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  1. ...but at £12m if rumours are true. Sell Gomes for more and he’d be a good bit of business. I’d still want my rough diamond too though.
  2. Yep, 5th is very realistic if we can get our act together and keep key players fit. We need Man U to do us 2 favours this week and us to beat Villa and it could look very interesting by the weekend.
  3. If we, and this is a huge IF, we mirror the start of the season and win our last 4, we’ll finish 4th. Look at the fixtures of all clubs with a chance if you think this is a ridiculous post!
  4. This is a great stat to have and today is a perfect example. Not always pretty but win those personal battles all over the pitch and you’ll win more than you lose.
  5. Seamus - probably could have said Allan, Godfrey or Dom but Coleman’s desire just shone through. We need a new right-back but Seamus is still such an important part of this squad.
  6. ...and me but couldn’t be arsed to Google how to spell his name!
  7. Yes please. https://www.goodisonnews.com/2021/05/08/everton-eye-fulham-midfielder-andre-frank-zambo-anguissa/ At least we’re being linked with the right type of player e.g Sarr, Soumare, Bissouma and Anguissa. I honestly believe this has been the difference between where we are and top 4 this season.
  8. Meant to be class. I hope it means he’s replacing Ndidi but probably not and Leicester will have another top quality player.
  9. As the option to still purchase the season card is still there, there’s nothing to moan about. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Class player - the frustrating thing is that we may already have the equivalent in Gbamin - it’s certainly what we were looking for when he was signed.
  11. Ignoring the numbers, as surely any fee is completely speculative, this is the profile of player we need in midfield.
  12. Newcastle are a dangerous team when Wilson and St Maximin are fit and firing - shite without them.
  13. This is a name that I’m noticing is getting a lot of praise of late - maybe worth a thread. Scored a hat trick for the u23s tonight - not bad for a 17 year old.
  14. No I meant what I said... ‘If you call someone or something a rough diamond, you mean that they have talent or good qualities which are hidden or not well developed and could be developed more.’ We already have plenty of polished turds - probably why many think we’re a lot better than we really are.
  15. Decent player but no thanks. Look in the French leagues and find the next Kante type for much cheaper - a rough diamond who can grow here.
  16. He would often do that but at least he took risks and when it worked he would often whip a decent ball in. Iwobi, more often than not, won’t even try to beat his man.
  17. Yep - I was all for this signing and occasionally still feel optimistic seeing him on the team sheet but then when he actually gets the ball and looks confused, I’m brought back to reality. It winds me up so much when he refuses to have a dribble when there’s space or just a one-on-one - he has got bags of ability and tricks but he seems very selective when he will do it. For all his faults and ultimately proved a waste of money (mainly down to the injury) at least Bolasie would beat a man and get a cross in - Iwobi can clearly do the first bit but seems so reluctant to do so.
  18. I don’t see too many Spanish, German and England internationals plying their trade in the Championship. Bielsa is clearly a top manager but he’s got some excellent players too.
  19. Maybe we’ve just identified a ‘better’ right back. I’m sure we’ll have many on the radar; I remember Gabriel was the ‘done deal’ last Feb/March - when that fell through we ended up with Godfrey - I’ve every confidence that recruitment will be spot on this summer.
  20. This would be a priority for me - not necessarily to rotate, as I think Doucoure would happily play every game, but to come in and provide that extra strength/energy and, if he did pick up another 6-8week injury, cushion the blow of his absence.
  21. That link to Bielsa’s first game includes 5 of his signings - he’s added many more since. Regarding our far superior squad - really? I disagree. We have a much more expensively assembled squad and a squad on much higher wages but superior - I disagree. I’d take plenty of players off Leeds who would improve us - Raphinha, Harrison, Phillips, Llorente, Rodrigo - yes we probably have better players (on paper) overall but they have far better suited players and a better balance in the squad - this comes when a manager is backed and given time to implement their style.
  22. I agree - the Baines to Digne transition was seamless (Seamus??? too obscure) but I think we’ve messed about at right-back - maybe as there was hope that Kenny would step up but I can’t see that happening. Get Kenny sold and bring a top quality, young right back in who Seamus can help settle in and cover the odd game. We’ve seen a few times this season, that Coleman can actually come on and have a positive impact late in games. Think it was the Spurs cup game where he came off the bench and was incredible!
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