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  1. It's a win, but it's a shambolic win. Need to really improve our consistency if we're going to make Europe.
  2. We deserved to concede there. Falling apart in the middle. Carlo?
  3. Don't understand why we're not putting our foot on the ball and controlling the game. Gomes, Siggy and ALlan should be able to pass circles around their midfield.
  4. Richy in the wars today. Still no yellow though?
  5. Not very sportsman like from Sotton there. We had the ball, ref blew for the non injury to Salisu and then they played it forward to ings on the restart.
  6. We're giving Southampton too much of the ball and they certainly are willing to attack when we do
  7. We've been very sloppy since the disallowed goal, get back on the front foot.
  8. Excellent goal from Richy. Very narrow angle
  9. 100% need to come out flying and batter them for 20 minutes. Early goal is what we need
  10. To be fair it wasn't a pen if Allison had held the ball.
  11. Yeah but he wasn't trying to take him out, only trying to block the first shot... Such bias in the commentary
  12. Bit too much faffing about at the back for my liking
  13. Hit a gas line while digging yesterday. A lot of excitement and a big bill heading my way. Could use some good news today. Need to go out and put them under pressure from the first whistle for me. Coyb
  14. Better pace and physicality, but touch has been terrible so far.
  15. Doucoure just lost it under his feet there, unlucky.
  16. Lol, forgot about Yerry being subbed. Ignore me.
  17. I might be thinking about saving someone's legs for the Derby now. Maybe bring Richy off so he doesn't get himself sent off or do something stupid.
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