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  1. Wtf was that back heel attempted flick from James? Lost an aerial duel with himself there.
  2. God spirit and fight from Holgate today. How was that not a foul on Iwobi on the edge of the box. Great challenge Godfrey. Oh my, how did Maupay miss that?
  3. Fkn Richy, had half the filed to aim at to put Iwobi through ffs.
  4. Mina, wtf. almost misses the tackle and injures himself where he never needed to go to ground
  5. Godfrey showing his goal saving pace again
  6. Would've taken WBAs lineup and energy today over what we're seeing
  7. Only chance of a goal from open play that I see is if Richy gets turned he might do Dunk for pace. Everything else is pretty well garbage going forward
  8. Think I'd rather see one of Holgate/Godfrey sitting in midfield.
  9. What the shit is that line up and bench. Shocking.
  10. Not sure about the subs once again.why did Coleman come off? Was Gbamin a better choice than king?
  11. So poor. No possession for us the last ten
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