy) or with a release clause. Yes, the January market can help transform a season - see Fernandes to Man U for instance but it’s not a market many teams invest as much in and many teams will charge a January premium with it being mid-season. Josh King could be a very smart, low risk, short-term fix. No, he’s nobody’s first choice but his versatility and proven ability to do well in
  7. We’ve seen a few times now that they just don’t work as a pair. Neither takes control of the game and the communication between them seems really poor. I haven’t got them to hand but there’s analysis of their positioning when playing as a pair and it’s not pretty!
  8. He was class in Italy before West Ham signed him but has been a huge waste of money based on what he’s done there. There’s clearly a talented player in there - on-loan, it could prove a stroke of genius but it could also prove that he’s not suited to English football.
  9. A little shitty on the Chicago fan club (I think they got a fair bit of stick!) but very funny all the same!
  10. Jagielka was running through on goal as I was running down Queen’s Drive back to my mate’s car (his and another’s decision to leave at 1-3)... never forgiven them for that one!
  11. Doucoure - the whole team was better with him on the pitch. Mina made us look a lot better too. I thought Tosun had a decent game but would still happily see him sold and a pacier player brought in.
  12. With a midfield 3 of James, Gomes and Davies, we’ve not got a very good mix - we should dominate Rotherham but we’re missing what Allan or Doucoure brings which allows us to control and dictate play. For them, I’ve been impressed with the right-back Olosunde - been very lively. Just googled him and he’s a young American lad who was at Man U.
  13. I had Nyarko 8 on the back of the away kit when we signed him. That was a poor choice in hindsight!
  14. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11820/12178779/moise-kean-paris-saint-germain-in-talks-with-everton-to-sign-forward-for-31m I’d love him to do well here but this is the inevitable outcome and hopefully it means we’ve got something lined up - someone who could have an instant impact.
  15. If it means a longer contract, he may do. Many do when they get into their 30s. May not get a better contract elsewhere and clearly still part of the first team squad here - for now.
  16. A new contract could always mean reduced terms but an extra year or 2. Maybe Ancelotti sees him as an important squad player. Maybe he doesn’t want a £40-£50m ‘investment’ to go into the final year of his contract and wants to protect whatever we can get back for him.
  17. Richarlison needs an overlapping full-back too. Pretty average at times without one.
  18. What I like about it is that he’s just doing it - there’s no advertising of the fact; he’s not putting selfies all over social media. I get that publicity raises awareness but it’s also refreshing to see someone just go and do it without a song and a dance! *I’m not comparing this to Rashford in any way - he’s an absolute hero for what he’s done.
  19. As this topic has obviously gone off on a tangent (like any TT topic worth its salt), I’d like to throw Ruud van Nistelrooy’s name into the mix. He’s so often overlooked because of the injuries and relatively short time in the league but he was an absolute goal machine and one of the best strikers to have played in the league in my opinion.
  20. Seen a couple of links for him to Juventus and Atlético. He’d be someone I’d like here though.
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