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  1. If he wasn’t such an expensive ‘asset’, I think he would have been benched a long time ago. I just can’t see a domestic buyer for him but we sure as hell need to upgrade. I can’t see us doing what Chelsea are doing with Kepa but we need a solution ASAP.
  2. I do think we sat back too much around the point when they scored but the game plan wasn’t bad in my opinion. I don’t recall too many clear chances from them. I think Iwobi should have come on at 1-0 as we just couldn’t get out of our own half. Ultimately, we had the better chances to actually win the game.
  3. Keane or Mina... gutted for them as they put in such a shift again for Pickford to do that. Thought Gomes was very good in patches - seemed more aggressive and used his size. Davies too but we lacked any control without Doucoure and/or Allan. Digne and James - goes without saying, they are just top class every game.
  4. Should be a Middlesbrough player by tomorrow.
  5. It should read: ‘Their defence isn’t the best.’
  6. Ancelotti confirmed Delph is now back in training. Have a nice day. 👍🏼
  7. Off the bench too - 20minute cameo in a 5-0 away win... not bad, young man!
  8. I can’t cope with the prospect of a Davies/Gomes partnership - they’ve proved that they don’t work as a pair. I’m okay with one of them on the pitch at a time or even both when Allan’s there to mop up but they’ve proved they’re not a compatible pair on too many occasions.
  9. I personally think Man U look very exciting/dangerous when attacking especially when on the counter. Their defence is the best but going forward - there’s not many better.
  10. Agree - I’d put Godfrey in midfield for this one. Not ideal but we’ll need his athleticism and protection for the the back 4 (I’d have Holgate, Keane, Mina, Digne) and hopefully give them some problems with Iwobi, James, Richarlison playing behind Calvert-Lewin. I’d probably go with Gomes alongside Godfrey.
  11. It should read that he’s played 14 times in Serie A. 5 goals and 4 assists in 14 games is a decent return.
  12. Poor challenge but nothing more than clumsy. Warnock being Warnock - dick! Mowbray will protect him but he seems to handle himself professionally when someone, old enough to be his granddad, tries to spark a reaction.
  13. I guess we will if we’re letting him go.
  14. As would every other Evertonian - Ings probably won’t be available until the summer though. Dzeko could be the difference in our success this season. Dzeko would be a very good short term signing. Ings would be more of a mid-term investment.
  15. He was excellent at City and a key member of their title winning squads. As said already, he’s been Roma’s main striker since he’s been there but looks like he’s had a fall out with Fonseca. Short-term - excellent option.
  16. Giroud of Chelsea like - exactly what we need. Someone who can come on for the last 20minutes as a 2nd striker if needed or as someone to hold the ball up the pitch to help us see a game out. I’d love another young up and coming striker but use Kean and last season as an example - when he came on as a sub, he didn’t make an impact - he probably didn’t get enough chances really but when he did, he didn’t do enough. Getting in a Dzeko/Giroud type guarantees quality - you know what you’re getting. We need another young striker too but as a short-term signing, he’d be perfect.
  17. 6 - 18 month deal - yes please. Perfect back-up/competition for DCL short term.
  18. He’s an absolute menace - I’d have him here in a heart beat on ability alone... but, as said, age + cost + injury record would all be factors. If we did sign him, he’d definitely improve us. I just think this has got Leicester written all over it. He’s the perfect replacement for Vardy and can play as a strike partnership.
  19. It wouldn’t surprise me if this lad gets some minutes tomorrow with Digne and Niels out. He’s meant to be a very exciting prospect with some top clubs sniffing around.
  20. Well he doesn’t want to be uprooting then - get that contract signed Lucas!
  21. After playing brilliantly for the 92minutes (or whatever it was) before. Didn’t we bring Niasse on really late and he could have made it 3 but just fell over instead?
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