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  1. Hard decision for me Godfrey or Gomes, Bens my favourite player at the moment but Gomes had his best game for a long time so I'm just leaning towards Gomes.
  2. Nice to see you have lots of confidence in our young goalkeepers.
  3. I've already posted this before, he was OK for 20 minutes in the middle so why he went wide I don't know because he played shit after that. We need a bloody good right winger and Holgate has been shite as a right back.
  4. He looked OK for 20 minutes playing at the front of a diamond, then it looked as if he'd been told to move out wide. From then on he was fookin useless.
  5. I agree, one of our better players tonight.
  6. If Doucoure, Davies and James are not fit we will need either Holgate or Godfrey in mid. We need everybody scrapping this one out. Coleman Kean Godfrey/Holgate Digne Holgate/Godfrey Allan Gomes Gylphy D C lewin. Richie
  7. Need all the scrappers for this one. Allan, Doucoure, and Davies in the middle,(if fit) Gylphy for Iwobi.
  8. Don't you mean fat bastard. ??
  9. Don't think Allan was very impressive, average sort of performance. In games like this Davies is a big loss to us.
  10. I thought Allan had a bad game, not up to speed yet but the boss has played him so he will be a bit better at WBA. Davies should play instead of Doucoure or Gomes who both looked in need of a rest, and James must play.
  11. Thought Allan was as bad as the other mids, Davies would have been a better choice, and James for Gylphi would have been a much better formation. Don't know if they're just being rested but they might as well played cos everybody on the field looked like they were resting. Shit performance can only vote For Pickford for making one save.
  12. Edging your bet there Boston. ? 😀
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