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  1. If we had won the last two shitty home games we would have been third. But you have to understand, we get scared at the thought of going too high.
  2. I've gave Rafa the thumbs up when he decided to come here but I think he made a boo boob today. I know we are really struggling for players and in the matchday thread I said at half time Richie should come on for Rondon. He leaves Rondon on and takes off possibly our best player in that match Anthony Gordon. !! Gordon, Gray, Richie, and Townsend, would have had their midfield and defence on the back foot cos Rondon once again was invisible and no fookin use at all. A bad call by Rafa on that substitution. Once again we run true to form, one of the worst clubs in the league and we roll over and let them piss all over us. We are Everton and that's what we do.
  3. Richie must come on for the second half, get rid of Rondon.
  4. Put him into my fantasy team on Sunday. I will have to transfer him out next weekend so that's two transfers wasted, Just my luck.
  5. Might put some Beef into the back four but I wouldn't steak any money on it.
  6. Ha Ha that means nothing to Everton. As with West Ham the thought of going too high brings on nosebleeds 😁 and they usually make a mess of it.
  7. I agree wholeheartedly, a 10 match ban should be the minimum penalty.
  8. They got nosebleeds again, we are Everton.
  9. Don't forget he's had four months out. 😎
  10. Benitez's win stats beats them all at the moment, but as I said previously let's check them against Moyseys when he's been here 10 years. Yeah that's me done Mark let's get back on the thread. 👍
  11. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/fc-everton/platzierungen/verein/29
  12. Your talking rubbish Steve, Unsworths record is better than them all but he was only Manager for one game. There's no comparison if they are not manager for a similar period. Ancelotti finished 10th and 12 in his two years here, Martinez finished 5th in his first season (Moyes team) then finished 11th and then got the sack the following season when they were 14th. Like I said Steve, Moyes deserves a bit more respect.
  13. You are a very hard person to please Hafnia, since 2004 his league positions were 4-11-6-5-5-8-7-7-6, I think most Evertonians would have been very happy with those positions in the the years since he left. We've had Roberto Martinez, Marco Silva, Ronald Koeman, Carlo Ancelotti, supposedly some of the best managers in the world, and if any of them had a record as good as that they would still be here and we would all be very gratefull. Overated or underated doesn't matter to me, but for the job he did while he was here when the club was in heavy debt and cash strapped, he deserves an awful lot of respect.
  14. Yeah, when the ladies lose, they seem to lose very well. 😀
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