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  1. I seem to remember the Fellaini deal coming very late and from nowhere...
  2. That's what I was thinking. Let's see if this frees any money up for any more transfers.
  3. Good luck Louis, even though he has been shit recently, he has scored some quality goals and given us some quality moments: Record FA cup final goal West Ham away Middlesbrough home in the cup edit: too late, see above post!
  4. Moyes seemed quite eager to leave the interview on SSN so lets hope it's to work on the Pienaar deal! Bend his ear please Mr Moyes!
  5. It made me laugh on SSN, Harry Rednapp dropping names left, right and centre, then Moyes coming on saying he doesn't like talking about players who are other clubs. Moyes was talking about other deals possibly going through so fingers crossed for something!
  6. Great team performance. For me it has to go for Straq. Commited performance. Take a bow son!
  7. Just said on SSN that Saha deal is pretty much done, Melt Face has confirmed it. They also said the talks with QPR over Pienaar have broken down. Could be a goer lads,
  8. new link appeared on myp2p, dont know if it works or not: http://www.freedocast.com/forms/PopOut.aspx?sc=5316427A31DD2133109A
  9. Midweek game, whats the opinions? Howard to be dropped? Full strength team? Hopefully we'll take it seriously coz its an opportunity for some much needed silverware. I reckon Saha should get more of a run out after his impact at Hull, and maybe Nash to start...
  10. Yo guys, someone on the Fulham forum is suggesting they have called a press conference at 2pm tommorow, presumably to unvail AJ as their new signing. Could be bollocks but here you go: http://www.fulhamfc.com/Club/Messageboard....p;TopicID=51411
  11. I go to the Selwyn on Selwyn Street by Kirkdale station. Not too busy and always get serviced fast due to the barmaids kinda knowing my dad...
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