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    Football of course, Music, and big long debates on toffeetalk which usually end with me losing.

    Some music iam into: Kasabian my absolute favourites, The Killers, The Fratellis, Kanye West, Bob Marley, Keane, Hard-Fi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bit of Green Day, U2, Franz Ferdinand, The Prodigy (when i wanna rave).

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  1. By not being "picky" i mean you have to look at a lower calibre of player otherwise you end up with no one. Its Moyes' opinion that matters at the end of the day. If he likes him and hes available cheap then he will go for him. But hey maybe Gueye is ready to step up to Pienaar's position?
  2. I dont think hes shite at all. Infact I could see him doing a very similar job to Pienaar they both have that technical ability and will run all game. In terms of our finances at the club we cant afford to be picky and I think Moyes could get the best out of this lad.
  3. http://www.sport.co.uk/news/Football/49111/EXCLUSIVE_Everton_swoop_for_Eagles_as_Pienaar_replacement.aspx What do you guys think of this one? He always looked dangerous when I saw him play against us.
  4. On the Everton website i thought it was quite funny to hear Pienaar say "Na" in his interview about South Africa's group at the world cup. http://www.evertonfc.com/home
  5. Not a good preformance so far important thing though we havent let them score.
  6. iraq goals link is finally up http://iraqgoals.net/hd4.html now wheres my kingdom
  7. Does anyone watch it? If so did anyone see this weeks episode?
  8. Goal Jo billy assist again
  9. Nope, sounds like a typical Yak goal though.
  10. if anyone finds a stream for this it will be quite a feat
  11. After slating the team after the match against Fulham, i felt i had to come on here and say how pleased i was of the boys. Every single person on the field gave it their all. I was watching the match in the Scream bar in town and the win gave me an excuse to go out and enjoy myself . One final note, Billy's corners :heart:
  12. I cant believe i have just watched that pile of shite play a football match. Something needs to be done and it certainly cant be fixed by leaving 10 mil plus players on the bench. And to think i had been eagerly awaiting this match due to the international break for a team i couldnt care less about. Lets hope the boys can put in a good european preformance to make me forget about this awful display i have just been submitted to.
  13. Hes actually a very good player, has picked up a lot of caps for Russia and is a good all round midfielder.
  14. Jay Bernard


    bloody hell hibbert 40 yard pass diagonally up the field found osman perfectly haha http://www.atdhe.net/7215/watch-espn
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