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  1. Ha ha yeah, that one went straight over my head. It will only be a SMALL loss if he goes. 😀
  2. I think it might be, there's a hell of a lot of big clubs who want him.
  3. Everton are keen on a reunion with Ross Barkley this summer, as is West Ham manager David Moyes. Barkley spent last season on loan at Aston Villa from Chelsea, scoring three goals in the process. The 27-year-old is back training with Chelsea this summer but is likely to be made available again by Thomas Tuchel ahead of next season.
  4. Rumour that we are after a loan for Barkley, Chelsea seem keen to shift him, i don't think he would come.
  5. Added to his transfer fee anyway, the vultures will start hovering. I think he might move on now.
  6. It didn't need a statement at all, half of the country new who it was anyway.
  7. The Club did come out and said they had suspended a 31 year old. This could have been handled a bit better to my thinking. They could have just not played him because he had a fake injury, they had no need to make any comment at all.
  8. Can't believe £21m can rule us out of a deal, Moise Keane must not be getting sold.
  9. https://amp.sportsmole.co.uk/football/bayern-munich/transfer-talk/news/everton-set-to-be-priced-out-of-dumfries-move_456383.html?newsnow
  10. He's still in last years book Mike. 😁
  11. In the Guineas book of records for scoring the longest goal ever scored.
  12. For all you Horsey people out there. http://www.nicollebegovic.com/
  13. Scruffy fucker wants to get a shave before I applaud the signing.
  14. This has gone quiet thank God. Man Utd have had a £30m offer turned down, wouldn't want to pay any more for a 30 year old.
  15. https://global247news.com/2021/07/19/gylfi-sigurdsson-arrest-for-texting-underage-girls-denied-by-his-wife/amp/
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