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  1. Fair play to Rondon, he has kept battling
  2. Great midfield recovery by Alan, gray picks it up drives and find a perfect ball for the Duke who does the rest
  3. My god that corner routine was so sloppy. From the taking of it to the hapless attempt to recycle it
  4. Nah, they just don't believe in the sun so they're always surprised when it shows up
  5. Absolutely sleep walking since we've scored
  6. Kean got away with that.looked a foul on Sargeant
  7. Why are we letting them have the ball? These are trash
  8. Bit soft but we'll take it. Didn't see the goal coming from anything else
  9. 7:00 am kick off. You have to love it. Threadbare squad today. Coyb
  10. Even after a get out of jail free card we shit the bed. Awful PK from Tom, tried to pass it in be telegraphed it all the way. We should've had the penalty for DOucoure but still we never really deserved to win. Need to keep the wheels on the cart with a win against Norwich.
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