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  1. Villa have made an official request for postponement. That will put them 3 games behind the rest of the league, starting to get a bit out of hand.
  2. Huge three points and escaped with no injuries. Brilliant Carlo
  3. That was a free header for Dendonker. Gomes standing two feet away looking like a lost tourist
  4. Brilliant run and foul drawn by Richy, then great play all around to keep it in the corner
  5. Gomes did brilliant to win the ball in the middle but then tried to draw a foul and gave it away. All he had to do was make a simple pass and we were clear of danger. Smarten up.
  6. Great run Iwobi, but should've settled for a throw in or corner, had nothing to aim for in the box.
  7. Keane! Brilliant left footed cross from Gomes
  8. Unlucky Iwobi. Brilliant build up and attack
  9. James' passes not really finding their mark anymore. He needs to dig in and simplify a bit.
  10. I'm no Tosun fan but he has just scored. Think i'd have him for Gilfy and Richy for Digne any time now.
  11. Siggy just doesn't have the yard of pace to get on early crosses.
  12. Yeah that call against Godfrey was pure flop garbage. Went down like a bag of squids.
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