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  1. 7 hours ago, Romey 1878 said:

    2-0 up at home with a minute of added time left to play and it finished 2-2. You don’t get more Everton than that. 

    After playing brilliantly for the 92minutes (or whatever it was) before. Didn’t we bring Niasse on really late and he could have made it 3 but just fell over instead?

  2. 2 hours ago, Romey 1878 said:

    I'd sell him now for the rumoured £10m if we have a replacement, if we don't then definitely not.

    I hope we do sell for £10m - the fee and high wages off the books makes business sense for a bit part player. I do wonder if the timing of Odegaard asking for a loan - someone who Ancelotti bought and trained with the Real 1st team (at the age of 15) - may create an opportunity for us. He did well enough for Real to cut short his 2 year loan deal this summer but he’s found himself out of the 1st team again.

  3. I went with Godfrey as Neto (who I think is a brilliant player) didn’t get a look in all game. For what brilliance Digne did in attack, it was clear he’s not 100% and struggled defending but having Godfrey behind prevented that being an issue.

    Iwobi was excellent as was James and Digne. Doucoure, once again showed great energy but the stand-out once again was our back 4. Looking at that line-up, I didn’t expect 3 points but there’s always a chance with Ancelotti’s tactical knowledge. A very satisfying win!

  4. Problem with all of these exciting players from the continent is that January is not the market to buy them in unless they’re nearing the end of their contract or you can get someone out of favour (usually loan to buy) or with a release clause. Yes, the January market can help transform a season - see Fernandes to Man U for instance but it’s not a market many teams invest as much in and many teams will charge a January premium with it being mid-season. Josh King could be a very smart, low risk, short-term fix. No, he’s nobody’s first choice but his versatility and proven ability to do well in this league would have and could still come in handy on say a 2.5 year contract.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    I thought both Davies and Gomes were well off the pace. They didn't get near the Rotherham players for most of the game. They were made to look slow both physically and mentally. 

    Gomes was without doubt the better of the two but I think that was because he showed up in moments. He would do something every 10-15 minutes that made you remember he was on the pitch. Davies largely did something every 10-15 minutes that made you wish he wasn't on the pitch. 

    We’ve seen a few times now that they just don’t work as a pair. Neither takes control of the game and the communication between them seems really poor. I haven’t got them to hand but there’s analysis of their positioning when playing as a pair and it’s not pretty!

  6. 19 hours ago, MikeO said:

    No in that one Rio Ferdinand nearly won it for them at the end, great save from Howard; you're thinking about the 3-3 at Goodison when we got two late goals then Martin Atkinson blew the final whistle when we were breaking at speed, Moyes was furious.

    Jagielka was running through on goal as I was running down Queen’s Drive back to my mate’s car (his and another’s decision to leave at 1-3)... never forgiven them for that one!

  7. With a midfield 3 of James, Gomes and Davies, we’ve not got a very good mix - we should dominate Rotherham but we’re missing what Allan or Doucoure brings which allows us to control and dictate play.

    For them, I’ve been impressed with the right-back Olosunde - been very lively. Just googled him and he’s a young American lad who was at Man U.

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