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  1. As this topic has obviously gone off on a tangent (like any TT topic worth its salt), I’d like to throw Ruud van Nistelrooy’s name into the mix. He’s so often overlooked because of the injuries and relatively short time in the league but he was an absolute goal machine and one of the best strikers to have played in the league in my opinion.
  2. Seen a couple of links for him to Juventus and Atlético. He’d be someone I’d like here though.
  3. I can see Mendes ‘placing’ Costa at Wolves which would make them a very dangerous team with Podence and Neto (both top class) linking up with him.
  4. They came from behind to claim a point, away from home to a team that have just lost their previous 2 games to an aggregate score of 10-0 including playing over 45minutes against 10 men.
  5. I get your sentiment but that line-up would be ridiculous. We’ll make a couple of changes but don’t see wholesale changes until the cup game.
  6. Loan deals involve fees and wage payments - it’ll amount to a few million rather than us paying him £80k or whatever a week rotting in our reserves. Let’s hope the clown who signed him for us still rates him!
  7. Tosun will be gone in January. He’s only on the bench to retain some value - if we completely freeze him out, we’re at risk of being stuck with him until his contract runs out. This is the same for a few at the moment - we’re paying the price for poor recruitment under previous managers. Hopefully, bar a couple where it’s clearly not worked for whatever reason e.g. Delph and Bernard/Gomes to some extent, our recruitment is much better now and we’re improving.
  8. Looked shaky tonight... but he’s been class over the past 12months.
  9. Got what we deserved. Their squad is far superior to ours and we simply weren’t brave enough.
  10. Well, at least it’s still 0-0! I hope we’ve adopted the Wolves tactic (which has worked so well over the previous 2 seasons) where we contain and conserve energy in the 1st and then pile it on in the 2nd. Clutching at straws but it would kind of make sense with us shooting towards our fans in the 2nd half... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Agree - Godfrey a close 2nd!
  12. He’s arguably been the best centre back in the league since Carlo’s been here.
  13. I was thinking Allan all 1st half then feared for the worst when he went off but Doucoure stepped up and, as said above, gave his best showing in an EFC shirt. Carlo, once again, spot on. Such a satisfying victory!
  14. A player who receives five yellow cards before the 19th match-week will be issued with a one-match ban. If a player has accumulated 10 yellow cards by match-week 32 they will be handed a two-match ban. No. of yellow cards Before match-week Duration of ban 5 19 One game 10 32 Two games 15 38 Three games A total of 15 yellow cards in the duration of the season will result in a three-match ban. In that case, no way is he surviving 7 more matches
  15. When’s the cut off point on 5 yellows? It’s definitely sometime in December so he may actually survive it... until the 10 yellow punishment.
  16. If anything, Kane is better than he’s ever been this season. The big difference between Kane and DCL is outside the box where Kane is much better; whether it’s shooting from distance or picking out a team mate. Dom’s passing/decision making is what lets him down at times.
  17. Carlo - tactically spot on tonight after a few weeks when questions have been rightly asked. I voted Allan but could have gone for anyone in reality.
  18. He’s obviously had a lot on in his personal life so delighted to see him have a positive impact like he did tonight.
  19. We could be seeing a midfield trio of Allan, Doucoure and Gbamin soon (hopefully) so that would be ‘defensive’ on paper but I actually think it will give us more freedom. Allan doesn’t have the pace to do the all-action pressure and I like what I’ve seen when he gets a bit higher up the pitch. Doucoure has plenty going forward too. Having a solid 3 can make so many other areas stronger. Look at Liverpool’s central midfield options from the past 2 seasons - Fabinho, Henderson, Milner, Wijnaldum, Keita - not exactly attacking midfielders but sadly, they usually dominate oppositions and give the
  20. He’s SO good going forward that I accept that he’s not the best defensively/tracking someone. It’s not lack of effort/attitude - maybe he knows what his body can/can’t do. Look at Delph yesterday - James is less likely to pull up like that as he rarely sprints! James is a match winner - he will provide moments of magic in every match - when they’re finished off (and we win) he’s hailed a genius... when they’re not, people tend to notice that he failed to track Dwight McNeil’s run in the 85th minute...
  21. Newcastle played a blinder selling Toney for a couple of million then spending £40m on Joelinton the next summer. Brentford will probably value Toney at £40m now... as for Joelinton... well, I bet a few Newcastle fans would take a couple of million! It’s a funny old game!
  22. I think Richarlison needs Digne as much as James needs Coleman... I can see why we’ve tried a different system to compensate this but it’s a bit of a worry.
  23. Dom - as said, those fouls he won high up the pitch were so important and just took the pressure off in a shocking 2nd half performance. Probably would have gone with Digne but for his mistake at 3-1 and Iwobi on 1st half alone but DCL overall. Thought Allan and Doucoure were very good but we’re still missing that 3rd midfielder to compliment them as we need to score 3 goals each game at the mo to win. We need a bit of luck with Gbamin’s ‘return’.
  24. Hopefully Godfrey and Keane until Holgate is back - then a welcomed headache.
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