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  1. This is heart breaking. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1453530698186163&id=611740532365188&fs=1&focus_composer=0
  2. https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/reasons-tories-voted-against-free-school-meals_uk_5f9134d9c5b695a32fb09731?fbclid=IwAR3GmtI9E-4k2uZVRosMBbCbNAkzV2BS0i5_C0zutGZuzcm38XF1YFUby0w&guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9tLmZhY2Vib29rLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAABDA20nQ0iEfjT3KMtHD5TQkpRYX-oj6GtsqwGcbvDa1azuAsQKpJL2bEVTJeRz1Z-ttxcsJFkd6j8_pH4Emv8hLmclcTBL9OLEva7pnMbLj4Jjf0JtHq8-xqwGa9DalhEkMrUUDZ3o7EKGGP0Wh9uDv8d-11G9U8pEgKFuVHTle
  3. They're equal distance from the ball. Pickford made himself big and I'd rather him do what he did that just let vvd break his leg, because if that was a defender going in with an honest tackle that's what would have happened. Studs showing and leg fully extended, horrible bastard. Thing is if vvd made an honest effort he'd not have ended up with the injury he did either.
  4. I weren't too keen on Godfrey at right back. His positioning was frightening at times leaving big spaces and backing off a bit too much. I'm assuming he was picked more to combat the pace and strength of Mane. Can't be arsed checking but I'd also assume that was his first game at right back so all things considered he done well. That said soton won't be giving either player as much as a tough time so whoever gets picked should be okay.
  5. What was the error? He got a good connection on it, just the spin on the ball takes it in. Probably the same reaction we all had before it was ruled out!
  6. This is the image the papers should be using rather than make him out to be a leg breaker. He's pulled out and they've clashed. I've seen yellows given for it, other way round and it would have been no doubt. Also the free kick the ref gave against Mina for climbing just before the Richarlison foul is exactly the same as the one he never gave against TAA in the build up for their first. Why aren't the papers asking for retrospective bans for Mane for intentional trip in retaliation for Mina winning the header or Robertson one in earlier in the game? We might have played poorly but w
  7. He got a good hand on it. The spin took the ball in, there was that much spin on it that the ball looped 6ft in the air first. Ridiculous to blame him for not stopping that.
  8. Disgrace that they keep using the photo from the angle that makes it look like a studded challenge. It was a clash of knees.
  9. "I think the player (Wesley) actually after it all calmed down said 'this is football and this is the way it goes' and there were no questions of anything other and nor should there be. "It was a simple case really. Arguably one of the country's best referees gives a goal kick and VAR gives nothing. "It is just a very unfortunate incident, I don't think people would be asking if the outcome wasn't that someone got injured, I think that is the truth of it. "I think most people in football if there was no injury would be saying 'really good covering, really good defending and it b
  10. Completely agree that reckless challenges should have a harsher penalty but Pickford's wasn't reckless. You'd think as a keeper he'd be supporting him. To say Lucas Neill's challenge was the worst he's ever seen just proves he's a kopite. It's fucking awful but I've seen worse. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/12108163/should-bans-match-length-of-injury-lay-offs Mark Bosnich thinks punishments should be harsher for footballers who inflict a serious injury on an opponent due to reckless play
  11. The media is a joke only showing the angles that make it look like a horror tackle. Look at it from the other angle and it might only be a yellow. He's won the ball and his momentum takes him. When I saw that the crash was going to happen, I picked up my foot and hit him with my knee in the pass, which was inevitable due to the speed of the play.
  12. Wouldn't say it's Ancelotti's doing. Credit goes to Unsworth for spotting him and Koeman for throwing him in the side straight away. Unsworth, Alladyce and Ferguson all used him straight away. Only one didn't, and that just shows how poor Silva was as a manager. Every youngster here seen their minutes drop when he come in and most fans started to believe the likes of DCL and Holgate weren't good enough. Credit Ancelotti for transforming the midfield and enabling DCL to get more chances.
  13. He's been poor all season and was woeful for the Derby. Someone else deserves a chance.
  14. How is he still in charge? Sacrificing people's lives by supposedly putting the economy first has not only needlessly killed more people but it's fucked the economy too, well other than for the mega rich who just keep getting richer. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-refusal-back-circuit-22864309?fbclid=IwAR0aI0EHkPoFcni5VBONiVgapnDZGfbVefHQs1t__0OjssDVSjkKQwVVDww
  15. When Bale came on I said they'd get the draw. Always remember him coming on against us with spurs two up and us snatching the draw. Goal was reminiscent of Jagielka against the shite.
  16. Agent Walcott helped nick a point off Chelsea yesterday so will be a bit of a loss for them as he can't play against his parent club. Someone mentioned Mina may have struggled due to the flight back from South America so I'd give him the benefit of doubt and see how he gets on with Godfrey waiting on the wings. Gomes deserves to be dropped and Iwobi has been the most used sub so I'd expect him to come in for this one, could easily be Davies or Sig instead. Davies to fill in at right back unless Kenny is fully fit. Pickford Davies Keane Mina Digne Allan Iwobi James Do
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