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  1. He needs to start against Man U - he’s the nearest thing we have to Richarlison (albeit nowhere near as good) and will put the graft in tracking back that Iwobi and Bernard lack. Very disappointed that he didn’t start over Gomes or Gylfi today.
  2. So frustrating today - he had a massive chance to show his worth but poor. He just always wanted an extra 2 or 3 touches and that really killed off anything that could have been positive in an attacking sense. We lose too much with Richarlison out and Iwobi filling in - I still think he’s a decent enough player but it just wasn’t for him today.
  3. I did think without Coleman and Kenny, it may have been worth changing to 3 at the back and maybe playing Davies there with Godfrey as his protection. Missing Coleman/Kenny and Richarlison completely messed with the balance of what’s worked on both flanks - I think if only 1 flank had been disrupted, we’d have probably been okay but that was very poor today and plenty to work on before Newcastle. Credit to Southampton, they tactically suffocated us and looked very handy themselves on the break. They’ve got a very good manager so fair play to them for being patient with him.
  4. Green also made reference to this saying Mina unsighted him and his dive was for a good connection so he actually dived past it due to Henderson scuffing it.
  5. Thought this myself when I saw it on SSN earlier.
  6. You’d expect this but good for it come out.
  7. Carragher knows what’s coming next for Pickford. Sadly, opinions like Souness calling it an assault will be what makes the headlines.
  8. He’s going to have to be very ‘blinkered’ and have the right people around him as he’s going to get absolute dogs abuse for a long, long time by those vile (and I’m not saying all Liverpool fans are vile) fans. Richarlison has already had to take his apology tweet down for all the racist abuse he’s received. When it comes to things like this, it’s one rule for them and another for everyone else - they won’t let this go. Hopefully Pickford keeps his head down and cracks on - the lockdown may actually work in his favour. I dread to think of the abuse he’ll get at the return fixture should fans b
  9. It’s not all about you Haf... Hence my comment!
  10. I probably wouldn’t necessarily but it’s not the first time he’s done it - maybe the first he’s been punished but it’s definitely something to work on e.g body shape and use his left foot!!!
  11. Fair play to him - classy. He’s one of many players I’m proud that he’s ours!
  12. That back healed lazy/flashy ‘clearance’ he did today seems like a bad habit - not the first time he’s done it today. It needs coaching out of him as I remember moaning about it in the past!!! I think he’s a good player and clearly a positive character in the dressing room but he does worry me in a John Stones (who I really like as a player still) type way!
  13. Carlo said Kenny will be available for Southampton in his post match comments.
  14. Discounting the disallowed goal and completely ignoring that it happened - Pickford. Don’t like him but credit where it’s due, he kept us in the game today.
  15. Then our little short arsed keeper follows them off and blows the illusion.
  16. I think he’d be the desired target but we’d need to have done well this season... still think he’ll end up at Juve though.
  17. I’ll have a quiet word with each offender via DM - not making any promises though.
  18. I think he probably would have but maybe we’re after a long term keeper with specific targets in mind who aren’t available currently hence not pursuing a deal for Romero, regardless of whether he’s better than Pickford, as we may want to replace him too in 12 months (more like9/10 actually) time.
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